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under it all

  • Under - Alex Hepburn
    "Don't bury Me Don't lay me down Don't say its over Cause that would send me under Underneath the ground Don't say those words I wanna live and your words can murder Only you can send me under, under, under I"
  • Under - Sevendust
    "Fallin' down, under the cracks and now I cannot make a sound Forgive me if I ask for help I'm, Crawling out, of the bottom where my every thought My every thought is consuming Gimmie some excuses (I need"
  • Under - Eno, Brian
    "When all the worlds are lost in snow I have to move this meaning through; Disperse the force so far engendered All near the steam and summer view And then... remain. Where steeples crash in fire and"
  • Under - Filter
    "I got empty point to make it's about a faith an empty point of view it's stinky through and through so you think you've got some problems? so you think you've got it bad? good boy gone bad so sorry so"
  • All Under Heaven - Faspitch
    "Maybe I'll just dream of you tonight Deep into a distant time where no one minds And everyone says they'll understand me But I can't take it anymore, I can't even close my eyes Maybe I'll just dream of"
  • All Under One Roof Raving - Jamie xx
    "Are we kept it U.K. That’s what we try to do We try to… We're keep it to going with the same way We’re all under one roof raving, laughing and joking Always for the UK… Always for the hardcore UK We"
  • Under One - Overkill
    "Send me all your tired weak, your hungry sick disgusted. My back is broke, flame is out, eyes and head are rusted. My arms are open wide. Under one nation, Under one God. Under one nation, Under one"
  • Under Suspicion - Bonnie Tyler
    "(B. Tyler, P. Hopkins & P. Oxendale) I put my trust in you 'cos I'm not the suspicious kind But it seems to me that there's someone on your mind And maybe I'm wrong and maybe there's some mistake But"
  • Held Under - Halfcocked
    "Shove it down Turn it off Barry all of the things you want Push it back Kick it in Just forget about where you've been Love, I thought you wanted to be held under Love, I thought you wanted to be Hold"
  • Under Control - Parachute
    "I turn my head, I can't shake the look you gave me I'm as good as dead, Cause all those eyes are all it takes And all, I want, is you So I pulled away All I do is sit and wait And I might as well Write"
  • Under You - Trickside
    "{Hey, what's up... Leave a message} Seems like forever We were once a pair, ooh yeah I can't wait forever To break this lonely pair, ooh yeah It's time, you wait We're running around in circles It won't"
  • Under Fire - Heavens Gate
    "Words that can kill in a blink of an eye lies that can send you to hell always been shadowed and trapped like a spy there's always a story to sell Fairytales, born in a sick mind that never fails longing"
  • Under You - Better Than Ezra
    "Along the edges colors blur, it seems familiar While you read your magazine I was counting all the markers And California seemed to draw you like a siren From a postcard In a letter Or a frame of film"
  • Under Regret - Notarthomas Jamie
    "------------------------ Scribbled ideas and thoughts On match covers holding the lessons life taught me Gum wrappers, napkins and notebooks all filled With phrases and rhymes for the castle I'll build Sentenced"
  • Under Fire - Heaven's Gate
    "(Lyrics: Rettke) (Music: Rettke, Paeth, Bilski) Words that can kill in a blink of an eye lies that can send you to hell always been shadowed and trapped like a spy there's always a story to sell (PRE-CHORUS:) Fairytales,"
  • Under Suspicion - Madcap
    "Through eyes made of glass i watch her Always in focus i snap away Like a spider i crawl through the places No one really wants to be Paid money to bring home the bad news About that lipstick you've never"
  • Under Everything - Hot Water Music
    "What's there to think about? It's coming in clear. It al changed so fast, and I disappeared. And the time it took to come out of where I'd been was like coughing bricks. My head was thick and heavy with"
  • Slipping Under - William Tell
    "Hey, you know it's all okay you couldn't let me down cause you've given me all i got, all i got and change, don't change i know you can't always be yourself don't think they want someone else youre giving"
  • Under Pressure - Keane
    "Pressure, pushing down on me Pressing down on you no man ask for Under pressure - that burns a building down Splits a family in two Puts people on streets That's O.K It's the terror of knowing What the"
  • Under pressure - The Blood Brothers
    "Pressure, down on you, down on me, no man ask for Under pressure, burns a building down Family in two Puts people on the streets It's the terror of knowing What this world is about Watching some good friends Scream"

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