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utopia bateo

  • Utopia - Utopia
    "Its a strange day No colours or shapes No sounds in my head I forget who i am... when im with you Theres no reason Theres no sense Im not supposed to feel. I forget who i am, i forget..... Fascist baby,"
  • utopia - Lykke Li
    "we could be the most psychedelic we could shine brighter than glitter there’s only one way up we could be the most transcendent go deep like Dylan there’s only one way out I see, I see the dream in your"
  • Utopia - Sweetbox
    "Where's Utopia? Where's Utopia? (Verse 1) Praying for something to carry me through Waiting for the day when I know what to do Hoping and hoping for a ray of light Can you Won't you Deliver me (Chorus) Utopia I"
  • Utopia - Alanis Morissette
    "we'd gather around all in a room fasten our belts engage in dialogue we'd all slow down rest without guilt not lie without fear disagree sans judgement we would stay and respond and expand and include"
  • Utopia - Goldfrapp
    "It's a strange day no colours or shapes no sound in my head I forget who I am when I'm with you there's no reason there's no sense I'm not supposed to feel I forget who I am I forget Fascist baby Utopia,"
  • Utopia - Sofia Loell
    "I see the world with different eyes loud and clear I hold my view I see no reason yet to give up the sweat idea of my utopia Lately I've found myself drowning in coffee and other habits told me to make"
  • Utopia - Nomadi
    "Utopia aveva una sorella maggiore che si chiamava Verit senza errore lanciava spesso un aquilone nel vento su cui era scritto libert con l'accento. Le due sorelle trascorrevano il tempo senza"
  • Utopia - I Against I
    "I was only twelve years old when i started having dreams aboutPlaying in a band without hypocrisy. but as i'm older now i'veCome to realize that playing in a band is not utopia so here isMy advice. you"
  • Utopia - Flesh Field
    "I question this reality, And I criticize its rules. Apathetic misery. This world is overrun by fools. Born from isolation; A pretty place, a utopia. Suicidal revelation; This life is no better than the"
  • Utopia - Vera Lucia
    "Das muitas coisas do meu tempo de crianaGuardo vivo na lembrana o aconchego do meu lar.No fim da tarde, quando tudo se aquietavaA famlia se ajeitava l no alpendre a conversar.Meus pais no tinham nem escola"
  • Utopia - Analogia Snu
    "ich usta za plecami plują nienawiścią do nas a gdy stajemy twarzą w twarz nie mają nic do powiedzenia te same puste słowa o ojczyznie, rządzie i prawie lecz co oznacza to gdy wolność jest ograniczona"
  • Utopia - Belinda Carlisle
    "Verso 1 Con la noche en la cintura, tu recuerdo a flor de piel Voy perdiendo la cordura con la luna hasta los pies, Voy tratando de acordarme, pero todo esta al revs La vida es un instante, que no"
  • Utopia - Socialburn
    "I never thought it'd be possible to find someone again I searched long and hard for someone I didn't know Instead of my best friend Now I have her in my arms and I've been trying to say Those three words"
  • Utopia - Bernard Lavilliers
    "Je chanterai le nouveau mondeN de la zone et de l'ordureEn ces temps-l vos belles actionsPassaient toujours par l'critureVous vous gaviez de projectionsDe projects srieux, de futurPendant que l'ordre et"
  • Utopia - Belinda
    "Con la noche en la cinturaTu recuerdo a flor de pielVoy perdiendo la corduraCon la luna hasta los piesVoy tratando de acordarmePero todo esta alrevesLa vida es un instante queNunca vuelve otra vesEntonces"
  • Utopia - Armia
    "W tym mieście nie ma cmentarzaPoza tym wszystko tutaj jestKupno i sprzedaż, ręka i czołoSpotkanie na samym dnieMoże tam mieszka jakieś lichoCo dorabia sobie we śnieStraszniejsze niż go malująSwe pocałunki"
  • Utopia - Social Burn
    "I never thought it'd be possible to find someone again I searched long and hard for someone I didn't know Instead of my best friend Now I have her in my arms and I've been trying to say Those three words"
  • Utopia - Afonso Zeca
    "Cidade Sem muros nem ameias Gente igual por dentro gente igual por fora Onde a folha da palma afaga a cantaria Cidade do homem No do lobo mas irmo Capital da alegria Brao que dormes nos braos do rio Toma"
  • Utopia - Sagisu Shiro
    "(Verse1) I'm not aware that I'm not there but over here I've lived my life now I'm dead,I've got nothing to fear I'm living large,yes I am,but we're all the same I don't know you yet I know you 'cause"
  • Utopia - Bennie K
    ""Rhythm" "written" "lyrics" and "drawing world" With "heart" and "soul" utaidasu bird "Unite" together we fly up in the "sky" "Forever" we search for "the new world" Da la da da da la da da da We got the"

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