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u he want me make me du

  • He Told Me - Lumidee
    "When I met u at first I was frontin' Time passed damn I'm in somethin' We got caught up and I fell real hard To tell you the truth I aint never go this far Now we chillin' and we laughin We playin house"
  • U Make Me Wanna - Blue
    "You know you make me wanna. You know you make me wanna. To start it off I know you know me To come to think of it, it was only last week. That I had a dream about us, oh. That's why I am here, I'm writing"
  • U Make Me Sick - Rihanna
    "Verse 1 I hate the way that you play with my emotions How you got me open Still I give all my devotion Making me feel Im just some little token Boy do you have me smoking Cause Ive never felt a high like"
  • U Make Me Better - Bo Bice
    "Lately, I've been so far gone Pretending I don't know where I went wrong I've been lying to myself in the arms of someone else Without you I just can't fake it ..tonight Here I am, so please don't tell"
  • U Make Me Feel - Donell Jones
    "Verse 1: Baby your love has got me under your spell And I got plans to keep you here with me for life Don't stop what your doing 'cause you do it so well There's nothing wrong with gettin' your lovin'"
  • He Loves U Not - Dream
    "He loves me, He loves you not. He loves me, He loves me not. He loves me, He loves YOU not. HE LOVES YOU NOT. Give it your all girl, give it all ya got. Take your chance at a second hand shot. Say what"
  • He Loves U Not - Dream (US)
    "Give it your all, girl, give it all you got You can take your chances, take your best shot Say what you want, girl, do what you do He's never gonna, gonna make it with you You're pulling petals of a flower"
  • U Want Me 2 - Sarah McLachlan
    "You walk on by Clueless and so high Following your aimless path away from us You're so far away And what can I say Cause I can't be the one you wanted me to be So tell me how do you feel It's so confusing If"
  • Ohhh (U Make Me Say) - Atozzio
    "Some call me the best I prefer the beast Either way when I get my hands on you I'm a put you to sleep By giving you love, you won't get enough of, By conrollin' the situation, leavin' you layin' there"
  • What U Want From Me - Anybody Killa
    "What do you want from me Be the question Don't you think I gave you enough What about the time I took you out And jus bought you all kinds of crazy stuff This world aint nuthin different I ask it everyday What"
  • Me & U - Cassie
    "You've been waiting so long I'm here to answer your call I know that I shouldn't have had you waiting at all I've been so busy, but I've been thinking about what I wanna do with you I know them other"
  • Me & U - Flo Rida
    "You and me (just you and me) Just me and you You and me (just you and me) Emotions Emotions I feel (these are the emotions I feel) Emotions are real (I know that emotions are real) Cause you are my love (you"
  • U Owe Me - Paul Wall
    "U Owe Me, but you act like you don't know me Next time I see ya you better have something for me You better show me every single dime Cause when I see ya its payback time, give me what's mine U Owe Me,"
  • U Owe Me - Chamillionaire
    "U Owe Me, but you act like you don't know me Next time I see ya you better have something for me You better show me every single dime Cause when I see ya its payback time, give me what's mine U Owe"
  • U Heard Me - 50 Cent
    "[50 Cent] Uh huh...yea Verse 1 Shorty the Henny got me feeling right Ya heard me? My momma gone you could spend the night Ya heard me? I'm not playing I'm trying to fuck tonight Ya heard me? Clothes off"
  • Just Me U - Big Ed
    "Big ed(lady): Man, f**k man Hey lou man, don't you get new f**kin phone man You can't even page nobody on this mutha f**ka man Man f**k that man, look my nigga finger gettin all tired an shit man Nigga"
  • Tell me U love me - Amerie
    "I can feel it now I said, hey I know it's been a minute since it been good Baby, I ain't lie You know a little something missing Let me give you a piece of my mind Maybe I need a little attention Maybe"
  • He - Righteous Brothers
    "There's a lotta things I want, a lotta things that I'd like to be But girl I don't foresee a rags to riches story for me There's just one little dream I've got to make come true There's just one round"
  • He - Jaci Velasquez
    "Heaven is a place... Where mothers don't have to cry for their babies Wonderin' if they'll live to see 16 Fighting in the street for some money wonderin' if they'll ever make ends meet Heaven is a place"
  • He Loves Me - Alsou
    "Lately it's so crazy, this feeling's taking over me I'm enclacted, that's not how we used to be, you used to want me home, talked for hours on the fone never leave me alone, so where did we go wrong? Then"

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