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  • Bonjour Tristesse - Tuxedomoon
    "You want me too much You want much too much for me You need me too much You need such a lot for me Can't you let me be Let me be just as good as I am Can't you let me be Can't you see who I really am I"
  • Egypt - Tuxedomoon
    "Enough is never enough when the going gets tough Too many things coming up for one dope to handle Just foot in mouth lean on crutch Wish I was with the Ancient Egyptians With how many thousand Gods Someone"
  • Holy Wars - Tuxedomoon
    "Isn't there a holy war You're going to With cause enough Enough to do The Holy Grail has disappeared There's nothing left to fight for here There's only fear Pick up where you last left off Pick up the"
  • Hugging The Earth - Tuxedomoon
    "Hugging the Earth Hold on tight It's all we got To last this night Around the whirl Around the whirl Around the whirl Around the whirl Hugging the..... .... .. tight It's ... .. ... .. .... this night Which"
  • Incubus (Blue Suit) - Tuxedomoon
    "Thin man in a powder blue suit with eyes that slice you through The cut of his clothes was strange indeed (a hundred years too soon). A passing stranger with no business here, a rest stop on a voyage through"
  • St-John - Tuxedomoon
    "I live yet do not live I wait as life goes by This life I live alone I view As robbery of life And so it is a constant death With no way out at all God hear me what I say is true I do not want this life I"
  • Watching The Blood Flow - Tuxedomoon
    "Down on the place The pizza the square In the street On the strada Watching the blood flow Down where the boy goes Down where the bloods flow Smiling like you've looked at death And liked it - What could"
  • Some Guys - Tuxedomoon
    "How many guys like me All through history How many girls like you Some guys kiss and tell Love you and leave you Bring you up take you down But I don't care Lonely days in the sun Friends don't call I"
  • Desire - Tuxedomoon
    "DESIRE You're the buyer or the seller, makes you want what you can't have, I'm glad I made you cry, Makes you go where you can't go, Makes you want what you can't have, Desire Don't think, x4 Don't buy, Don't"
  • In A Manner Of Speaking - Tuxedomoon
    "In a manner of speaking I just want to say That I could never forget the way You told me everything By saying nothing In a manner of speaking I don't understand How love in silence becomes reprimand But"

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