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twenty jers old
  • Wavorly Twenty Twenty
    "Time flies when you have fun But when the world falls down you turn and run Like it's over now, over now But there's more to Who you say you know And it's your own fault your faith won't show Like it's"
  • Hank Williams Jr. Big Twenty
    "Big Twenty A E A chorus: Move along big twenty, big twenty move along- you've got a master E and you've got a home. A E A "
  • Joe Pesci Twenty One
    "Baby you're sixteen. That's not old as it may seem. A for me I can't believe that it's true. How a little girl who looks and talks like you, is not mistaken more for twenty two. Looking in your eyes"
  • Ferlin Husky Twenty one
    "(Precious sacred seems unfold) Twenty one boy twenty one Now you were just a young feller son the night your mama died You don't remember but we were right there by mama's side Your ma had a sickness son"
  • Dwight Yoakam Twenty Years
    "Hey look yonder, Henry, comes the sherrif And he's carrying a warrant in his hand Don't you run, poor old Henry, for he'll shoot you Lord, Lord Not long will you be a free man Chorus: Now twenty years"
  • Kenny Rogers Twenty Years Ago
    "It's been a long time since I walked Through this old town But oh how the memories start to flow And there's the old movie house They finally closed it down You could find me there every Friday night Twenty"
  • Johnny Cash Matthew twenty-four
    "I heard on the radio there's rumors of warPeople getting ready for battleAnd there may be just one moreI heard about an earthquakeAnd the toll it took awayThese are the signs of the times we're in today.CHORUSMatthew"
  • Montgomery Gentry Twenty Years Ago
    "i was at that smartass time of my life where id pick a fight just to pick a fight if he said black, i said white if he took one side i took the other side the dinner table we sat around was more like a"
  • Aliz I'm not twenty
    "There is not the history of a day Which rhymes with love Instead a long stay But not forever I do not want for a lifetime That leads to paradise Me, I have time! It is just a compromise A little bit of"
  • Far From Finished Twenty-One Guns
    "Jamie's going off to war tomorrow Trading in his shovel for a big old gun Time to stand up time to be a man Putting the trigger in his right hand But she needs you now she can't do it herself Forced to"
  • Greg Brown Twenty or so
    "Put old winter in the closet; he wears too many clothes,Take down the snow fence; put up the cows.Sweet spring I smell her, the musk of her thighs,With her feet in the muck, and her hair in the skies.I"
  • Ayreon Day Twenty: Confrontation
    "See his mouth, he tries to speak He cannot move, his voice is weak... My dear friend can you hear me now? I'll try to tell you how I feel I feel the pain inside of you Tell me please, what can"
  • AYREON ( The Human Equation ) Day Twenty: Confrontation
    "See his mouth, he tries to speak He cannot move, his voice is weak... My dear friend can you hear me now? I'll try to tell you how I feel I feel the pain inside of you Tell me please, what can I do? "
  • Todd Rundgren Free, Male, & Twenty - One
    "We're free We're male We're twenty-one Free, male, and twenty-one Free, male, and twenty-one It's not enough to be twenty-one and free It's not the same as male and twenty-one Free, male, and twenty-one This"
  • Regina Spektor Twenty years of snow
    "He's a wounded animalHe lives in a matchboxHe's a wounded animalAnd he's been coming around hereHe's a dying breed...His daughter is twenty years of snow fallingShe's twenty years of strangers looking"
  • Monk & Neagle The Twenty-First Time
    "Nowhere to live, nowhere to fall He used to have money, but he's wasted it all. His face is a photograph burned in my mind, but I pretend not to see him for the twenty-first time He sleeps under stars,"
  • Aaron Tippin Twenty-Nine And Holding
    "Oh, she's tender but she's tough And still willing to love If there's a man enough to be her man But right now her hands are full Fighting back the tears and the wolves But she keeps smiling just as hard"
  • Billy Burnette Twenty Years Ago, Today
    "Written by billy burnette. Seems like this is gonna be one of those days I feel if as I reach the door The sun is covered by that same Old man-made haze California lives no more I can't believe it's"
  • Robert Cray Twenty
    "(Robert Cray) When you're used up, where do you go Soldier Mother dry your eyes, there's no need to cry I'm not a boy, it's what I signed up for When you're used up, where do you go Soldier I can't take"
  • Billie Holiday TWENTY-FOUR HOURS A DAY
    "Arthur Swanstrom / Hanley Like a little old fashioned music box With just one tune to play My heart keeps singin' I love you Twenty four hours a day Like a little old fashioned music box That skips a"

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