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vanessa hudgens sneaknight

  • Reminding Me (ft. Vanessa Hudgens) - Shawn Hook
    "She keeps reminding me That you’re still gone And I’m still lonely He keeps reminding me How good it was When we’re crazy Wine, she’s spitting out the wine I forgot you left behind Our favorite cherry"
  • Vanessa - Gene Clark
    "Mama get your bags and run Papa's gonna get a gun Mama get your bags and fly Lord have mercy, me oh my Get out your cuffs baby, circle the floor I can't live with the devil no more Vanessa, get your gun I"
  • Vanessa - Maroon 5
    "Oh Vanessa holding up time with her beautiful velvet eyes She danced in the rained, got lost in our games Turned our backs to the world at night Fell asleep in the grass Watch out for the passing, of seasons"
  • Vanessa - Doc Gyneco
    "Non j'n'ais pas oubli tous ces talons carrs Ces filles au beau fessier qui firent fureur cet t Je lis S.A.S pour me remmorer Je rve de bas rsille, de filles qu'on deshabille Qui glappent et s'gosillent Et"
  • Vanessa - Marion
    "Well it was far too long to hide Before I met you And I really don't wanna die And forget you I'll forget you Is it safe to use those toys Are you allowed to make that noise Yeah Oh yeah I still wanna"
  • Vanessa - Valentina Dorme
    "Chiunque star con me d'ora in poi dovr avere qualcosa di te che ora vivi lontana la costringer a correggere l'andatura a insistere col nero sulle ciglia e sui contorni degli occhi con pennellate leggere"
  • Vanessa - Grimes
    "Oh I've been waiting, definitely and my heart is here right after me and my heart, waiting in the rain //x2 And my heart, it is in with the storm And my heart, heart, heart (heart, heart, heart) hey"
  • Vanessa Simmons - Barclay James Harvest, The
    "Barclay James Harvest, The Once Again Vanessa Simmons Vanessa simmons, funny kind of name Young and yet wise, only a child Wake up in the morning, frown across your face I know your name, but not your"
  • Vanessa Simmons - Barclay James Harvest
    "Vanessa Simmons, funny kind of name Young and yet wise, only a child Wake up in the morning, frown across your face I know your name, but not your place Wish I could show you how to live your life But"
  • Vanessa Simmon - Barclay James Harvest
    "Vanessa Simmons, funny kind of nameYoung and yet wise, only a childWake up in the morning, frown across your faceI know your name, but not your placeWish i could show you how to live your lifeBut i'm not"
  • Vanessa From Queens - Stephen Malkmus
    "There's aggression in the air this morning got your ballerina tights around my head in a samurai pose on the bed Vanessa from Queens And the water drippin' from the faucet is like mardi gras on the 12th"
  • Vanessa Und Florent - Ludwig Von 88
    "Let me take your hand Let me hold your head Close against my breast Close against my hairy chest Let the people know Spread our love on prime-time shows And when the spotlights fade Let us be one in the"
  • Ten degrees (Vanessa) - No Angels
    "Was it love? Did it hurt? What was the feeling? I really really don't know! I can't remember! Am I free? I'm searching for the real words But u left and nothing hurts, ha, ha, ha I feel peaceful and so"
  • Come Back To Me - Vanessa Hudgens
    "(Some dude) Ha ha Ya'll need to get ready to hear The unbelieveable, indescribable Vanessa Hudgens, Baby V (Vanessa Hudgens) Baby come back (Verse) Everyday I try to play another game But my heart can't"
  • Breaking Free - Vanessa Hudgens
    "(zac) we're soaring,flying theres not a star in heaven that we can't reach (Vanessa) if we're trying so we're breaking free (zac) you know the world can see us,in a way that's different than who we"
  • Start Of Something New - Vanessa Hudgens
    "(Zac Efron) livin' in my own world didn't understand, that anything could happen when you take a chance (Vanessa) I never believed in, what I couldn't see i never opened my heart oohhh to all the possibilities oooooooo (together) i"
  • Still There For Me - Vanessa Hudgens
    "(Corbin) Lately I've been thinking About the things that we've been through And I don't know if I'd be here, If not for you I had to take a little time To try to work things out And You should know that I"
  • Jane, Vanessa, and i - J Church
    "Jane, Vanessa And I, I, being Jean Seaberg, Isolated in time, Living intellectual crime, Everybody's got a job to do, From "Barbarella" to "Paint Your Wagon", Stupid films from stupid minds, Isolated in"
  • Busted (Vanessa i Fretka) - Phineas and Ferb
    "**VANESSA** I can see the things you doing And you think that I'm naive But when I get the goods on you She'll finally believe **FRETKA** She says it's all just drama But every bubble's got to pop She's"
  • Good Girl-Vanessa Marquez - N.E.R.D.
    "You just left a good girl (good girl, good girl) A good girl you lost today From such a good thing (good girl, good girl) From such a good thing you walked away Thought I was your guiding light your angel Why"

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