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unity of introverts

  • Unity - Operation Ivy
    "Theres a war comming down between my brothers and I I don't want no war going down, going down tonight Stop this war Stop this war Civilization ha I call it as I see it I call this bullshit you know,"
  • Unity - Bennie K.
    "When I close my eyes I feel your warmness When I close my eyes Now everybody sing with us... When I close my eyes Kawakikitta machi de I feel your warmness Modoritai basho wa tada hitotsu The place called"
  • Unity - Reel Big Fish
    "There's a war goin' down between my brothers tonight I don't want no war goin' down tonight Civilization? Ha! I call it as I see it I call it bullshit! you know, I still cannot believe it Our evolution"
  • Unity - Crucified
    "running fast but running blind idle time in a wasting scene though you've looked you've never found peace amongst you, unity for simple reasons you divide you look without the eyes to see you lack the"
  • Unity - Pillar
    "There's you and I in unity It's time we take a stand so we can let the world see God made different colors to make His people unique Just because I'm different doesn't mean that I'm a freak Or maybe I"
  • Unity - Alan x Walkers
    ""For a month now I’ve had an ongoing production process together with Walkers. This is the final result! It’s called «Unity» and is produced, written and recorded by us. Really proud of what we’ve achieved"
    "Let's Go ! Knowing the truth I'm the one of few who see Supper world full of blind men consume me ... I am the Messiah of deaf, dumb I begin to give sight (this is forbidden fruit) Take and eat this all"
  • Unity - 311
    "Even if I cared to try I couldn't please them. Their petty complaints, stupid restraints ain't gonna work. It's all to cheese and regret, don't fret, just push it away. And say I'm like the wind, relentless"
  • Unity - Bennie K
    "When I close my eyesI feel your warmnessWhen I close my eyesNow everybody sing with us...When I close my eyesKawakikitta machi deI feel your warmnessModoritai basho wa tada hitotsuThe place called unityNani"
  • Unity - Shinedown
    "I found a note with your name And a picture of us Even though it was framed And covered in dust It’s the map in my mind that sends me on my way They say it’s never too late To stop being afraid And there"
  • Unity - Kelly Rowland
    "Picking up the piecesOf a life that I once knewWhat will tomorrow bringGray skies all around meI don't know where to turnCan you help me with this painA shooting starA ray of lightA breeze that calms me"
  • Some Unity - The Answer
    "V1) Well what I want from you is some unity I'm gonna break on through so that I can see What I want to see, what I must enjoy Won't you sing it now, sing it girls and boys Ch) I want some unity"
  • Unity song - King
    "Some fighters when bruised retire choose to lose some bruisers confused lean on their brothers that's a desperation move we can't change the times or the stars friends I know we can't change the times or"
  • Diabolic Unity - Abigor
    "My lord, I say I'm yours You're my mentor I'll learn to take control over mankind I'll be the leader of your unholy legions To your victory on earth We will your enemies the christians My lord, I say"
  • Blood Unity - Aura Noir
    "I've been chasing blood Turned my back on gold I have chosen black All for you 'Cause Father, this is my hell Created with hate for life The wars I have all won Com march with me tonight (with"
  • Dream Of Unity - Bad Religion
    "I had a dream of unity Where we would walk side by side But today I see that it's only me Just trying to get by Sometimes we stride undeterred To walk as one toward our goal But as people stray towards"
  • Unity Or Grenadine - Age Of Electric
    "The unity of me, seems a lot like yourself Edges frayed worn down my luck Enterprise to die for You're to die for It makes your brain, my luckiest number My most hopeful trait Bits and pieces, I could"
  • Unity(with horns) - Operation Ivy
    "Theres a war comming down between my brothers and I I don't want no war going down, going down tonight Stop this war Stop this war Civilization ha I call it as I see it I call this bullshit you know,"
  • Skinhead Unity Crew - Volxsturm
    "You've got a heart, heart full of pride, you are dancing all the night. You are the kings, kings of the streets, you live and die for this music. Bridge I guess you'd say. What can make me feel this way? Refr. We"
  • Glory Majesty Unity - Manowar
    "Deep into the heart of the battle they fought. Covered on all sides as all converged on them, until the four could no longer be seen. As time passed I feared them lost, then slowly the armies separated, many"

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