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  • Zaga Rehn Uncover
    "Nobody sees, nobody knows We are a secret, can't be exposed That's how it is, that's how it goes Far from the others, close to each other In the daylight, in the daylight When the sun is shining On a"
  • Zara Larsson Uncover
    "Nobody sees - Nobody knows We are a secret - can't be exposed That's how it is - That's how it goes Far from the others Close to each other In the daylight - in the daylight When the sun is shining On"
  • Agua De Annique Trail Of Grief
    "Mister i cannot read you Your eyes are clouds of mist Well well, how can i heed you? I wish you did not exist Uncover me I hail to see Your mystic trail of grief It's funny how my heart feeds On overload It"
  • Natalie Grant Safe
    "How did you know That i'm all alone TodayOh, I feel so scared And I wanna go awayI bleed So deep underneathMy soul is screamingI'm not gonna hideI'm not gonna run awayI'll uncover the scars And show you"
  • EMMA Intro To Obsession
    "Bare satisfaction Uncover! From these trees Withhold! The locks to my eyes Bare satisfaction Uncover! From these trees Show no reaction Aside for attending Show no distraction Lay side to side Side"
  • Bill Nelson Eros Arriving
    "Curtains are closing over my windows, waiting for someone who knows where the time goes This time it's working, bodies uncover Every moment belongs to another Here without warning, the end of my tether I"
  • Amorphis Leaves Scar
    "Fate changed Life healed like a wound How does the kind of life heal That leaves such a scar I cover myself, I uncover myself Now I know how to do things No longer will I listen to any talk Now I know"
  • Sarah Blasko Beautiful Secrets
    "Beautiful secrets you guard them in your secret garden You water and nurture them until they're bigger than life itself But you can't always know what they will uncover on the news And you can't be too"
  • Skillet Say It Loud
    "Can't help but speak of what I've seen and heard I understand just what the purpose is Uncover peace; uncover hope for all to see And I can't keep quiet, gotta shout it out to You Gotta say it loud"
  • Matt Pond PA The Price Of Spring
    "close up the door of abandoned self-control it's like a show where the maps will all unfold don't tell me why there is a price of spring uncover other things the leaves to lie marked by new growth making"
  • Good Charlotte Acquiesce
    "I don't know what it is That makes me feel alive I don't know how to wake The things that sleep inside I hope that I can say The things I wish I'd said To sing my soul to sleep And take me back to bed You"
  • Acid Android Let's Dance
    "Kudaranai wagamama iraira suru yoru Fukitobasu rizumu de odorikurue let's dance Ride on your stage Ring out your beat Keep on your step Uncover fake Black out imiteeshon No need shichueeshon Kairaku ni"
  • Faith Hill Shadows
    "(Hillary Lindsey) Show me your shadows Let down the guard that you hold so high Come all unraveled Give me the pieces you always hide I will not judge you I will not run When you let me see you come"
  • The Vaccines Dream Lover
    "Dream they call desire Like it matters It doesn’t matter much to me If I seem begrudging Or on another planet Actually With a hollow embrace Let’s go back to your place Uncover a lover You cannot replace When"
  • Terence Trent D'Arby Love Can You Hear Me?
    "Love can you hear me? I'm calling to you Beyond the fields of Avalon I found a new lover It's her I lay my lips upon When my emotions uncover Even when she's far away Beyond my fences I know that she"
  • REO Speedwagon Screams and whispers
    "There's truth in your eyes, let me hear it from your lipsYour tears say you cry, let your words be the whip, babyThere's no reason anymore to live with all the painTake this key, unlock the door, before"
  • REO Speedwagon Screams & Whispers
    "There's truth in your eyes, let me hear it from your lips Your tears say you cry, let your words be the whip, baby There's no reason anymore to live with all the pain Take this key, unlock the door, before"
  • Mercyful Fate At The Sound Of The Demon Bell
    "Halloween is the night The legend says the ghost will rise On Halloween they can't redeem A restless soul from an ancient scene At the sound of the demon bell Everything will burn to Hell Rise..."
  • Dana Buoy Call To Be
    "Surprising you and others, we never leave, we lift, we conquer Letting you discover, what a promise cast can offer Keep in touch uncover, our tears left to drown no longer Hold your breath, go under, rise"
  • Neil Finn Astro
    "You weightless astronaut You sunset diving bird You're cool wind set upon the branches of a tree You're holding my attention You are my first impression And I can recognise the light that I've been given One"

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