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  • Light Of A Thousand Stars - Uriah Heep
    "We stand like brothers Under troubled sky So crazy how we came to live this life Cross my heart but I refuse to die I'm coming home to you They never gave us any guarantee All they want to see is bravery I"
  • Heaven's Rain - Uriah Heep
    "I look back at those days At the permanent haze And the dark that surrounded me Then good fortune arrived I saw life in your eyes You talked about changing views Freedom to choose, darkness to light There"
  • Book Of Lies - Uriah Heep
    "The story of my life Was written there in front of me The book revealed The lines upon my face After chapter one The images of better times Turned into a classic cold embrace Just throw the book away Through"
  • What Kind Of God - Uriah Heep
    "I rode to my homeland And carried the memory Over the valley below And the heart of a nation The war cry was blazing And the loss of my brothers and sons Were all in the name of civilization The empty"
  • Ghost Of The Ocean - Uriah Heep
    "A ghost of the ocean Tells of the women of the sea They ran from opression In the forgotten history No innocents No leaders to defend No god, no government And it's hard to believe They were riders on"
  • Angels Walk With You - Uriah Heep
    "I only know what I'm feeling Do you know it's true 'Cos I've searched for you 'Cos I believe in you Why do we walk in shadows While this world falls apart 'Cos I'd die for you 'Cos I know angels walk"
  • War Child - Uriah Heep
    "Open your eyes, you're still here Still safe, at peace in this world So great, you're free You don't have to fight for your life But just say, just say There's fire from the sky And you're burning alive Why"
  • Love, Hate And Fear - Uriah Heep
    "Dream in a lonely room Fly on a star Think of the forcing time Then know where you are Fear is the strongest force Love, love is the key Where is my hatred now? Love rules over me Something I have failed"
  • Stone's Throw - Uriah Heep
    "I was a stone's throw From happiness Feeling love grow in your caress It was like nothing I had felt or seen And I waited impatiently Oh, stone's throw And I can't stand to see you go You hurt me bad,"
  • Let It Ride - Uriah Heep
    "Before I leave town today Well, there's something That I wanna say That you regret the stormy night You put your eyes on me Well, you cheated on me And you lied And I must've had that A thousand times But"

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