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ugly kid slon

  • UGLY KID SŁOŃ - Słoń
    "czasem wpadam w trans pisze i nie mogę przestać czasem gapię się w ekran jak bym czekał na respond choć nie lecę jak tekno umiem zgwałcić majk ta cała bitwa o OLis śmieszy jak martwy klaun nadal mam"
  • Ugly Woman - Champion Jack Dupree
    "(Spoken) Boy that's some ugly woman, I'm telling you! That woman's so ugly, she can draw a blister on a brick, man, but she's all right! You seen a REAL ugly woman? I've seen your wife! That's her! That's"
  • Ugly - Lifer
    "no use running i see you there no use hiding or lying i'm becoming you i'll be all that i'll be beautiful, pitiful beautifully, pitiful look at yourself what do you see now? ugly somehow i am ugly you"
  • Ugly - Garrison Starr
    "I'm a little awkward at times And i don't always say the right things That doesn't mean, that doesn't mean anything What does it mean, what does it mean if anything Ugly, i'll be Ugly, i'll be Ugly So"
  • Western White Kid - De Heideroosjes
    "He was jus fourteen and he was white A smart person? yes. A hero? Oh no not quite He had no friends, he was always on his own He wasn't accepted, he wasn't full-grown Ugly, spoiled, pimpled, western,"
  • Ugly - Jon Bon Jovi
    "If you're ugly, I'm ugly too In your eyes the sky's a different blue If you could see yourself like others do You'd wish you were as beautiful as you, yeah And I wish I was a camera sometimes So"
  • Ugly - Bon Jovi
    "If you're ugly, I'm ugly too In your eyes the sky's a different blue If you could see yourself like others do You'd wish you were as beautiful as you And I wish I was a camera sometimes So, I could"
  • Ugly - Maria Mena
    "Look at us now, generation next damaged somehow, but we try our best. And we're all the same, but that doesn't make us right. And where do you turn? Where do you sleep at night? So now you think we're"
  • Ugly - Fishbone
    "UGLY Boy you've got no reason and you've got no sense Your stupid lies, it just makes me wince Your face is twisted and your mind is warped You scare me sick 'cuz I just want to get out All the children's"
  • Ugly - Nas
    "Test, test Yes, yes Yeah It's ugly outside, it's muggy, it's money outside 105 Fahrenheit, thunderous skies The clouds shape a clown face above where you reside Under his eye, a teardrop got the ugliest"
  • Ugly - Violent Femmes
    "Crossed the path then I followed your face it was hard to believe it was hard to trace I saw you today seems like I see you everyday but there's something I figured out 'bout you ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh yeah so"
  • Ugly - Age Of Electric
    "Darlings of this primitive age Count your blessings, you know you're gonna need 'em All that's been done gets undone today E ya eya eya eya I feel your rage and the pain I have too yeah We're in dire f**kin'"
  • Ugly - Sevendust
    "Things you've done have set you back in time, I think about the way we lived our life was it yours or mine? Why can't you tell me? (I can) I had a feeling (You'd crawl on your knees) To punish me, It's"
  • Ugly - Six Feet Under
    "Ugly inside, ugly outside I can't stand to hear their screams, it's all like some kind of terrible dream I close my eyes and I start to drip in sweat When the lights go out I dream of death! I wake up"
  • Ugly - Blaque
    "Ah...you ugly Hey, boy I don't mean to be rude But the way you comin' on Made me catch an attitude You wanna know what the deal But what's up wit' your grill 'Cause you ugly, so please Stop talkin' junk"
  • Ugly - Cold
    "All the world loves things of beauty and intrigue These 2 things I've never had one Born in this old skin. I'm too sick I can't win I've lived with this damage 2 long My eyes can't behold it I cannot control This"
  • Ugly - The Stranglers
    "I could have read A poem called Ozymandias To her instead I lived for the moment It was a futile Gesture anyway I was here And she was here And being broad Of minds and hips We did the only"
  • Ugly - Dusty Springfield
    "Later there will some explaining to do, Oh your knock at my brain Before it goes away it heads to my bladder Which hurts every day Before it come alive it say Chorus Bye Bye Miss I need a Pie Thats my"
  • Ugly - Bubba Sparxxx
    "Uhh uh-oh, uh-oh Tch, tchka, tchka, tchka, tchka Uh Uh-oh, uh-oh Tchka, tchka uh Uh-oh, uh-oh Say what, say what? Freaky freaky uh Tchka, tchka, tchka, tchka Bubba Shit I ain't choose to rhyme Rhymin'"
  • Ugly - The Exies
    "Are you ugly? A liar like me? A user, a lost soul? Someone you don't know Money it's no cure A sickness so pure Are you like me? Are you ugly? We are dirt, we are alone You know we're far from sober We"

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