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  • Isis - Alaska Y Dinarama
    "A veces me pierdo no se donde estoy un da aparezco en medio del gran caón trasmigración. Mi karma se altera nirvana fatal el hilo se afloja cuando comienza mi viaje astral litigio sideral Rocas, cenizas corderos"
  • Isis - Bob Dylan
    "I married Isis on the fifth day of May But I could not hold on to her very long So I cut off my hair and I rode straight away For the wild unknown country where I could not go wrong. I came to a high"
  • Isis - Faun
    "Ich hre deine Stimme in dem Wind Ich schliee die Augen, denn ich war blind Ich falte die Hnde, die Reise beginnt Ich hre deine Stimme in dem Wind Ich hre mich rufen, ich lache dabei Ich sehe die Wolken,"
  • Isis/Osiris - Xandria
    "I am birth - I am death Just an elusive symbol For eternal come and go For come and go Never, no never the day will go down on me Within knowing him by my side Sothis, o Sothis, don't pass me again Before"
  • Isis Veiled - Tear Garden
    "They're closing in I switched the pictures Painted all the walls I hung the medals Hid the magazines As caped crusaders crawled Down Freedom Street Guns of Liberation Ushered in the dawn One guy wears"
  • Umma Do Me - Rocko
    "Umma do me, umma do me, umma do me You just do you, umma do me, umma do me, umma do me Umma do me, umma do me, umma do me You just do you, umma do me, umma do me, umma do me You wear Reebok, I wear Bally."
  • Umma Do Me - Bow Wow
    "L.B.W. Ay look Lamborghini Moss hoe Im far from as Lame Hey critics hating on you Bow Say you rapping like Wayne I give a damn what a hater think Nigga Im paid Plus the ladies love a nigga You can call"
  • Isis And Osiris - Ayreon
    "''(A. Let The Journey Begin)'' HIGHLANDER: What heathen place is this that I've arrived in? Is now the time I pay for all my sins? I can't believe that this is God's creation This realm was fashioned"
  • Isis And Osiris - Star One
    "(Russell:) What heathen place is this that I've arrived in Is now the time I pay for all my sins I can't believe that this is God's creation This realm was fashioned by the Deil's ane hand (Floor:) No"
  • The Isis Script - My Dying Bride
    "You know they lied. To us they lied. Remember them? The final words. All these years. All these fears. Remember them? Ancient words. We'll take it from you when we like. You will suffer for nothing in"
  • Isis and Osiris - Xandria
    "I am birth - I am death I'm an elusive symbol For eternal come and go For come and go I have come - I have gone I have shown you moira And her restless re-creation Your own re-creation Never, no"
  • ISIS (ADHD) ft. Logic - Joyner Lucas
    "one time for tchem prayin’ on mu downfall two times for the homies in the chow hall three times for the hoes on the internet shittin’ on niggas when they really should get out more 4 times for the days"
  • The Veil of Isis - The Sword
    "As the night arrives the day concedes her crown, In the dying light the shadows grow. When the world is dark and still without a sound, That which was hidden is shown. Tears of sorrow flood the land. All"
  • 187 Umm - Dr. Dre, Snoop Doggy Dogg
    "dr. dre) Niggers that I used to know and sell dope wit' Listen to how a motherfucker flow shit, And let me know what's up and they can blast on, Thinkin' about the homeys that passed on. Death row come"
  • Umm, Hello? - Dane Cook
    "Then get this right? I'm driving along man I'm driving as I'm driving, I'm driving safely. I'm obeying the rules..of the road. Whatever sign comes at me I look at it and I go ..Ok. you got it, sign."
  • Umm, Oh Yeah - Buddy Holly
    "Dearest - though you're the nearest to my heart please don't ever - umm ya ever say we'll part You scold and you were so bold yes together - umm ya our love will grow old - umm ya our love will grow"
  • Hold on - Isis Gee
    "Hold onto me Like a child Like a river Running wild Kissing shadows We are one White sand meets The desert sky And amber sun Like the stars above Blanket me Oceans of love Come drown me I'm your Isis On"
  • Byl isi pro me vse - Karma
    "Sleduji plamen ze srdce mhoivot je peklo bez dotyku tvhoBojm se, ekl jsi, lskoBojm se bez tebe tLbal jsi m a lhalVila jsem a ekalaVdla jsem, e odchz, samozejmodpoutla a o ns snila,Sta jedna nocJedna, aby"
  • Kde isi ty ted - Karma
    "Ref :Kde jsi ty tetvoje vn na zstala na mpocit blzkostistrach m vkytob bych dala venen mi nic jedno, najdi mneV srdci mi zstalo przdnoD s vtrem v temn nocizvuky tepla, dokonal souladpraskotem otevelo se"
  • Pliable Foe - Isis
    "Carried down yet another ghostly road Of a life already lived and faded Passing yet another broken man His life in burning iron __ His voice is the thoughtless wake of others A damaged life Beating blackened"

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