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twenty of pistols

  • Three Pistols - The Tragically Hip
    "Well Tom Thompson came paddling past I'm pretty sure it was him And he spoke so softly in accordance To the growing of the dim He said, "Bring on a brand new renaissance Cause I think I'm ready Well I've"
  • No pistols - Twista
    "(feat. Speedknot Mobstaz) Don't wanna see you with no pistols if you ain't ready to roll n*gga(put down that 45) Don't wanna see you with no pistols if you ain't ready to roll n*gga(gotta let that 40"
  • Pistols Of Power - Walter Egan
    "by Walter Egan A stranger is knocking but don't let him in, The sound of the hunter don't be his victim, You open your door and then it's too late Ain't no way to argue with his .38. And just like the"
  • Pistols At Dawn - Seinabo Sey
    "Hear the wind calling me to leave this place Yet here we are standing ground face to face This burning sky witnessed the greatest of love Now it waits patiently to draw from out blood The time has come"
  • Pistols, Power, Paper - Spice 1
    "(Verse 1) I got so much trouble on my mind You playa haters make a real nigga shine As we pop collars Pimp slaps, I mash for dollars We don't listen, hard-head-ass niggas Heated with choppers Can't tell"
  • Pistols At Dawn - Kasabian
    "I'm the smoke behind the screen, astronaut in the limozine Now picture us amphetamines, a taxidermy in the magazine The mutiny amongst the fees, all the cards hiding up my sleeves Bandages, a stripper's"
  • Twenty - Robert Cray
    "(Robert Cray) When you're used up, where do you go Soldier Mother dry your eyes, there's no need to cry I'm not a boy, it's what I signed up for When you're used up, where do you go Soldier I can't take"
  • Twenty Twenty - Wavorly
    "Time flies when you have fun But when the world falls down you turn and run Like it's over now, over now But there's more to Who you say you know And it's your own fault your faith won't show Like it's"
  • Twenty-Twenty Surgery - Taking Back Sunday
    "I'll take with me every single luxury when I leave you can Count on me for that and nothing more (Count on me for that and nothing more) The view from this side's not what The view from this side's not"
  • Twenty twenty vision - Jimmy Martin
    "I've been to the doctor, he says I'm alright I know he is lying, I'm losing my sight He should have examined the eyes of my mind Twenty-twenty vision and walking round blind Ever since she's gone and left"
  • Twenty Miles - Chubby Checker
    "Twenty miles from my house to your house Twenty miles and I walk it all the way Twenty miles when youre in love is nothin And I got to see my baby every day I walk along I sing a song Twenty miles is a"
  • Twenty-Four - Switchfoot
    "Twenty-four oceans Twenty-four skies Twenty-four failures And twenty-four tries Twenty-four finds me In twenty-fourth place With twenty-four drop outs At the end of the day Life is not what I"
  • Twenty four - Eddy
    "I've got this craving around the clock And it's got a hold on me I've had it bad since the moment we met I can't get no relief You're the only train of thought on my one track mind Going ninety miles an"
  • Twenty-something - Pet Shop Boys
    "Twenty-something good as new Expectations got a few Find an issue get ahead Got it sorted like you said You’re twenty-something Join the queue Twenty-something in the mix Always that ironic twist Got"
  • Twenty Points - Buffalo Tom
    "I thought of you, did you think of me I guess we'll wind up running down your street Twenty points for me I see that bandage lying under your sheets I see that blood, it's running down your cheek Twenty"
  • Big Twenty - Hank Williams Jr.
    "Big Twenty A E A chorus: Move along big twenty, big twenty move along- you've got a master E and you've got a home. A E A "
  • Twenty One - Phil Vassar
    "I think, before I speak; I turn the other cheek more than I used to. I'm surprised I'm alive after all of the crazy things that I do. I've still got that wild streak you love but I'm not the man I was. But"
  • Twenty three - Blonde Redhead
    "Twenty three seconds All things we love will die Twenty three magic If you can change your life Your tainted heart, your tainted heart My tainted love, my tainted love Repent now How many times"
  • Twenty Pints - Macc Lads
    "Sup up, lad, I've spilt more ale down me waistcoat Than you've supped tonight. Bonnington's or Willy's lads? Willy's tastes like piss. I've got ten pints down me neck the night, He's blown some froth off"
  • Twenty Years - Placebo
    "There are twenty years to go Twenty ways to know Who will wear, who will wear the hat There are twenty years to go Best of all I hope Enjoy the ride, the medicine show Thems the breaks for we designer"

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