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up olly murs

  • Murs Day - Murs
    "(Intro) Whattup though? Murs, 9th Wonder Murray's Revenge! Y'all know what time it is Shut your fat.. nah Watch your mouth and lower your tone and keep your hand on that cell phone We back (Murs) Now"
  • Grow Up - Olly Murs
    "I thought about you the other day What the hell happened with you and me? Cause, I, I ain't no lovin' no more You ain't as cool as you used to be Closer to the mirror than you are to me I said, had to"
  • Up (ft. Demi Lovato) - Olly Murs
    "I drew a broken heart Right on your window pane Waited for your reply Here in the pouring rain Just breathe against the glass Leave me some kind of sign I know the hurt won't pass Just tell me it's not"
  • Wrapped Up (ft. Travie McCoy) - Olly Murs
    "Now excuse if I sound rude But I love the way that you move And I see me all over you now Baby when I look in your eyes There's no way that I can disguise All these crazy thoughts in my mind now There's"
  • Dance with Me Tonight - Olly Murs
    "Ladies and Gentlemen we’ve got a special treat for tonight, I’m gonna call my friend Olly up here to sing to you ladies, Olly! Yeah! Let’s go man… My name is Olly nice to meet you can I tell you baby, Look"
  • Murs - Iam
    "Je ne t'offre pas mon regard, t'es ma meilleure garantie C'est pas que je ne t'aime pas Dehors il y en a trop qui m'aiment pas Je t'ai pris bras droit, on m'a dit bats-toi C'est ce que j'ai fait dans ce"
  • Tomorrow - Olly Murs
    "You know it's hard to be your friend I hate to let you down again We don't know how it's gonna end Cause now you know the secret I can't never mend And this could be gone when we wake up, tomorrow Hearts"
  • You Don’t Know Love - Olly Murs
    "I don;t wanna be your lover I don’t wanna be your fool Pick me up whenever you want it Throw me down when you’re through Coz I;ve learned mere from what’s missing It’s about you and not about you I know"
  • Excuses - Olly Murs
    "I’ve been thinking about, thinking about you too much lately it’s been like you in there when we touch I’ve tried everything, but we keep losing us oh I , oh I guess everything ain’t enough why can’t"
  • Seasons - Olly Murs
    "Listen honey, to every word I say I know that you don't trust me But I'm better than the stories about me Everybody messed it up someday Ain't got no rhyme or reason All I know is I'm yours, yours, yours,"
  • Heart Skips a Beat (feat. Rizzle Kicks) - Olly Murs
    "My heart skips skips skips, skips, skips, skips a beat I can see you’re not yourself Even when you’re here with me I know that you so well So put another record on Kiss and leave me on Nothing really"
  • Beautiful to Me - Olly Murs
    "She ties her hair up tight Puts her armor on when she steps outside She lives in black and white And the colour's gone but it's in her eyes Time and time again we're going back to the start And I try"
  • Unpredictable - Olly Murs, Louisa Johnson
    "I’m sick I like it There’s a moment when we fight I get so excited The next move is someone’s Maybe that’s what makes it fun We don’t; know what’s coming But you got me And I got you Couldn’t stop"
  • Cassons Les Murs - Molodoi
    "Le mur de Berlin est tomb Et on va pas le regretter Un mur d'argent l'a remplac Et il faudra bien le casser Car pour les jeunes de ta cit Y'a vraiment rien qui a chang Y'en a qui brlent de tout brler Dans"
  • Les Murs De Poussi?re - Francis Cabrel
    "Il rvait d'une ville trangre Une ville de filles et de jeux Il voulait vivre d'autres manires Dans un autre milieu Il rvait sur son chemin de pierres "Je partirai demain, si je veux J'ai la force qu'il"
  • Happy Pills - Murs
    "(feat. Aesop Rock) (Aesop Rock) MURS, you should go get us some food (MURS) Alright, this is the best I can do. . . what do you want? (Aesop Rock) Aesop's getting hungry (MURS) Well what do you want? (Aesop"
  • 4 The Record - Murs
    "(Murs) I rock the mic like it's my last chance to breathe Display a level of skill you could only hope to achieve Within this lifetime and I write rhymes that'll make marks Shut the fuck up, when I recite"
  • Risky Business - Murs
    "(feat. Shock G and Humpty Hump) (MURS) See, had the place to myself, my parents went outta town So I had the music up and was runnin' around Singing to the beat of my favorite underground Song at the"
  • Murray's Law - Murs
    "(Murs) And I'm the four-letter word that you don't bleep out Got a question for you rappers rollin wit'cha heats out Is this really where you wanna be when Jesus come back? Lyin 'bout your life, over beats"
  • M-3 (Anger) - Murs
    "(Intro) Okay since you paid for the meal, I'm gonna throw in my tip But normally, I wouldn't do this (Murs) Never mind what your normally do, someone shoulda warned you But then again, my style - too"

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