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ust like the ones I used

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ust like the ones I used

  • Ones - Mariah Carey
    "Whitney:Many nights we prayWith no proof anyone could hearAnd our hearts a hopeful songWe barely understandNow we are not afraidAlthough we know there's much to fearWe were moving mountains longBefore"
  • The Used - The Used
    "Is it worth it can you even hear meStanding with your spotlight on meNot enough to feed the hungryI'm tired and I felt it for awhile nowIn this sea of lonelyThe taste of ink is getting oldIt's four o'"
  • Used - Ashley Monroe
    "Used Like an old panio played for generations slowly fading out of tune, (Used like the soul's on the bottom of my favorite pair of dancing shoes I know I'm not some bright and shinny polished up car that's"
  • Used - Lorrie Morgan
    "Show me a picture of a perfect life I wanna see it, wanna know what it looks like Anybody got a grip on life I wanna know, call me up, tell me what it feels like I can't remember what it was to dream I"
  • The Glorious Ones - Tree63
    "(when you hear the signal, it will be Tree63 - exactly) I am someone who got up again I am someone unshakable I have seen the earth spinning 'round and now I understand they used to keep you on the outside Now"
  • Like Ya Used To - Heather Headley
    "(ah-ah-ah-good song la la- la la la la) Verse 1: This morning when you woke up I had breakfast cooked with everything you like but you didnt even give the eggs a try and you left without kissing me"
  • The Ones - Flickerstick
    "You feel the pain You've got the ghost Another day What matters most You gotta love Another note When you get high When you get high Do you feel the pain (I feel the pain when your away) Secrets screams"
  • The Ones - Aesthetic Perfection
    "Would you believe me if I told the reasons why, You can't rest and drink yourself to sleep at night? Not like it matters you can't escape don't even try, We'll speak what no one knows. You lie awake and"
  • Like They Used To Say - Common
    ""Like they used to say" We dealin wit some very critical and crucial times Some of the most critical and crucial times I've ever seen I wrote Stoney Island on my guy He was tryin me about the S-I-E"
  • Used to - TQ
    "For my real homies That remember what they used to Used to be the one I looked up to (A lot of people these days) Tell me what the hell done happened to you (Given opportunities take them for granted)"
  • Like I Used To - Cyndi Lauper
    "I know you expected me To act just like a schoolgirl Followed your rules Just like a fool Wrapped up in your world What's good for you Don't mean that's so good for me What can I do, but hang around And"
  • Problems & Bigger Ones - Harvey Danger
    "cross through the border states to the wrong side, wrong side and look away virginia spent every day like the past is a bridge crossing twenty years whispers away not too much get your poison tongue"
  • Like I Used To Do - Charlie Landsborough
    "There was a time when we'd be the last to leave Watching the sun come up as everyone failed to see The music was always loud and I'd smoke and drink too much Till I fell into your arms into your loving"
  • Lucky Ones - Pat Green
    "Day after day The search goes on No ones explained That grevings so strong Love runs so deep Down in your soul It hit me so high All that I know (chorus): Cause baby the lucky ones Baby the lucky ones Baby"
  • Finest Ones - Rakim
    "Where the ladies at? Clarkworld baby Uh, uh (4x) It's the R baby It's the god baby (1st verse) I got rhymes I love to bust looking for a club to rush It's like thugs will rush the illustrious"
  • Damaged Ones - Anna Ternheim
    "Maybe we are the damaged ones Endless need like a burning sun Burns like you, my damaged one On my knees in a faceless crowd We go blind when the stakes are high I'm on my knees, can you see me now? Whatever"
  • Lucky Ones - Lana Del Rey
    "Let's get out of this town, baby we're on fire Everyone around here wants to be going down, down If you stick with me, I can take you higher, and higher It feels like all of our friends are lost Nobody's"
  • Desperate Ones - Nina Simone
    "Jacques Brel, Jouannest, Eric Blau, Mort Shuman They hold each others hands They walk without a sound Down forgotten streets Their shadows kiss the ground Their footsteps sing a song Tat's ended"
  • Young Ones - Cliff Richard
    "The young ones Darling, we're the young ones And the young ones Shouldn't be afraid To live, love While the flame is strong For we may not be The young ones very long Tomorrow Why wait until tomorrow 'Coz"
  • Fabulous Ones - Blackalicious
    "Super fabulous the patterns have been uplifted Smoke a chalice with the maddest and the most spliffted Turn the alphabet to calculus and flow swiftly See the matter of the fact is that I'm so gifted Due"

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