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vader crucified ones' ORDEr By 999 --

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vader crucified ones' ORDEr By 999 --

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vader crucified ones' ORDEr By 999 --
  • Vader Crucified Ones
    "Mortal crosses standing in the row, Seem to reach up to the burning sky, Damned souls grouping on the dark, Going round the stretched arms. Bodies, faces, Unnaturally bended in pain, Lifeless eyes staring"
  • Vader The Crucified Ones
    "Mortal crosses standing in the row, Seem to reach up to the burning sky, Damned souls grouping on the dark, Going round the stretched arms. Bodies, faces, Unnaturally bended in pain, Lifeless eyes staring"
  • Bloodbound Crucified
    "You dream of a world without pain But there's only evil The prophet predicted your path And you will deceive her An Angel of death Has fallen again And this time it's your turn You live to die your soul"
  • Salvador Crucified
    "Here in this moment I choose to believe To call on the invisible As if it could be seen Here in this moment I am unafraid To take part in His suffering And be called by Jesus name And I stand unashamed I"
  • Lillian Axe Crucified
    "Come a little closer with your Thoughts of an insurrection, A little black mark in the book of your life Could bring a change of your affection Got a one track mind, it's a sign of the times, Find"
  • Atari Teenage Riot Anarchy 999
    "Atari Teenage Riot 60 Second Wipe Out Anarchy 999 I'll set the sights higher! I'll set the sights higher! Higher and higher! I'll set the sights higher! A dividing conflict is about to come A virtual"
  • D.O.A. Order
    "the home viewers just don't care they're getting tired of the regular fare they want something new and it isn't there so here it comes, the big idea the public trustworthy panacea completely different"
  • Pipedown Order
    "Follow us, reaching out of us, to strain against determination. Superfluous is our structure, maintained by the predication. We're so continuous. Intent on the will, to follow us. Intent on the will,"
  • A Perfect Murder Crucified By Fear
    "You pray to a god that's dead. You just want to keep the faith. Fuck those things they're pieces of shit. Now face reality. You think you are the light of your actions. But you're nothing more that a shadow"
  • Megadeth New World Order
    "Where hath the apostles gone? Joining hands with wicked ones Revelation has come to pass New world order, will hold the mass A book written by the man Used to control and command All rights will be denied Without"
  • Rockets Ziga ziga 999
    "Our missionTo seek out and destroyAll we findSubmissionWill not computeYou must stay behindWe have made room in all the galaxies surroundingYou say friendThere is room here forAll to surviveYou pretendThat"
  • Jeru The Damaja 999 Pa Cent
    "You wanna front WHAT??Jump up and get bucked The original, Dirty Rotten's fuckin shit up Empty your clip of lyrics, in your chest and gut All punks play the floor, it's raw and hardcore Hotter than a meteor,"
  • Mariah Carey Ones
    "Whitney:Many nights we prayWith no proof anyone could hearAnd our hearts a hopeful songWe barely understandNow we are not afraidAlthough we know there's much to fearWe were moving mountains longBefore"
  • Vader Hymn To The Ancient Ones
    "They are lying down, the Great Old Ones. The bolts are fallen and the fastenings are placed. The crowds are quiet and the people are quiet. The Elder Gods of the Land The Elder Goddesses of the Land SHAMMASH SIN ADAD ISHTAR Have"
  • Rage I'm Crucified
    "No excuses, nothing can be done This time it's coming to an end And the truth is that I'm on the run Loneliness is my only friend Out there I see them staring at me, leaving me to die Out there I feel"
  • Amber Crucified Solitude
    "When I open my heart and felt around me Everything has changed I stumbled and fell Touched heaven and hell And I felt so estranged What and when and how Does my head allow Suddenly something new I just"
  • Bob Geldof Crucified Me
    "First time that I saw you You were standing in the hall You said you knew everything But I knew you knew f**k all There were tremors in your cheekbones There was longing in your eyes But I thought I smelt"
  • Nomy Crucified By Love 2006
    "erase my name, from the past so many years have gone so fast So Take this life and be gone You are no longer my number one You made me live hoped you'de stay never knew what she was about to say Im sorry"
  • Unfinished Thought The Order Of Detail
    "I Live With A Brain That Knows How To Weather The Constant Barrage Of Putting Together A Picture Of Me I'm Sure You Will Miss I Think From A Place That's Long Been Detached The Center Of Gravity That"
  • Nephew A Wannabe Darth Vader
    "Come on, get up Get down Like Mickey Mouse On crack cocaine Around and round Like a fucked up song By a fucked up Dane I call the shots A Motorola shooting star I shoot the calls A wannabe Darth Vader A"

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