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uuu lady left

  • Lady - England Dan And John Ford Coley
    "Many highways I've been on Since I went out chasing a song And I left you standing alone In the soft morning sunlight Now the summer's just like it was then You were waving goodbye in the wind And I heard"
  • Lady - Crossfire
    "Lady, you know I cant erase you from my mind, You drive me crazy when I see your body wind, Like, you stand you smile, your wasting your design, oohoo. The way you swing your thing left right and centre,"
  • Left right - Jethro Tull
    "The master playwright Urges you to play right/play wrong; Life is long and every night's the first night. The wardrobe mistress Urges you to dress left/dress right; What a mess when your underpants are"
  • Lady Bird - Nancy Sinatra
    "Nancy: I've been where the eagle flies Rode his wings 'cross autumn skies Kissed the sun, touched the moon But he left me much too soon His lady bird...he left his lady bird Lee: Lady bird come on down I'm"
  • Lady Bird - Lee Hazlewood / Nancy Sinatra
    "I've been where the eagle flies Rode his wings 'cross autumn skies Kissed the sun, touched the moon But he left me much too soon. His lady bird...He left his lady bird Lady bird come on down I'm here"
  • Magic Lady - Sandy Denny
    "Magic lady One for the magic lady And one for me, Songs of the land And a song of the sea. Though the silver halls stand empty And decaying in the dust As they silently remember The lady that they lost. Magic"
  • Inspiration Lady - Gordon Lightfoot
    "She's my inspiration lady, inspiration everywhere. She's my inspiration lady, she lights candles in the air. In the warmth of the morning sun, and at night when the day is done, She's my inspiration"
  • Beautiful Lady - Rob Rock
    "(Japanese Bonus) Beautiful Lady, tell me what you looking for Beautiful Lady, let me help you find the door She was just a lonely child, left out in the street She was lost and she was wild, no shoes"
  • Lady Gaye - Ringo Starr
    "Lady gaye I know you'll never, ever change your way There's no one who's been through more than you And still come through with love to spare You really care You lovely lady, you Lady gaye You're really"
  • Starlight lady - Suzi Quatro
    "There's a light that shines in the middle of the nightAnd there's a girl she's a lonely sightShe blew all her dreams when she was a teenage beautyLife don't matter no moreI hear a sound I think it's someone"
  • Starlight Lady - Suziquatro
    "(Quatro/Tuckey) There's a light that shines in the middle of the night And there's a girl she's a lonely sight She blew all her dreams when she was a teenage beauty Life don't matter no more I hear a"
  • Lady Xanax - Duran Duran
    "Here comes the morning light you can't face Lie on your bed staring into space Watch the time slip gently by Don't ask why So many friends but nobody calls Can't be alone when the darkness falls"
  • Lady Luck - Donots
    "I swear there were times When I felt a little more at ease Had a better sense of humour And I had a strong belief I guess I am a realist But tend to be a pessimist Ever since the very day she left me It's"
  • Bag Lady - Citizen Fish
    "I just ate and I heard the change rattle in your tin/I point my eyes on dis- tant blurred horizon me for charity/or coffee make the day go faster/forty days forty nights/forty currency exchanges/this is"
  • Lady Writer - Dire Straits
    "Lady writer on the TV Talk about the Virgin Mary Reminded me of you Expectation left to come up to yeah Lady writer on the TV She had another quality The way you used to look And I know you never read"
  • Lady Rain - Obsession Indecent
    "There were times when the sky would bring me nothing Except the smell of the rain at summertime So I left my window open just to let you come inside Saying that you'd never leave me was a lie Well there"
  • Lady Yesterday - Kinky Friedman
    "(Kinky Friedman) If I made a wish for every sacred star Falling just outside of Heaven's window, If I had the songs from David's old guitar And the dreams I've left behind me on my pillow And if I"
  • Record Lady - Lyle Lovett
    "(Lyle Lovett) Rober Earl this friend of mine You know he's always looking after my best interest He told me Lyle P. you need to get some action Get your head back in line You need to get out on your own"
  • Lady celeste - Gaba Kulka
  • Mississippi Lady - Jim Croce
    "With just a sleeping bag And an old guitar I left the band in New Orleans I did some time with the bottle Some with the river queens I never thought I would meet a girl Who could turn my head around 'Til"

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