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vaoluts one last night

  • One Last Night - Bebe Rexha
    "I would do it all again Baby, just to see your skin I don't give a fuck about them Really don't care what they say How I need your body next to mine Without you I die a million times So come on baby"
  • One last night - HIM
    "Is it so hard to believe our hearts Are made to be broken by love That in constant dying lies The beauty of it all My darling won't you feel The sweet heaven in Our endless cry Oh at least you could trust"
  • Not One Night - Mr. Big
    "I used to dream of only you Now I don't do that I used to miss talkin' to you Ah, now I don't do that Since you've been gone I learned to stop Tryin' to hold on Because there's... (Chorus) Not one night One"
  • Not one night - Mr.Big
    "I used to dream of only youNow I don't do thatI used to miss talkin' to youAh, now I don't do thatSince you've been goneI learned to stopTryin' to hold onBecause there's...(Chorus)Not one nightOne single"
  • Last Night - Magic Dirt
    "Good luck tryin' to forget about Good luck tryin' not to let it out Good luck tryin' not to block it out Good luck tryin' not to lie about Last night, last night, last night Oh come on, Just one more"
  • Last Night - Elusive
    "I'm on the desert highway I'm the fallen one Where I lost my faith Sole survivor, future dawn In the city of sin I'm out of love Last night you made a promise of screams Last night you gave me everything Last"
  • Last Night - Eric Carmen
    "(Eric Carmen) I think I'll stay at home tonight Just play some records And catch up on some sleep Sometimes I like to be alone I've been so busy Maybe someone will drop by Last night when I went to bed I"
  • Last Night - Al Jarreau
    "I thought about you last night About you, you, you, you, you, you Thought about you, you, you, you, you About you, you, you, you Thought about you, you, you, you It's like they used to say You're never"
  • Last Night - Anthony Hamilton
    "(feat. Sunshine Anderson and Dolo Pichino) Last night I fell in love Alright, alright, yea ummmm yea, It takes control of me when I see love in your eyes Your like a spring time breezeU send chills"
  • Last Night - Over The Rhine
    "Last Night words and music: Detweiler recording: Besides Last night I dreamt you cut off all your hair, discarded all your beauty in despair, declared yourself a concubine, filled the bathtub full of"
  • Last Night - Jennifer Love Hewitt
    "Love, I mistreated you I had no reason to You gave the best of your love, sweet love, to me So unemotional I just undid it, oh Now I would do anything To get back with you, baby What I had with you, baby Foolish"
  • Last Night - Sunshine Anderson
    "Last night I fell in love It takes control of me when I see love in your eyes your like a spring time breeze you send chills through me a natural high it just the way youe been my best friend right bye"
  • Last Night - Anthony Hamilton Feat. Sunshine Anderson & Dolo Pichino
    "Last night I fell in love Alright, alright, yea It takes control of me When I see love in your eyes Your like a spring time breeze You send chills through me, a natural high It's just the way you've been My"
  • Last Night - Carolina Liar
    "Did you come up to me so your night would be cheaper Did you make up your mind about about me from the start Did you come here tonight to find something deeper Or did you just follow me home 'cause you're"
  • Last Night - Figure Four
    "Bragging about last night But you don't even remember her name Just a number, they're all the same It's not a game that you play Do you think of the hurt Do you think of the consequences All the lies that"
    "Oh oh oh oh Oh oh oh oh oh Oh oh oh oh oh oh I hold my hands up high And throw my glass into the sky. But when the morning comes, We'll never see the sun. And if the walls close in Then let's just start"
  • Last Night - Ralph Tresvant
    "to long ive waited for this moment tormented by the thought that i could lose a good thang not yet, i havent completed my mission only wishing that you could be my only lover know i support, guilty of"
  • Last Night - Tom Verlaine
    "(Verlaine) Last night a moon came out She replaced my eyes She said your plans undermined you Until the shadow rings the bell You'll only see behind you She took her jewel She left the kingdom Though"
  • Last Night - Changing Faces
    "Yo, I'ma tell you 'bout them four letter words Your momma used to tell you about, uh-huh I'm not talkin' 'bout cusswords I'm talkin' 'bout this word, often said But do we mean it? Heh, I'ma tell you 'bout"
  • Last Night - Craig David
    "yo you don't even know about this girl i met last night she was bad you've never seen nothing like it, trust me who be your casanova and we don't stop dr dr dr dr drop the flava who be your casanova craig"

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