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uuuu flay look up at the skay

  • Look Up At The Stars - Shawn Mendes
    "Look u pat the stars They’re like pieces of art Floating above the ground It’s a Friday night And the streetslights are all saying your name They always say your name Before you go home I should let you"
  • Look Up - Big Star
    "Look up, look up You'll see the sky Look up, look up He's the life Waiting to love you Wanting to reach you Look up, look up You'll see the sky The man walking down the street Keeps his head"
  • Look Up - Zohra
    "There are no limits when you look at the sky there are no limits when you look up so high (x2) listen to me specially you i know my future do you know yours too? everybody c'mon breakthough there are"
  • Look At Me - Sugababes
    "I know I'm still young With no life experience But can I learn from my mistakes - not yours Let me fly to my own thing, live a little please Wrap me up in cotton wool And I'll never learn Look at me I'm"
  • Look At Her - D4L
    "[1st verse] Aye shorty come here give me dem goodies got my periferials on and girl I see ya lookin the way you make it roll, then you stop wit it drop down and then you make them fingers pop wit it baby"
  • Look At Us - Sarina Paris
    "For all the times that we, we ever wouldn't be, look at us baby, look at us now, fer everyday that I should have you by my side, we'll make it baby, look at us now, fer every night I pray,"
  • Look At You - Hanson
    "Look at you baby Standing in the shadows wondering what I'm doing here Wishing something would happen, maybe I could disappear She walks in with that look in her eye Somehow she doesn't even have to try Just"
  • Look At Us - Katja Glieson
    "Please put your hands Together when you’re ready for me I’ll be the one Thats waving as you’re all on your feet I see the sun Coming up as you’re ready to leave You know we gonna make em stop (Trend Def) And"
  • Look At Her - One Chance ft. Fabo
    "One Chance Wuz happenin' Oh Fabo Wuz happenin' Oh US US US US US US Wuz happenin' (Oh) Look at her (Oh) Look at her (Oh Oh) Wuz happenin' Look at her (Oh Oh) Look at her (Oh Oh) Look at her (Oh Oh"
  • Look At Her - One Chance
    "One Chance.. What's happenin' Ay. Fabo! What's happenin' Us Us Us What's happenin' Look At her Look At her What's happenin' Look AT her! Shawty, come here give me them goodies Got my perifial's"
  • Look At You - Warrior Soul
    "I'm not your steppin' stone Your kind is lying low The war that you never won Laid out in the burnin' sun I showed you your world I tear holes thru your phoney love I saw the burning god Covered in mud,"
  • Look at me - Heaven 17
    "I know a place where we can talk A precious smile poor little girl so pale and proud Hold me Control me So proud You're on the town you're on your own Don't walk away don't pass me by and run for home"
  • Look At Me - Subb
    "I'm a drain, I don't know why Still afraid, I don't know why I'm insane, I don't know why Still The same, I don't know why I'm a wound , I don't know why Still The stooge, I don't know why I'm disturbed,"
  • Look at me - Keri Noble
    "Look at me look into my eyes tell me do you see that i am always by your side or has the world got you down on your knees come to me look at you look into your heart tell me is there room for you to make"
  • Look At Me - Sum 41
    "Look at me Who am I supposed to be And what do I believe Can you tell me Since you've made up your mind Who knows what you believe And I just don't know No I just don't know Who I'm supposed to be... Look"
  • Look At Me - Cross Canadian Ragweed
    "I got a one hundred-dollar bill It's all shiny, crisp, and clean And it's burning a hole in the pocket of my jeans I think I'll spend it on some pills Instead of gasoline I don't see any kind of fun in"
  • Look At You - Kingdom Come
    "You think you got some problems Thinking it's all so bad The mirror shows a blind man Got no face, lost his head Look at you, so dead inside Sitting home, got do life Put my fist, right through your mind Clearing"
  • Look At You - Backyard Babies
    "Backyard Babies Total 13 Look At You (borg, dregen) 1, 2, 3, 4 Look at you, man, look at the band Look at the day, don´t throw it away I need a pill and a coffee re-fill And everything is gonna be alright I"
  • Look At You - Billy No Mates
    "look at you standing there all bloodshot and tearstained no one can stop you now no one knows quite how to unanswered at trial couched safety in denial no one can stop you now only you know how to all"
  • Look At Me - Birdman & Lil Wayne
    "Look At Me (Hook) Bright thing on my hand saying (Look at me) I got your girl doing a handstand (Look at me) Cop them 28-inch Birdman's (Check out me) Y'all dues money to yung Bright thing on my hand"

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