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up somebody');

  • Somebody - Atomic Kitten
    "The times i've seen you down In despair walking round And felt you that were alone Baby, someone was by your side To dry your tears, to make you smile But you would never have known (you would never have"
  • Somebody - KRS-One
    "Oh, do it now, oh, do it now Yeah, we celebrate diversity in the university Everybody can't be a queen, everybody can't be a ho and a bitch (Ha ha) Everybody can't b e a philosopher Some of y'all gotta"
  • Somebody - Reba McEntire
    "(Dave Berg/Sam Tate/Annie Tate) At a diner down on Broadway they make small talk When she brings his eggs and fills his coffee cup He jokes about his love life And tells her he's 'bout ready to give up That's"
  • Somebody - Sam Ryder
    "Do, do-do, do-do Do-do-do-do-do, do-do-do-do Do, do-do, do-do Do-do-do-do-do, do-do-do-do You bring me summer every weekend Like a rooftop in LA When it heats up in the evenin' You cool me off like lemonade So"
  • Somebody - Justin Bieber
    "Every time i wake up next to you I talk to god And i am so damn grateful Cause you make up for all the things i am not Didn;t know i need nothing Till i needed you Im a world that’s spinnin’ It ain’t easy"
  • SOMEBODY - keshi
    "Baby, why the hesitation? 'Cause I know that you can feel it, too You want more and I can taste it Let me show you what I wanna do Tryna get trapped in your leg lock Go another round, make the bed rock Yeah,"
  • Somebody - Toby Keith
    "Yeah the big boss man, he likes to crack that whip I ain't nothing but a number on his timecard slip. I give him 40 hours and a piece of my soul, Puts me somewhere at the bottom of his totem pole, Hell"
  • Somebody - Blue October
    "So you dropped me Held me by my feet and let me go I fell between the seat, but nothing broke I've yet to feel that brilliant afterglow The one I knew of years ago Now I'm twisted Twisted from the waist"
  • Somebody Up There - Amerie
    "You know what they say that everything in your life brings you to where you are today I know what they mean cuz even with all the bad I wouldn't change a thing Cuz it lead me to you and if one thing"
  • Spark Somebody Up - Buddha Monk
  • Fuck Somebody Up - Buddha Monk
    "(Intro: Buddha Monk) All hip hop fanatics, prepare to lock & load) News flash: they just let my ass out the damn door Umm.. (yea) (Chorus: Buddha Monk) You gonna make me fuck somebody up (Yo, you, you"
  • Somebody Loves Somebody - Celine Dion
    "I don't want another piece of your mind So take it somewhere else for the night 'Cause I can't take another goodbye If you wanna bite, bite your tongue Before you explode But don't let this get out of"
  • Somebody Done Fucked Up - Method Man
    "Yeah... one-two, one-two, it's Big M-E-F The phenom from Vietnam, fresh out of rehab, yo On my way the weedspot, haha, what's good? Fuck that, what's hood? Staten Island Advance Big up to my man Magic"
  • Somebody Up There Likes Me - Perry Como
    "Somebody up there likes me, somebody up there cares! Somebody up there knows my fears, and hears my silent prayers! Talks with me when I'm lonely, walks with me when the night is long! Yes, somebody"
  • Somebody Up There Likes Me - David Bowie
    "He's everybody's token, on everybody's wall Blessing all the papers, thanking one and all Hugging all the babies, kissing all the ladies Knowing all that you think about from writing on the wall He's so"
  • Somebody Up There Likes Me - Reba McEntire
    "(Suzi Hoskins Wills/Bill Cooley) I can't get used to the hustle I try to keep my actions straight I get caught in the bustle I do things I really hate Just when I think I'm sinking I hear a voice inside"
  • Drink Up And Be Somebody - Merle Haggard
    "Well I gotta keep my reputation I gotta keep my pride Can't let you know you've hurt me I can't let you know I've cried I gotta make you think I'm happy everywhere I go I gotta keep my hurt inside me I"
  • Somebody Pick Up My Pieces - Willie Nelson
    "Somebody pick up my pieces I'm scattered everywhere And put me back together And put me way over there Take me out of contention I surrender my crown So somebody pick up my pieces It's just me comin'"
  • Send Somebody - Icehouse
    "we need, all need something to believe and I need someway to be what I am 'cause that's my world to take up the chance and it's my life I do what I can can you send somebody? (somebody) I don't"
  • Everybody's Somebody - Pink Cream 69
    "In the night it goes on and on It beats in every piece of my heart Yeah again it comes over me and I know Oh, my god, it'll tear me apart Everyone's somebody Everybody turns up now Everyone's somebody Everybody,"

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