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two way two way two way

  • Two Way - Lil' Romeo
    "Two way me hit it! I wanna rock right now, I'm the Rome and I came to get down I'm not internationally known, but I'm known to rock the microphone Call me a pretty boy, crown me the greatest A new"
  • Two Way - Eden's Crush
    "Who drew the lines that say That is has to be one way You and me's a two way thing I can feel a spark When you're touching me I start To realize how hot this could be If you want me tell me so Don't"
  • Two - Ill Nino
    "You think you're so right You think you know that You think you know this You think you know everything You take advantage You take for granted You think we're friends But I can say we're not When will"
  • Two Way Monologue - Sondre Lerche
    "Ma All the other options that you had in mind stun me 'Cause I'm optionless and turkey-free and blind Pa Won't you listen and I'll let you in on this Blind me Won't you listen and I'll reduce advice to"
  • Two Way Street - Kimbra
    "I feel the 4 become 5 
And I'm waiting, waiting, waiting
 For you to walk down the boulevard
and and to take me, take me, take me
 but the moment you appear
 you wake me, wake me, wake me 
out of the slumbers"
  • Two Way Action - Andrew Bird
    "I've been driving all night Bathing in flourescent light Of a western Tennessee gas station With a pack of two-way action I'm subsisting on a fraction And I close my eyes and pretend I'm on vacation But"
  • Two Way Action - Andrew Bird's Bowl of Fire
    "I have been driving all night Bathing in fluorescent light Of a western Tennessee gas station With a pack of two way action I'm subsisting on a fraction And I close my eyes and pretend I'm on vacation But"
  • Two Way Street - Slick Rick
    "Well I shot some deer, then I caught some bear And did a show up in west mother fuck somewhere due to raps wide ratio, satelites tomato hillbilly dust flew on stage like tomatoes apparently more mack than"
  • Two-Way Idiot Mirror - Wildhearts
    "(do-do do-do do-do do-do do do (x6)) and I'm fine, getting by, I only think about you once in awhile that was then, not today, you never listened to a word I'd say I kept faith, gave you trust, I gave"
  • Two By Two - Quasi
    "You've left at last, I knew you could, Leaving nothing to remember you by Except how to be happy & how not to care anymore. Two by two - these things weren't meant for you. Your call never came, I wish"
  • Two Of Those Two - Maria Taylor
    "There was a time two fearless minds Where we packed up for a new place A college town with a musical sound And everyone had a new face There was something there Maybe it was the trees Or the flowery air Or"
  • Two Years Two Days - Sebadoh
    "Now that you have your doubts Will you always be looking for a way out? And if I convinced you to stay Two years or two days from now I'd live in fear of losing you Holding on and trapping you inside Now"
  • Two Times - Ann Lee
    "Ann Lee Miscellaneous Two Times Some many mind Watching gonna do Easy gone Come the way you go I never find When I'm looking for Easy gone Darling gimme more... Two times Three times Two times Three times,"
  • Two Hearts - Stephanie Mills
    "F/ Teddy Pendergrass Came into my life a stranger You captured my heart Now I've got to face the danger I'm ready to start Thought that I could make it on my own All alone I tried to hard to fake"
  • You Two - Chuck Berry
    "Let's throw a twilight cookout, We two, you two, no more; Way out somewhere in the country, Where we've never been before. Let's throw it on a weekend, We two, you two, no more; And lounge away a holiday, Like"
  • Two Hearts - John Hiatt
    "'''Two Hearts''' Its Like I Got Two Hearts With You Baby Like Ive Got Two Ears It Goes In One And Out The Other Whenever You Are Near A Train Of Smoke And Flames Keep A Comin Like A Burning Spear And"
  • Two Minutes - Kevin Parent
    "I was mowing the lawn while singing a song, just taking advantage of the day. But then the blade hit a hill and I felt a certain chill, cause I know that many ants had been killed. I was stunned for a"
  • Two Skulls - Zeromancer
    "You try it with me You had me in stitches And you wrapped me around your Little fingers Tease me and I please you Teach me and I beat you We're drawn together Flesh and heart Even death won't do us apart It's"
  • Two Hearts - At Vance
    "I lost my mind I lost myself I kept on falling Straight down to hell Stood at the crossroads I needed a sign To find my way Out of the night As the light seemed to be too far away The answer to every prayer Looked"
  • Two-Step - Low
    "and the light, it burns your skin in a language you don't understand it's not that hard it is not that hard that's not all voices small heed them either way they call two-step around the room kneel down"

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