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under the lock

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under the lock

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under the lock
  • Cliff Richard Under Lock & Key
    "Making promises you can't keep Bringing down every one that you meet Say who's it gonna be this time Gonna use the same old line Gone are the days of running free I'm gonna keep you under lock keep you"
  • Trembling Blue Stars Under Lock And Key
    "You've got to stop f**king her up You've got to grow up You've got to stop making her cry she thinks you want to and you know she's right You're showing a side that you don't like You've got to trust"
  • Mac Lock down
    "I was on my way upstate, for felonies, Mac'll never see The sunshine, these good old times, it's haunting me My family is wanting me to break free Plus it's looking as if I'm about to die, in the arms"
  • Julia Fordham Lock And Key
    "When there's comfort in pleasure and pleasure in pain And I'm wondering if I'll see you again No tangled emotions dragging us down And the texture of your voice the sweetest sound I'm gonna wrap you up"
  • Rush Lock and kay
    "I don't want to face the killer instinct - Face it in you or me We carry a sensitive cargo Below the waterline - Ticking like a time bomb With a primitive design Behind the finer feelings - This civilized"
  • Naked Aggression Lock us away
    "Don't support the war on crime innocent people are doing time More an more cops and jails This solution to crime is going to fail Don't you see what they're trying to do They're not concered with your"
  • Mr. 3-2 Streets on Lock
    "(*talking*) Uh-huh uh, yeah-yeah (Mr. 3-2) Mafia boss, I tolerate no loss You heard it from Mr. 3-2, Governor of the South Blood in blood out, connected affiliated G-O-V and Mike D, underground mob related Mafia"
  • Mac Lock down (remix)
    "Mac: I'ma send this out to my nigga Soulja Slim my nigga Cold Jack, my nigga Curve my nigga Ween just touched down Verse 1 I was on my way upstate, for felonies, Mac would never see The sunshine, these"
  • GWAR Eight Lock
    "No one to see Nowhere to go Nothing to do No one to know Eighth lock Eighth lock Nothing will live Nothing will grow No one will care No one will know Eighth lock You can never win You only get out By"
  • Diamond On Lock
    "ON LOCK Verse: Shorty decided to leave u and come to me its not my fault its just u that cant see it must be u not givin what he wants now hes commin to me leavin u on a front 4 real girl i guess u"
  • Stan Rogers Lock-Keeper
    "You say, "Well-met again, Lock-keeper! We're laden even deeper that the time before, Oriental oils and tea brought down from Singapore." As we wait for my lock to cycle I say, "My wife has given me a son." "A"
  • Joe Henry Lock & Key
    "Holy cow, look what you've done You've got me now so I can't speak; I wonder how you turned out the stars I hear your laugh Like falling railway cars, Far and away, peaking through the bars Safe behind"
  • Bone Crusher Lock & Load
    "Ready? A'ight. Look here Niggas, Been a long time comin', No more talk. Fuck this intro shit! Start the music! This right here, yeah Where the fuck, Nigga Ain't never fuck niggas Tell em That don't wanna"
  • Guttermouth Lock Down
    "no matter how i try and try the dirt land on my head the push and shove of daily life the stupid thing i've said have left me wishing i was dead and gone a silent party in my name a way to right the wrong now"
  • Three 6 Mafia Lock Down
    "Yeah you know what im sayin, these lil flodgin ass niggas come down on the lower level actin like they hard. Off the street ass punk! yaint bout shit nigga! Bring that shit to the floor nigga, got 4 mo"
  • Dredg Scissor Lock
    "I think I'm awake Rolling on my blanket I am sinking into the bed Light around me Beautful washes of pulsating color Buzzing white noise It sounds like one hundred bees I too once thought the radio played Let's"
  • Christy Moore Lock Hospital
    "As I was a-walking down by the Locke Hospital Cold was the morning and dark was the day I spied a young squaddie wrapped up in old linen Wrapped up in old linen as cold as the day. So play the drums slowly"
  • Enemy You Lock-Out
    "Growing up with no words to say Went to school dreading everyday Watching all those boys and girls that were so predictable Went to the show for some fresh air If I belonged it would have to be there All"
  • Barren Cross Dead Lock
    "Smoke and fire on your lips again Desire strikes you out and wins Bang goes your head again locked in chains Little do you know it's got you bound 'til you go insane They glorify that feeling in their"
  • Me'Shell Ndegeocello Dred Lock
    "Let me run my fingers through your dred locks Run them all over your body 'til your hollor stops As in life they grow a high on high Ooh! How I love a black man oh my my Lay your body down to give yourself"

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