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twin twin mustache

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twin twin mustache

  • Twin - My Insanity
    "Open the gate to a new level Zero point starts 2008 My friend is me he has my genius What is to come for us We have the same girl Scientists duplicate me 3, 4 or 100 times Fear or pleasure No"
  • Twin - Muse
    "Your warmth, your warmth, Is so deep, Your gaze, Beams a hole inside me Controlling again Unseparated twins Controlling again Youve sucks All the breath out of me Youll squeeze All the life out of me Controlling"
  • Twin - Devendra Banhart
    "Same face to face Same face to face Same desolate space Same desolate space Same face to face Same face to face Same desolate space Same desolate space Same no way out Same no way out Same infinite doubt Same"
  • Siamese Twin - D:a:d
    "Huh! C'mon tell us about her!! She is two of a kind and she is mine and I tell you I love her She is a six hole golfcourse uh uhuh I need her Double days and double nights trible beds is double allrights A"
  • Mental Twin - Entombed
    "Me and myself We're not one of you We have an alibi to always get thru Me and myself My mentor and guide You're my tormentor Always by my side Not going downward - mental twin Not going downward - mental"
  • Evil Twin - Galactic Cowboys
    "It's not me messin' with your life Givin' you the trouble and strife. Blame it on my evil twin... Cheatin' at the game Not responsible for your pain. Blame it on my evil twin. Well, I know he's got my"
  • Twin Flame - Weyes Blood
    "And how I tried So hard to hide the pain What bad temper we’re keeping And so I followed a light Into the night And you kept me waiting In the dark with no place to hide ‘Cause we are more than our disguises We"
  • Idiot Twin - Rialto
    "My idiot twin Like a second skin I just can't shake him He's my stupid Siamese A terminal disease Forgive me please (CHORUS) My idiot twin He's part of me But one day I'll kill him He is my idiot twin When"
  • Evil Twin - Meghan Trainor
    "that’s my evil twin that’s my evil twin it wasn’t me she started it I said just one then she got lit she takes control she’s in my head making me make my bad decisions but I am innocent two Tylenol for"
  • Twin Falls - Ben Folds
    "Christmas, Twin Falls, Idaho's her oldest memory she was only 2 it was the first time she felt blue cafeteria, Harrison Elementary beneath a parachute saw her without shoes Seven-Up, I touched her thumb"
  • Twin Falls - Built To Spill
    "Christmas, Twin Falls, Idaho is her oldest memory She was only two It was the first time she felt blue Cafeteria, Harrison Elementary Beneath a parachute I saw her without shoes 7UP I touched her thumb"
  • Twin Falls - Ben Folds Five
    "Christmas twin falls Idahos her oldest memory She was only two It's the first time she felt blue Cafeteria, Harrison, elementary Beneath the parachute Saw her without shoes 7-up I touched her thumb And"
  • My Twin - Katatonia
    "The neck, and then the chain The head is hung in shame The neck, and then the chain The head is hung in shame I thought that you had grown That you'd carry on But now that I am gone What else's been withdrawn You"
  • Evil Twin - Povertyneck Hillbillies
    "They're sayin I got crazy last night Dancin' on the tables, swingin' from the lights Making moves on every girl in the place Well I swear that wasn't me It's a case of mistaken identity He's done it again I"
  • Twin Beaks - Sesame Street
    "(Monsterpiece Theatre overture plays as we pan in on Cookie Monster seated in his chair wearing his lovely red smoking jacket.) Cookie Monster: Oh hello, this Alistair Cookie here for Monsterpiece Theatre."
  • Evil Twin - Link 80
    "why can't i help. my opinion dig it's way out. my opinion and i, we are separate entities these days. no one sets me on fire like you. nothing punctures completely through. i've taken all that i can"
  • Evil Twin - D:a:d
    "Just like an indian I chant and dance around A shiny new room With a shiny new sound Today I woke up screaming -Hello, my evil twin Who's the old and boring Like a change of skin Yeah, I tried forever Forever"
  • Evil Twin - Anthrax
    "Ideology used as a weapon with lines that cut so deeply to the truth Your head's on the clock and still you threaten A wretched way of life for those that choose and abuse Believe, nothing worth believing"
  • Twin Flame - NLE Choppa
    "(Pipe that shit up, TnT) (Dmac on the fuckin' track) Twin flame, on a new thing New thing, that's my boo thang (EVRGRN with the heat) Twin flame, you my boo thang My new thing, big Range, new ring Woah,"
  • Twin exhausted - Ian Gillan Band
    "I like a Studebaker widowmakerSitting on the highway crownWhen it's early in the morningI can put my foot right downAnd if the wheels keep spinningBaby I'll be winningI'll be really aliveWhen the drive's"

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