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  • Unsaid - Substance D
    "whAt is the reAson i Am in pAin i end up fAlling down somehow they're All lAughing in my fAce i Am the one who sits All by myself tAke A look inside will i AlwAys be Alone i Am not An islAnd i screAm inside"
  • Unsaid - The Fray
    "Not that you're the one Not to say I'm right Not to say today And not to say a thing tonight But suffice it to say We're leaving things unsaid We sing ourselves to sleep Watching the day lie down instead And"
  • Unsaid - Fray
    "Not that you're the one Not to say I'm right Not to say today And not to say a thing tonight But suffice it to say We're leaving things unsaid We sing ourselves to sleep Watching the day lie down instead And"
  • Unsaid - Dogma
    "All the years that fade away still seem like yesterday I go back and try to see with the eyes I have today And I live with all you've done And I breathe who you are I can never feel alone with all that"
  • Unsaid - Jakalope
    "Here goes the same thing around again No I'll never learn You're in the deep end I don't know how to swim But I'm jumping in Where I was lead to But I was distracted By the line you drew me to Whatever"
  • Unsaid - 12 Stones
    "Sitting on a swingsetWatching days go byeConversations about nothingStreets light onIt's time to go homeI'm not worried about tomorrowCause it's only a day awayAnd I know it's not my faultNever dreamed"
  • Unsaid - MxPx
    "Somewhere deep inside your mind You don't want anyone to find That you're Someone with very big ideas The words that just came off your lips Just crossed your name off the list It's long gone and already"
  • Unsaid - Cadaveres De Tortugas
    "Once we'll meet in a dark-cold room Where the walls are bloody red Once I'll be as strong as you You will feel my breath of death You'll know my name from a place You'll remember my face no more I will"
  • All Unsaid - Krezip
    "If you were here now, then I would tell you, this is not the way. Then I would force you, to make your choices and get out of my way. Just scream, but there's no one there to hear or hold your hand. I'd"
  • Unsaid Goodbyes - Halo Friendlies
    "Wasn't such a bad time for us Cause we were young I think about the good times Driving under moonlight Low tides and lullabyes Do you remember it? Do you? And I was on the telephone Telling you to come"
  • Unsaid Things - McFly
    "This girl that moved up the road from me, She had the nicest legs I've ever seen. Back then, she wrote me letters just to say she loved me, But now her face is just a memory. Now seven years have gone,"
  • Left Unsaid - Red Letter Day
    "I didn't expect that I would lose your trust, But I should've lost it long ago. Everything you ever promised me, I guess I should've known. You don't know me anymore, So why is it your here again? You"
  • Better Left Unsaid - Ariana Grande
    "I told you once get out my life I don't need ya, I'll be alright But some things are better left unsaid So tell the truth, it hit me hard My broken heart is all I have now But some things are better left"
  • My Unsaid Everything - Converge
    ""i said that name and skipped a heartbeat i said it with a second chance and a forgetful smile i said it with the faint glimmer of suicide i taste my wreckage in our conversations deep under the faint"
  • The Unsaid Words - Canaan
    "The words I lost in you The ones I never found The empty words I lost in you are all I'm left with now The void I found in you The light I found in you is all I left behind They say there is a place for"
  • Things left unsaid - Disciple
    "It's just a matter of time a few days agoI saw you, you were fineRemembering what you saidAbout the book you readThe one I got youThe Beginning of the EndOh how we'd talkFor hours upon endWhat I would"
  • Some Love Will Remain Unsaid - Locust
    "When you feel the need When the heart unfolds When youe thought it through When the hurting stops Will you think of me? If you called my name Asked the time of day Caught my parting words Had something"
  • Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid - Hall & Oates
    "I feel like I could run away Looking at a darker day Oh, I'm pulling the shades away from my eyes It's true the moody manners come and go And it's better that you never know Some things are better left"
  • Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid - Daryl Hall & John Oates
    "Lyrics & Music: Daryl Hall, Sara Allen, Janna Allen When you find yourself alone and when going out is coming home you can count on "the kid" 'cause there's nobody waiting around. If you're not an easy"
  • I Guess - Rachel Wedeward
    "I Guess Intro: hey he he he hey hey hey Chorus: I guess it's better left unsaid If you even look ahead If your even thinking of something else instead it's better left unsaid Bridge: there was so many"

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