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unlocked away

  • Unlocked - Fifty Nutz
    "I remember my lost country Filled with heavy roads My Canada will always be my land of opportunities Feel down for one day, and then cheer up again I've found through these windy roads Someone I want to"
  • Key to a unlocked door - Van Langen
    "Heroes come, heroes go and I stand in line. Heroes come, heroes go, Ill be the next for sure Heroes come, heroes go, turn water into wine. Heroes come, heroes go, I am back for more. Heroes come, heroes"
  • LALA (Unlocked) (Ft. Swae Lee) - Alicia Keys
    "Like the incene Not ot mention Skin like whiskey She’s cold like on the rocks I am still alone Smoking zaza Lole the incense Those intentions feel like heaven Lust, make me like a … Feelings getting"
  • SPIRITED AWAY - Simple Minds
    "I'm not a complicated guy I like life as simple as can be There's so much I don't understand So much I fail to see But we got spirited away Got separated in the night Somehow we drifted from our path Spirits"
  • Turning Away - Dougie MacLean
    "In darkness we do what we can In daylight we're oblivion Our hearts so raw and clear Are turning away, turning away from here On the water we have walked like the fearless child What was fastened we've"
  • Days Away - Days Away
  • Some You Give Away - La Rocca
    "What ever happened to the promises you made Those little notions of your breakthrough day My one mistake was in making some room Leaving doors unlocked that you pushed through And taking too much time Some"
  • Take Me Away - 7 Days Away
    "(Verse 1) There must be something, sworn to tear me down (Oh Yeah) My pain is building, tearing me inside out (Oh Yeah) Will i finish last again, here i wait for this to end, i forced the pain i struggle"
  • Away Away Away - The Hollies
    "(Clarke / Hicks / Nash) I couldn't leave you if I tried. There would be no place I could hide away away away from you. When we are walking hand-in-hand, throwing a shell across the sand. It's grand,"
  • Away - Epica
    "The days were brighterGardens more bloomingThe nights had more hopeIn their silenceThe wild was callingWishes were whisperingThe time was thereBut without a meaningAway, away, away in timeEvery dreams"
  • Away - Tankard
    "You star in all my nightmares You make my blood run cold You tore my life to pieces The selfish plan unfolds Lying! What you say is untrue You stabbed me in the back Is it something that I lack Stupid!"
  • Away - Tank
    "You star in all my nightmares You make my blood run cold You tore my life to pieces The selfish plan unfolds Lying! What you say is untrue You stabbed me in the back Is it something that I lack Stupid!"
  • Away - Don't Look Down
    "scatered thoughts keep runin though my head I keep thinking bout all the wrong things that I said didn't mean to bring you down with me i'm so stupid cuz i'll never let things be so take me away.... take"
  • Away - Assemblage 23
    "Concentric circles Forever closing in Another travesty That never should have been The latest entry On an ever-growing list And yet you never change your ways Your denial still persists Run away, run"
  • Away - Mercy Drive
    "For lack there of I can't define Is there another way? I've had enough, I've paid the price To keep the beast at bay Feel the undertow of words unspoken Hear them lunder from the masses broken You have"
  • Away - Toadies
    "You say forever And I confess I shiver You say hope I say that's where I'm goin' To be in the shade The oldest trees above my head When I'm away I know in my heart there is a heaven If I'm out hunting Come"
  • Away - Sonic Adventure
    ""Sonic....." "Hm?" "Is that alright?" "Yeah..." Far, far away from me! You take (take) the Soukl away! Don't forget the other Side, without other Side, it's not surprise! Take it, take it, away from meeee!"
  • Away - Enrique Iglesias
    "Intro: Away aways, oh yea away away this feels like the coldest day in a hurricane looking through a glass window and ya screaming to the top of yours lungs, and the bells done rung and the crowd"
  • Away - Crematory
    "Voices out of the darkness Shadowy bodies from eternity A soft breeze betrays the presence Milleniums imprisoned A life of suffering United in a dead soul United in a dead soul Voices out of the darkness Shadowy"
  • Away - The Cranberries
    "(on Dreams/Linger singles) Turn away, turn away From me, from me And I pray, yes I pray For the, for the, for the-hi-hi Another world wrapped up inside another place And I hope, and I pray That the"

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