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two ghosts in one mirror

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two ghosts in one mirror

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two ghosts in one mirror
  • Chris Cornell Ghosts
    "I know what you're looking for You've looked in these eyes before And all you saw was blue green water Searching for a mirror That would show the world not who you are But who you wanna be And you thought"
  • Helloween Mirror, Mirror
    "My age you cannot me certain This spell cannot be broken Visions of eternal youth We share one face together Associates forever Only you know the truth Mirror mirror on the wall Whose the master of them"
  • Supreme Beings Of Leisure Mirror
    "I know brother they tell you one thing And I know sister they sell you another Distract you with baubles and glitter Their taunts and subliminal whispers Keep you hungry and apart Consuming your heart **There's"
  • Diana Ross Mirror, Mirror
    "Mirror, mirror on the wall You said you had the answer to it all You never told me I'd take the fall Mirror, mirror on the wall (You) you turned my life Into a paperback novel Words that came to life Inside"
  • Madonna Mirror mirror
    "Mirror mirror lie to me Show me what I wanna see Mirror mirror lie to me Why don't I like the girl I see The one who's standing right in front of me Why don't I think before I speak I should have listened"
  • M2M Mirror mirror
    "Mirror mirror lieto meShow me what I wanna seeMirror mirror lie to meWhy don't I like the girl I seeThe one who's standing right in front of meWhy don't I think before I speakI should have listened to"
  • Harry Styles Two Ghosts
    "Same lips red, same eyes blue Same white shirt Couple more tattoos But it’s not you and it’s not me Tastes so sweet, looks so real Sounds like something that I used to feel But I can’t touch what I see We’re"
  • Laura Marling Ghosts
    "He walked down a busy street Staring solely at his feet Clutching pictures of past lovers at his side Stood at the table where she sat And removed his hat In respect of her presence Presents her with the"
  • Robbie Williams Ghosts
    "Here I stand victorious The only man who made you come When you cried, you cried for us And when we died, you died alone Gravity's calling Don't go home Where are we Did what I could For one of us I always"
  • Ariel Pink Ghosts
    "Go away, ghosts, Go far away I don't want you in my dreams anymore Helen, please don't cry to mother Because I'll die, no Please go away, Don't you run down the hall Please don't you run, Go away"
  • Remission Blame Ghosts
    "They appear and disappear, ghosts 2x Black night and the moon is full Your room is haunt like you All bad things in your head You are alone No one could ever help Fuck them all Shadows are every ware,"
  • NoMeansNo Ghosts
    "Thin voices call out of thin air Do you really care? Do you really care? There is no reason to be afraid All the bodies have been laid to rest Nobody passes the test of time The long climb into thin"
  • Assemblage 23 Ghosts
    "A thousand footsteps without direction Adrift like snowfall from winter skies Aimless parades of burning ambivalence Selling false hope in certainty's guise Living and breathing in sorrow's colossus The"
  • Gary Jules Ghosts
    "Running along the rocks of the river And the water's as cold as the snow The man is chasing behind me And I can't afford to falter or slow We find solace in what we believe Or the hush of a cool gentle"
  • Bruce Springsteen Ghosts
    "I hear the sound of your guitar Comin; in from the mystic far The Stones and the gravel in your voice Come in my dreams and i rejoice It’s just your ghost Moving through the night Your spirit filled with"
  • Randy Newman Ghosts
    "Stay with me for a little while You've nowhere to go And I've nowhere to go It makes me so happy When you smile At me Work all your life And you end up with nothing Live in one room like a bum Once I flew"
  • Nick Lachey Ghosts
    "You think to look at all the angles is the quiet workings of a broken man, now the time is burning like a candle and it makes you think of how it all began. Step inside your skin and walk around and from"
  • Michael Jackson Ghosts
    "There's a ghost down in the hall There's a ghoul under the bed There's something in the walls There's blood up on the stairs And its floating through the room And there's nothing I can see And I know that"
  • Wildhearts Two-Way Idiot Mirror
    "(do-do do-do do-do do-do do do (x6)) and I'm fine, getting by, I only think about you once in awhile that was then, not today, you never listened to a word I'd say I kept faith, gave you trust, I gave"
  • Fish Plague Of Ghosts
    "(i) Old Haunts I found a home in the darkness, found a home in the darkness, found a home in the darkness, Empty stomach empty head a body fills a vacant bed, and the thunder rolls by, and the rains come,"

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