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tuti fruti summer life

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tuti fruti summer life

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tuti fruti summer life
  • Robert Burns Hey Tuti Tatey
    "Hey Tuti Tatey (Robert Burns) Landlady count the lawin, The day is near the dawin, Ye're a'blind drunk, boys, And I'm jolly fou. ch. Hey tuti tatey, How tuti taiti, Hey tuti taiti, wha's fou now. Cog"
  • Amber Pacific Summer
    "It's time to fake what you say as you're turning away though it's hard to be fake facing you every day with regret, with remorse for the things that were said but you know how alone we'll end up in the"
  • R.E.M. Summer
    "It's far beyond your reach, it holds a place in time, Somewhere ahead is the back of the line. I can't relate to your mistakes, awkwardly speaking with nothing to say. Caught up in your life, excuses are"
  • Sum 41 Summer
    "It's far beyond your reach It holds a place in time Somewhere ahead is the back of the line I can't relate To your mistakes Awkwardly speaking with nothing to say Caught up in your life Excuses are so"
  • Donna Summer Donna Summer
    "You know baby, I'm so happy to be here with you tonight That I just want to let you know That I'd follow you to the end of the world Just to show you that I care And I want you to know that If you need"
  • Gordon Lightfoot Summer side of life
    "He came down throught fields of greenOn the summer side of lifeHis love was ripeThere were no illusionsOn the summer side of lifeOnly tendernessAnd if you saw him nowYoud wonder why he would cryThe whole"
  • Carlos Santana Summer Lady
    "Loving you this way Has made my tired heart sing Lady, you touch my soul With all the love you bring Being so close to you Is where I want to be Dont turn your smile away Dont break my fantasy Summer"
  • Santana Summer Lady
    "Loving you this way Has made my tired heart sing Lady, you touch my soul With all the love you bring Being so close to you Is where I want to be Dont turn your smile away Dont break my fantasy Summer"
  • Do As Infinity Summer Days
    "Summer days, I can't stand the summer days Frozen cocktails and night fireworks What's so great about them anyway? Summer day, let it be some other day Seaside motels and sex on the beach, Don't be thinking"
  • Rhys Bobridge Hot Summer
    "Let me introduce you to what youv'e been missing This dancing break is on a brand new mission All the kids in the club remember what I'm dishing The streets got heat Until tonight Im wishing To get to"
  • Hayley Westenra Summer Rain
    ""Summer Rain" Days of burning sun Watch the colours run Into pools that catch the eye Disappear as you pass by You're my summer rain You're my summer rain And I know that I'll see you again And I know"
  • Londonbeat Ordinary Summer
    "Break out the cold beer, crank up the barbecue... I feel like raising the roof Been wait'nall year, don't give me no excuse I'm here to party with you The time has finally come We're gonna have big fun Sing"
  • AFI Summer Shudder
    "Listen when I say, when I say it's real. Real life goes undefined, why must you be so missable? Everything you take, makes me more unreal. Real lines are undefined, how can this be so miserable? Under"
  • Sherbet Summer Love
    "Summer love is like no other love Oooh yeah-eah-eah Summer love is like no other love You know what I mean Summer love is like no other lo-ove Cloudy skys are blown by with a breeze And when that su-un"
  • Faerghail Summer Sadness
    "Living nighttime, a girl in the dark Child in misery a child with a sorrowheart Like whispering words Summer sadness called her blood Where all cold and dark unite She was there, cold gave her life All"
  • Cassie Summer Charm
    "No, Noo No, Noo I just met this guy Baby I'm so in love My very best friend She hooked us up So wrap your loving around me And you know theres no other place I'd rather be Than with you With you"
  • Robin Ward Wonderful Summer
    "I want to thank you for giving me The most wonderful summer of my life It was so heavenly You meant the world to me And anyone could see that I was so in love I want to thank you for giving me The most"
  • Whitesnake Summer Rain
    "Lately Ive been thinking Even know Im miles away I can feel your love around me Youre with me every day And all the road Ive traveled All that Ive been through No matter where it takes me Im never"
  • Terry Winter Summer Hollyday
    "On a summer day (On a summer day) I met you Summer Holiday (Summer Holiday) One of few All my life I wondered all lonely You were so dumb just like me For when we met it was only Meant to be just"
  • Monrose Hot Summer
    "Hot, hot, hot, hot Hot, hot, hot, hot They're placin' me here in the bad girls section I got a new dress And the look's perfection I'm introduced to a hot producer But i can tell he's just a stuck up"

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