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tyga different
  • Jason Derulo Bubblegum (feat. Tyga)
    "Got me ‘bout to break my neck Tell me how you pop like that You do it like it ain’t no sweat I never seen a bubble so fat You do it all day in the mirror You practise all day in the mirror Left cheek,"
  • Danity Kane Lemonade (ft. Tyga)
    "Love it when we sexin' up in my car Door swing, open from my passing jar Look up in the mirror, take my mascara People wanna know who the Hell is her Top top vibe in my cup deVille I stay my beneath, my"
  • Shenseea Blessed (feat. Tyga)
    "first in the morning when i wake up thank god for life look in the mirror and say bitch I;m the best /7x wat too blessed /7x /2x no matter what you try you could never be me, never keep hating from the"
  • Wiz Khalifa Contact (feat. Tyga)
    "i am a big dog, baby I’ma a bok bad bad badass, bitch I am own rats I am like it I am like tell ‘em fuck that wow cush , I got a contact"
  • Twiztid Different
    "We be the exact opposite From you ignorent counterfeit Normal mothafuckas so proud of the innocence Forever in this bitch Fuckin' with the dead With invisible X's in the middle of our foreheads Well what"
  • Ms. Jade Different
    "Yo, yo, yo, why you looking at me? Why you looking at me? Why you looking at me? Why you looking at me? Come on; tell em Jade People look at me wrong cos I dress different Cos I talk different, cos"
  • Acceptance Different
    "Tell myself, on the ride home Getting tired, hating all I've known Holding on, like it's all I have Count me out, when it's clear that I, find it hard to say And you, find it hard to care I wanted to"
  • American Head Charge Different
    "I'm chewing my tongue It makes it so numb My lower coverings House many children So many piercings I can't stop bleeding Trails are all I see Can't help being me I am so cool So fucking different"
  • Goapele Different
    "(feat. Clyde Carson of the Team) (Verse one) I'm looking at you from a distance I'm wondering how all my feelings changed Do you remember even half the shit we used to do And how it used to be I"
  • New London Fire Different
    "She had to slip into her dress but not before the smoke can clear her head While the worst she can confess but the thoughts have left her mind Sometimes they never find their way Now she just turns to"
  • Egypt Central Different
    "Used to live my life for you Until my soul got tired Did all I was supposed to do I could fool a liar (Pre-chorus) Threw it all away Through it all to find redemption Gave it all away Gave it all to who"
  • Vert Different
    "(C) standin' 'round with a shadow cross my face shunned by all,a Jesus freak I'm different, not normal, dressed to formal, not like them (C) well, I don't care. well yes, I do but,I don't want them to"
  • Sage Francis Different
    ""Nothing at last is sacred. Oh how the great have fallen What have I done to myself? It's been way too long!" We need to reacquaint. Things are different now, I ain't the same man I was Hi,"
  • Robbie Williams Different
    "When I look you in the eyes, Something deep inside me dies, ’cause I know you won’t get better, better, better… You’d rather be right done with love, The only thing I understood Nothing’s ever good enough. I"
  • Pendulum Different
    "We see the shadows that are falling from your eyes, Draining your face of everything but the disguise, Don't hide baby, let them see your true colours, Don't mind the camera, let them see your back out"
  • Far East Movement Dirty Bass (ft. Tyga)
    "Dirty bass I love that! Dirty bass I love that! Deep low when I feel loco Don't trip, make a dip like a lolo Uh, make a dip like a lolo Then I roll on, roll on Uh, I love that dirty bass, uh, uh I love"
  • Jay Sean Sex 101 (ft. Tyga)
    "Sex 101, sex 101, s-sex 101 Sex 101, sex 101, s-sex 101, sex 101 Girl you can have, 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 Bottles or more Ain’t no feelings You can stay longer Whatever you wanna Baby break it down like"
  • Lil Jon Bend Ova (feat. Tyga)
    "Bend ova, make your knees touch your elbows Bend ova, make your knees touch your elbows Bend ova, make your knees touch your elbows Bend ova, make your knees touch your elbows How fast can you shake it? Put"
  • Ally Brooke Low Key (feat. Tyga)
    "Low Key, Low Key you should really get to know me Low Key, Low Key you should really get to know me yeah, I know you’ve got some things that you could show me Low Key, Low Key you should really get to"
  • Tyga Diamond Life
    "*Chorus Patty Cash* Diamond Life She gon ? tyga right Playboy and socialites Young and Fly Fly Fly *Verse 1 Tyga* 1989 no pressure But to be the bestest in my section Levels of a professional Skip school"

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