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  • Vangelis Mundi - Evenfall
    "I'm Free... It Hardly Matters Watching What's Happening, What's Failing, Even If... It Hardly Matters Watching What's Happening There Is A Spot Upon This Accursed Earth Which Thou Hast Never Yet"
  • So Long Ago So Clear - Vangelis
    "From Vangelis "Heaven And Hell" "So Long Ago, So Clear" vocals by Jon Anderson Once, we did run How we chased a million stars and touched as only one can Once, we did play How the past delivered you Amidst"
  • Losing Sleep - Vangelis
    "Losing sleep In a waking dream A recurring face I see Comes to pass my way Still, my heart, Will you please be still, my heart In this world of change You keep turning me round again (interlude) In"
  • Movement 5 - Vangelis
    "Ehla me-no no-re-le-o manivero laminare Ehla me-no no-re-le-o manivero laminare Ehla me-no no-re-le-o manivero laminare Ehla me-no no-re-le-o manivero laminare Ehla me-no no-re-le-o manivero laminare Ehla"
  • Hymne - Vangelis
    "Oooooo ... Ooo ... Aaah... Aaah... (interlude) Ha ri me no ca ri ha La ve ro ma ni es to ra La mi na re se co ra I do re na lo si ta Ha ri me no ca ri la La ve ro ma ni es to ra, Ri me na ta lo pa No"
  • The Little Fete - Vangelis
    ""i take a bottle of wine and I go drink it among the flowers. We are allways three ... counting my shadow and my friend the shimmering moon Happily the moon knows nothing of drinking, and my shadow is"
  • Jerusalem - Vangelis
    "And did those feet in ancient time Walk upon england's mountains green? And was the holy lamb of god On england's pleasant pastures seen? And did the countenance divine Shine forth upon our clouded hills?"
  • Intergalactic Radio Station - Vangelis
    ""i've, seen things.. many things that you can't believe. Past designs, future designs, Cables in the bend. Second-hand sounds, Future sounds, Synthesised dialogues. Incomprehenseble software. Hi"
  • I Hear You Now - Vangelis
    "After the first embrace from you my senses knew The look of love was in your eyes And after we first make love our senses tingle to The touch oh how we hypnotize Oh, to get the feeling on and on Oh, just"
  • I'll Find My Way Home - Vangelis
    "You ask me where to begin Am I so lost in my sin? You ask me where did I fall I say I can't tell you when But if my spirit is lost How will I find what is near? Don't question I'm not alone Somehow I'll"
  • State Of Independence - Vangelis
    "State of life-may I live-may I love Coming out the sky, I name me a name Coming out-silver word-what it is It is the very nature of the sound the game Siamese, indionese. to tibet treat the life As a"
  • Dawn/Morning Papers - Vangelis
    "(Footsteps) -"Is the city open?" (voice of roman polanski) -"C'est beau romain, c'est beau" (voice of emanuelle seigner) -"Are there any morning-papers yet?" (voice of roman polanski) -"Too early" -"A"
  • A song - Vangelis
    "I would like to write a songThat is so vibrant and so intimateThat the earth would adopt itAs if it had sprung like the streamFrom the land's memoryAs if no one had written it but life itself And my song"
  • And when the night comes - Vangelis
    "A women in your soulCreates the man you holdAnd when the night comesWhen you relax with meI'll take you in my armsI'll make you dreamSo just remember thisA kiss is just a kissA smile is just a smile, with"
  • Ask the mountains - Vangelis
    "Don't come afterDon't come afterDon't come afterComeComeComeComeDon't come afterDon't come afterPlease don't follow me alongWhen you read this I'll be goneAsk the mountainsSprings and fountainsWhy couldn't"
  • Beside - Vangelis
    "I have seen the compass turningRound & round my heartThe senses are yearningFor a possible change of heartThat is coming to youComing to you.You stand upright, you are differentWhy the spinal shock the"
  • Blush response - Vangelis
    "Do you like our owl?''It's artificial?''Of course it is.''Must be expensive.''Very. I'm Rachel.''Deckard.''It seems you feel our work is not a benefit to the public.''Replicants are like any other machine."
  • Come to me - Vangelis
    "Come to mewhile I'm sleeping,so their wagging tonguesmight not find you, my love!All the whilethey lie down,our lighter souls fuse,fly and dive, my love.So, stamp this night so strong,that I will rememberand"
  • Deborah - Vangelis
    "I read your letterI got it just the other dayYou seem so happySo funny how time melts awayIt's such a pleasureTo see you growingAnd how you're sending your loveThru' the air todayI think of HeavenEach"
  • Good to see you - Vangelis
    ""What?""Fine,""I, no, I can't remember""No, not at all, no""Because""Yeah""No""ha ha ha ..." "Ooh, yeah, yeah""Far away down""Eh, no fine, yeah""No dear""Yeah""I love you""

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