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  • Use Somebody - Kings Of Leon
    "I've been roaming around Always looking down at all I see Painted faces, build the places I can't reach You know that I could use somebody You know that I could use somebody Someone like you, And"
    "I've been roaming around always looking down at all i see painted faces, fill the places I can't reach you know that I could use somebody you know that I could use somebody someone like you and all you"
  • Somebody - Heaven 17
    "You've got to face the fact That in the world today They try and take away the blue skies And all the children that play But it's a curious fact In every hour in every place That when the right time arrives"
  • Somebody - Fleetwood Mac
    "Don't think your dreams are sane They're taking over your life I stuck to you but I found out That you was the crazy kind Now way inside your heart Do you have a grain of love for me 'Cause all I see is"
  • It's No Use - The Byrds
    "It's no use saying you're gonna stay If you don't want to be all mine I haven't got room for somebody who Is gonna hurt me all the time Somebody who couldn't see All the love I was trying to give It's"
  • Use The Man - Megadeth
    "(Old tunes called "Needles & Pins" by "The Searcher" in the background) (''British accent'') ''I saw her today I saw her face It was the face that I loved And I knew I had to run away And get down on"
  • Use My Voice - Evanescence
    "Cover my ears and close my eyes Just long enough to stop the noise Go and take everything and thow it away But i will use my voice Drown ever truth in an ocean of lies Label me a bitch because i dare"
  • Somebody Groovy - The Mamas & The Papas
    "I need somebody groovy Someone who's able to move me, yeah (Yeah) They gotta move me like they should And when I find somebody, yeah, I'm gonna treat 'em good (No) Don't need no imitations (No) Can't use"
  • Be somebody - Coldplay
    "Gonna' be somebodyGonna' be someone ----x2This is a story of them against us, win or loseForcin your feet into someone elses shoesEverybody gots something to sayThat we outta live that way what we doin's"
  • Be somebody - Linkin Park
    "Gonna' be somebodyGonna' be someone ----x2This is a story of them against us, win or loseForcin your feet into someone elses shoesEverybody gots something to sayThat we outta live that way what we doin's"
  • Use - Slutbox
    "Morality is not a strong point of mine - Look in my eyes and you'll see the flaw in my design - Permit the virus to fester and mentally sodomize - Innocence succumbs to soft kisses and poisoned lies - Use"
  • Who I Use To Be - Clint Black
    "Clint Black & Marty Stuart The memories and emotions That I've been through Are things I can't unlearn But I won't go on standing on the bridges You've tried so hard to burn. I can't put those fires"
  • Somebody Save Me - Chalee Tennison
    "I've been a rock, been a shoulder Helped hurting hearts get over A good love that's gone wrong Yeah, I'm the one who said "be strong" I've been the friend you can count on Stayed up late, listened all"
  • Somebody Else's Body - Urge Overkill
    "nothing from a schoolboy taught me right from wrong education's dead I knew the answer, but had all the questions wrong somebody's head they said I didn't see it happen I didn't have a clue in somebody"
  • Somebody To Roll - Nazareth
    "D. McCafferty/P. Agnew/D. Sweet/M. Charlton Goin' out, got some time to use Baby, baby, baby, I just can't lose Truckin' round from town to town Got to get my rocks off the ground Going up, I've been"
  • Help Somebody Cry - Greg Long
    "verse i: Someone you care about has a broken heart you want to be a friend but you don't know where to start there are other words to say that could ever be enough how can you show then your love Chorus: Help"
  • Being Somebody Else - Del Amitri
    "How are you going to pass the time of day In your beautiful empty shell, When you've shaken the hand of so many sinceroes You feel like a fake yourself How do you choose between you and me When we"
  • I Am Somebody - Jurassic 5
    "Artist: Jurassic 5 Album: Power in Numbers Song: I Am Somebody Typed by: {*with help from the website*} Yo, raise the level, bass bottom to treble Forever keep it ghetto Funk and heavy metal F*ck"
  • Piosenka - Variete
    "Żydowska piosenka Jestem ramieniem sześciu ramion gwiazdy Jestem gwoździem wbitym w dłoni krzyża Jestem Morzem Martwym co unosi ludzkie ciało elektrycznym drutem basztą karabinów Dzieci Abrahama Izaaka"
  • Piosenka - IRA
    "Ja tylko mam gitarę i Ciebie i ten zmierzchI trzy piosenki stare które Ci gram gdy chceszPierwsza jak ciepłe deszcze druga jak świt we mgleA trzecia słodsza jeszcze niż pozostałe dwieKochaj mnie kochaj"

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