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union j- luces ones

  • Luces - Babasnicos
    "No se que son esas luces No se que me hablan de Rock 'n' Roll Esa impostura barata es solo pose e imitacion Saquense caretas callense profetas Oigan un cometa gritar Arrogante rock Mierda se vienen las"
  • Luces - Babasonicos
    "No Se Que Son Esas LucesNo Se Que Me Hablan De Rock & RollEsa Impostura Barata Es Solo Pose e ImitacionSaquense Caretas Callense ProfetasOigan Un Cometa GritarArrogante RockMierda Se Vienen Las LucesY"
  • Union Burying Ground - Woody Guthrie
    "I see they're lowering right new coffin, I see they're letting down right new coffin, Way over in that Union Burying Ground. And the new dirt's falling on a right new coffin, The new dirt's falling on"
  • J. J. Sneed - Kitty Wells
    "At last I have caught up with you and you're a sight to see Could this really be my outlaw lover JJ Sneed Could a woman with a painted face and pretty sweet disguise Turn your heart against me with"
  • Lost Ones - Jay-Z
    "Uh, uh, uh, uh It's not a diss song, it's just a real song Feel me? I heard motherfuckers saying they made Hov Made Hov say, "Ok so, make another Hov" Niggaz wasn't playing they day role So we parted"
  • Finest Ones - Rakim
    "Where the ladies at? Clarkworld baby Uh, uh (4x) It's the R baby It's the god baby (1st verse) I got rhymes I love to bust looking for a club to rush It's like thugs will rush the illustrious"
  • Basic J - Gary Numan
    "Jo the waiter spilling wine Over some ex-friends of mine In zero cafe number 9 What you gonna say this time Basic J, say, are you new here New ones walking down the stairs Pretty young thing but no-one"
  • Union - Neurotic Outsiders
    "Tell me mirror mirror on the wall Who's the sickest Sex Pistol of them all? Is it Johnny Rotten? I don't know, I'd really like to ask him But he drives me up the wall. Now take old Sidney Viscious He's"
  • Union - Undercover (US)
    "Boy and Girl Plan their world Promises made together Search for union Without regret Loving only each other Life goes on When the hour's gone Can't hold back its rein Love is strange Everything changes Can't"
  • Roofer's Union Fight Song - Robert Pollard
    "For every wild weekend The roofers cry Under the underdog bullwhip A "Nothing For Granted" requested Abusing the signal Went forth the student of mystery Out there in the way- let's waste him Show"

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