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up to bleeding

  • Bleeding - Perzonal War
    "The light is away now the candle's time has come thin smoke - no more is left but grief the growing darkness - home for demons of my mind - come in...I'll face you without fear In my world all colors"
  • Bleeding - The Prom Kings
    "You can not hide from me I will be there You say that we're nothing I say you're scared Do you know what I know Do you even care Can you see whats coming baby It's so crystal clear Don't you know"
  • Bleeding - Sixpence None the Richer
    "Bleeding Music & Lyrics by : Matt Slocum deep inside the darkest night is drinking in the light from pinholes pricked, holy needles knicked in a canopy of white I'm alone, I'm alone and I'm beating my"
  • Bleeding - Sprung Monkey
    "Believing in my teachings just a babe of seventeen Pushed out into deception what we call reality Cold water on the face I see things I've never seen This dissolute place of pageantry is not a place for"
  • Bleeding Heart - Acceptance
    "Send it home In a paper bag Says things change Maybe its me You can't fix me up You can't fix me up This bleeding heart This bleeding heart Found broken My innocence My innocence This bleeding heart Lay"
  • Bleeding Heart - Adam Green
    "When I wake up in the morning, I smell your smell God knows that I'm not doing well You're my Clementine, my sweet sunshine A sparkling diamond in your eye Bleeding heart, my bleeding heart Won't"
  • Pomegranate bleeding - Idaho
    "Pomegranate bleeding insideLet it happen or wash it away'Cause i know these questions are looking at meBaking in the sun there is no sheltering meFrom the rays up high that i will not ever see Breezing"
  • Bleeding 2 - Raunchy
    "Piercing through fleshCutting bones so don't testYou're so fed up because you think you know what's bestYou didn't quite get there, something like thisBut don't put yourself to restYou winded up cold blood,"
  • Bleeding Memory - Media Lab
    "Everyday ends up the same find another way to forget you Apathy takes a hold of me as I'm remembering why you left me Tension gets the best of me trying to overcome these memories that poison Haunting"
  • Hearts Bleeding - Monty's Fan Club
    "Put that gun up to your head won't even matter cuz your already dead to me it's like you dont even exsist no more cuz when you constantly keep lying to me, there's no trust it's all a fallacy no entry"
  • Bleeding #2 - Raunchy
    "Piercing through flesh Cutting bones so don't test You're so fed up because you think you know what's best You didn't quite get there, something like this But don't put yourself to rest You winded up cold"
  • Bleeding Salvation - Belphegor
    "Liars, false prophets Cowards, holy whores Destroy your sickening dogmas Clerical scum Decayed dreams of heaven His blood was shed in vain Blown up halls of worship Their fall is our win Shovel your"
  • The Bleeding - Left Hand Solution
    "Trees cut the wounded sky Of autumn it hangs dead Clouded in silver Of autumn it hangs dead Like a voice from within begging me to stay The same as the one telling me to get away Deep in my heartache"
  • Bleeding Hearts - Abramelin
    "Why don't you lay down my darling? You look as if you're at wits end Sip this, I made it especially, my decomposing friend Oh how your eyes respond fondly, as your larynx dissolves apart Vapour emits from"
  • Bleeding - Psychotic Waltz
    "now the wind won't blow away the sun won't come out to save the rainy day going nowhere, not today the great tomorrow's coming anyway from a tear in the sky, crying inside blood of the sun is blinding"
  • Bleeding - Seven
    "I'm going through changes But I felt the same way a long time ago It's this time or never I will make it stronger than ever before Some are slaves behind their numbers And some take shelter in their time But"
  • Bleeding - Flickerstick
    "See you down on your knees but I know your beggin' please Why you still here So mean to me So you, you, want to know but you'll never be with me How far will you drive How far will you drive Tonight"
  • Bleeding - Elton John
    "It's the same song as " Love Lies Bleeding" Music by Elton John Lyrics by Bernie Taupin The roses in the window box Have tilted to one side Everything about this house Was born to grow and die Oh it"
  • Bleeding - Ignite
    "To my country The mounting costs Our freedom's lost The death of liberty We live in a Kingdom of reigns The dogs of war rule the day The hypocrites roam in gangs The truth is lost It's wars first casualty"
  • Bleeding - Cord
    "And she's looking for her soul to keep And I needed more to help me sleep Like I knew feeling what I often do As I feel something that was never through It's only love, I's only love And I won't do it"

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