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ulver magic hollow

  • Sworn (Ulver Remix) - Emperor
    "[5:40] Four eyes as two in one. The forward circular view that never ends. An orbital voyage throughout this endless sphere of all where time is lost and everything transcends. A graceful presence at"
  • Hollow - Tori Kelly
    "I don't wanna be the last man standing I don't wanna be the lonely one Picking petals when the party's over No, it's not any fun 'Cause I'm fragile And you know this So hold me Wrap me in love, fill"
  • Hollow - Forty Foot Echo
    "Maybe you got the world blind But I know you deep inside I'm gonna wait to expose you One day I'mma know the truth Then you'll come around And I'll be waiting Yeah, I won't make a sound When they open"
  • Hollow - Godsmack
    "One more step and I could fall away If it happened would it matter? And I can't tell if I should go or stay Same old picture feel so hollow How can anybody know what's best for me? Another page I turn"
  • Hollow - Freak Kitchen
    "Constant ringing inside me ears Little demons inside my head Static caught between my teeth Outta focus, my thoughts in shreds I don't know what to say to you I don't know what the hell to do This damn"
  • Hollow - Alice In Chains
    "Turning in circles, slowing down Pulling against a closing out Easy to feed off a weaker thing Harder to say what I really mean Hollow as a mountain all tunneled and drilled below Hollow as a mountain"
  • Hollow - Submersed
    "To you I'm all I've left undone I'm all I haven't won Lift me up my soul's so hollow Lift me up You take The breath you didn't make What's left you did forsake Lift me up my soul's so hollow Lift me up"
  • Hollow - Emilie Autumn
    "Hollow like my soul You think that you'll get by You will die You will cry When you think that you'll survive Just don't try Run and hide My eyes are hollow like my soul You think that you'll get by You"
  • Hollow - D'espairs Ray
    "Karamitsuku ga terashita heya de refrain toikakeru sabitsuita ore ni nani wo gisei ni ubai totta nowadays? omoku mune wo tsukisasu itami doko e? Hollow... Ueta sekai ni odorasarete susanda itsuka kibou"
  • To Ulver I Natten - Postgirobygget
    "Ta p deg kjolen, den lille bl. Du vet jeg elsker det se deg g. Mal dine yne, bruk alt du har. G bli den partypiken, den du var. Hvorfor er du s sjenert nr du er s deilig? Hvorfor er du s trist"
  • Hollow - Vanishing Point
    "A mind lapse succumbed by fear The framework fades then disappears Unto my world this loneliness surrounds me Trust foresees it's final wake I close my eyes, it's breath I take Denied and drained are"
  • Hollow - Matthew Sweet
    "Capture The spirit of adversity. Be sure to put the lid on tight And watch it carefully. Sew shut The mouth of the river slut, The entrance of a place discussed But hardly there for you. Hollow:"
  • Hollow - Sweet Matthew
    "capture the spirit of adversity be sure to put the lid on tight and watch it carefully sew shut the mouth of the river slut the entrance to the place discussed but hardly there for you hollow an evil bigger"
  • Hollow - Better Than Ezra
    "Well they say your life was marked And you were wondering if it would ever start Stop Sunlight on a razor blade Three different souls And the lives they made I grew up in the 80's In the pallisades I"
  • Hollow - Nick Black
    "Isn't it right? Isn't it great? Pick up the pieces together again Don't forget Have no regrets It only leaves you hollow Wasn't it right? Wasn't it fear? I think that I thought that you were gone but"
  • Hollow - Edge Of Sanity
    "(1.) Depression ain 'the reason why everything turns grey When my mind's been drained through the stream of frozen minds The hollow one And thousands have walked this narrow way But I'm not that kind of"
  • Hollow - Pantera
    "What's left inside him? Don't he remember us? Can't he believe me? We seemed like bothers Talked for hours last month About what we wanna be I sit now with his hand in mine But I know he can't feel... No"
  • Hollow - Sketch
    "Doubting myself Consumed by regret Feeling hollow Hollow Doubting all I am Doubting my whole life With the face of fear inside In myself I can't confide Always falling short All these mistakes are my"
  • Hollow - Norther
    "In desolation Life cut down With misty eyes and breath so foul A being, obscene Hidden cries of future bound To sure demise with nothing found Rotten, vile, so undivine Distress concealed The demons so"
  • Hollow - Remy Zero
    "It felt like the sun. We are hollow Light to the world. Film star. Define all the ways we are hollow that I am the ghost and you are song. So you walk away from me. Were you ever there? You"

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