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up and down x-zibit

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up and down x-zibit

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up and down x-zibit
  • Liberty X X
    "(X) Hey yeah (Uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh) Ooh, ooh, yeah, yeah (Uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh) Ooh, hey (Let's go) (X, X, X, X) 6 to 5 I'm two times We're still around Working night and day We're still"
  • Vengaboys Up And Down
    "We have already in the past produced records These records were successful And produced considerable results But the funds have been spent And very well spent And for this reason we are now producing A"
  • Opus Up and down
  • Tweenies Up and down
    "I wish I could bounce on a pogo stick Boinging up and down Bounce like me on my pogo stick Boinging up and down Up Down Up Down High up in the sky I wish I could fly Then down to the ground I wish I could"
  • Mr. T Experience Up And Down
    "Hey Jon, can you count to four? 1, 2, 3, 4 I look up and see a pigeon flying high and free I look down and then the sidewalk is what I see I look up and see the sky I look down and see the ground I look"
  • Robert Cray Up And Down
    "The good times have been used up It looks like trouble will start falling down The good times have been used up It looks like trouble will start falling down If I don't get some money The future will"
  • Billy More Up and down
    "Eh up & downOn my bodyMake me feelYour somebodyMovin' onShakin' onAre you ready?Eh up & downOn my bodyMake me feelYour somebodyMovin' onShakin' onAre you ready?Eh up & downEh up & downOn my bodyMake me"
  • No Authority Up And Down
    "Up and down, round and round it goes Sometimes we just lose control Up and down, round and round it goes That's the way love goes Girl, sometimes it drives me crazy To know that love does not explain Why"
  • The Cars Up and down
    "Do you have to be so hard to get Especially with those emerald eyes You might have been a neon lover But you didn't have to advertise Well come on, well come on You might have been a crackshot shooter"
  • Killing Heidi Up And Down
    "Do I always stress you out and do I need to worry now can I still come up for air? Is it that I didn't know or is it that I let you go now I didn't mean to leave you there I heard what you said yeah"
  • Adina Howard Up And Down
    "Turn the lights down baby And come to me baby Let me put something on your your (mmmmhhhm) Cause I gotta let you know What I want, Where I want, whenever I need it baby So you know you betta be ready"
  • Nancy Dumais Up and down
    "Le ciel s?ouvre, veut me faire froid D?heure en heure j?suis solide, j?suis roi La terre craque sous mes pas Mais j?suis bien au dessus de a, va L?onde me boit jusqu? la mort Telle l?ingnue moi je souris"
  • Pretty Ricky Up And Down
    "Yeah... Its da boys Pretty Ricky And Iknow some of yall sexy ladies Wanna know how we do it I like it real slow,like walkin through tha door Naked in yo trench coat,Makin love on tha stove We can take"
  • Xzibit X
    "(feat. Snoop Dogg) Yeah, ladies and gentleman Broadcasting live to you and yours It's Mr. X to the Z, Xzibit Yeah, bounce it Come on The first day of the rest of my life X stand behind the mic like Walker"
  • Kilgore X
    "It's enough, it's enough to make you want to bust My response is My middle finger Raised up to the world I can't take anymore Settle down, take it easy Stand witness to your disease The raping of society Just"
  • Ja Rule X
    "(feat. Missy Elliott, Tweet) C'mon, let's get Pop in love I know you pop-u-lar Admitted the club But I just wanna toss you up Before I Swallow you whole I need to wash it down Tell your girls Avion"
  • Eddy Huntington Up & Down
    "Life is a game nothing's ever the same No matter how much you can try. Everything's fine when you have a good time But minutes later you could cry. Up and down I'm always feeling unstable You seem"
  • Jesse Powell Up & Down
    "(chorus 2 x's) Up & Down in & out baby let me turn it out upside down, round and round this is how it's goin' down (verse 1) Baby let me tell you what's been on my mind all the places I can hit it startin'"
  • Deborah Cox Up & Down
    "Ooh baby I didn't come here to fight So why you wanna mess with me Ooh I'm always willing to compromise with you But you ain't controlling me Cause I came here to make love not war with you babe So try"
  • The Ataris Up, up, down
    "Today was a good day. I didn't even have to use my a.k. at least I didn't get my heart broken anyway wasting time in east new jersey. guess I could tell you 'bout the snow covered rooftops, sunsets, shooting"

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