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up and down until you say stop

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up and down until you say stop

  • Until - Stina Nordenstam
    "'Til you give up 'Til you give in Stop the car turn off the engine Wake up at night with a pounding heart 'Til you go down Loose your head Step unconscious from your bed Until you walk from bar to bar Until Until"
  • Until I Stop Dancing - Sweethearts Of The Rodeo
    "Guess I done it this time way in over my head Got my mind all tangled up like midnight sheets on a lonely woman's bed Some say I'm right some say I'm wrong Some say I'll cry a lot there ain't no easy way"
  • Until - TQ
    "Yeah, ? father ? fatherAny old dayI'm just walking through my neighbourhoodCan't get away (can't get away)The game just chasing me down (chasing me down)I don't think (I don't think)I stand on the corner"
  • Until I Say - Rie Fu
    "I said, I love you for the first time of my life And there was truth in me Something greater is controlling me all the time But there's no fear in me So won't you hold me tighter? So won't you be with"
  • Say You Stay Until Tomorrow - Tom Jones
    "(chorus:) Say you'll stay untill tomorrow I can't face tonight alone Though I know it's over and we're through Say you'll stay untill tomorrow I need you The words have all been said your"
  • Stop - Freya
    "Stop Music & lyrics: Freya I'd die to hear your voice say something sweet I'd die to feel your hands all over me But you're not here and I'm not there So I can't feel you and I can't hear you"
  • Stop - Mega City Four
    "The further away I get The sharper are the lines You need some distance To help you redefine The harder I look at you The less you dissapoint I realize no one's to blame Stop and listen You might"
  • Stop - R. Kelly
    "Yo, Duro, tell Rob to hurry up back in the booth, man We got the Track joint Yo, this Tone the referee, while I got your attention I gotta we set out to bring you the best possible heat For your two"
  • Stop - Jay-Z
    "(feat. Foxy Brown) Yo, Duro, tell Rob to hurry up back in the booth, man We got the Track joint Yo, this Tone the referee, while I got your attention I gotta we set out to bring you the best possible"
  • Stop - Spice Girls
    "Why don't you step to me take you for a ride step to me I can't tell you, don't know what to do I can't believe what I heard yesterday about your boasting and lying whispering words you had no right to"
  • Until I Say So - All
    "All Miscellaneous Until I Say So Lyrics And Music By Chad Price If I Could I Would But You Know I Can't Lie To You If I Could I'd Say If You So Then I'll Say Yes The Sun Burns So Bright"
  • Say Anything - Say Anything
    "Here I am, on the phone again & awkward silences on the other end I use to know the sound of a smile In your voice. But right now, (right now) all I feel (All I feel) Is the pain of the fighting starting"
  • Until - Musiq Soulchild
    "If the winter springs Or the summer falls It won't have no effect on this love at all If in another time I was you and you was I You know I'd still recognize you all the same This kinda love don't ever"
  • Until - Sting
    "If I caught the world in a bottle And everything was still beneath the moon Without your love would it shine for me? If I was smart as Aristotle And understood the rings around the moon What would it all"
  • Until - ATC
    "I gave you true desireI gave you eyes to seeI gave you wings of fireso you could choose to fly with meI gave your heart a passionI gave your life a themeI gave you all the actionsso won't you come and"
  • Say - Lauryn Hill
    "Feat - Method Man & Yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeahYeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeahYeah (Yeah)Yeah yeah (Yo) Damn, I hate it when it rain Ever since I came in the gameSome hated on the fameA lot of niggas done"
  • Say say - Twista
    "(feat. Cee-Lo, Jazze Pha & Big Zak) Woo!Ladies And Gentlemen You Are Now Tuning In To The Very Best. (Ladies And Gentlemen Gentlemen Gentlemen) One Of The Most Delightful Of All Time (Sho'nuff) Jazzy"
  • Up And Down - Adina Howard
    "Turn the lights down baby And come to me baby Let me put something on your your (mmmmhhhm) Cause I gotta let you know What I want, Where I want, whenever I need it baby So you know you betta be ready"
  • Up And Down - Pretty Ricky
    "Yeah... Its da boys Pretty Ricky And Iknow some of yall sexy ladies Wanna know how we do it I like it real slow,like walkin through tha door Naked in yo trench coat,Makin love on tha stove We can take"
  • Breath and stop - Q-Tip
    "Uh uh uh uh uh get up Uh uh for real uh uh Come on Ummah, Ummah, Ummah, Ummah A hard time if your motion is still Let me move some things around because the lyrics is ill Abstract..you know my"

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