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varnon barnard daai liedjie

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varnon barnard daai liedjie

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varnon barnard daai liedjie
  • Nicholis Louw Rock Daai Lyfie
    "Wys my, wie bly, in jou hart Vra my, raak my, gee jou hand S my, voel jy, hoe dit brand Wil jy, by my, wees vanaand Rock daai lyfie vertel my jy wil my girl bly Jy draai my om jou vinger en jy Rock daai"
  • Glaskas Die Liedjie Oor Die Meisie (Ek Will Jou H?)
    "Ek loop in goed vas en vergeet my kitaar in die saal net sodat ek betyds die huis kan haal want hoe gouer ek daar kom hoe gouer kan ek met jou praat Bridge En ek weet ek moet dit nie admit nie maar"
  • Shane Barnard 737
    "where'd You get that shade of green? awesome, splendor, majesty! where'd You find the notes to play? glory and honor to Your name! my life, but a grain of sand Your life, so worthy of...! how amazing"
  • Shane Barnard Amazed
    "Tell me, reveal to me how can i be a young man keeping my way pure by living by your word for i seek you lord with all of my heart im amazed i will praise i will praise im amazed i will praise i will"
  • Shane Barnard Barren Land
    "barren land can overflow with life and fruit and fields that grow in the barren land with labor and toil planting seed and tilling soil will stay the same, stay the same but if for rain! but if for rain! but"
  • Shane Barnard Be Near
    "You are all, big and small beautiful ohhh And wonderful to trust in grace through faith But I'm asking to taste For dark is light to you Depths are height to you Far is near but Lord I nead to hear from"
  • Shane Barnard Beauty For Ashes
    "beauty for ashes a garment of praise for my heaviness beauty for ashes take this heart of stone and make it Yours, Yours i delight myself in the Richest of Fair trading all that i've had for all that"
  • Shane Barnard Breath Of God
    "A life you cannot define A purpose that's benign They need to see and believe Be lead to the rugged tree The one on which He cried not for His pain but for our debt The very same tree that He conquered"
  • Shane Barnard Carry Away
    "at what point did i, did i know that i would be around? at what point did i, did i know that i would be found? and dine with You carry away my mind, carry me away carry away my mind carry away my time,"
  • Shane Barnard Everything's Fine
    "i walk today through these halls pretending that i'm always fine i can hide with the mask i wear the chaos that is lurking deep inside everything is fine or so i say to me, myself and i am so disguised"
  • Shane Barnard Glory
    "Should You give me one more breath to curse Your name oh God? Why allow me one more thought to delight in me? Do I have the right to walk, a step upon Your grace? While I call upon myself, should You give"
  • Shane Barnard Hearts Of Servants
    "Jesus, You are Jesus, You were Jesus, You will always be a perfect servant to us a perfect to death even death on a cross give us picture of Your face show us the measure of Your grace reveal the love"
  • Shane Barnard Here We Go Again
    "here we go again i forgot about You today pass the salt to me don't pour it out well i might as well be cold i figured out it's all a waste of time why you dig a well if you're gonna find it dry my friend? sharpen"
  • Shane Barnard Hosea
    "come let us return He has torn us into pieces He has injured us come let us return to the Lord He will heal us He will bandage our wounds in just a short time He'll restore us in just a short time He'll"
  • Shane Barnard I Miss You
    "Put down your paper plate Come to the table made Deep blue china Found on the table by the wine So fine Well it brings out flavor Like You bring out color in life Oh, I miss You so The feel of forever Oh,"
  • Shane Barnard I Want It All
    "use me, break me, waste me on You, Lord ruin me, take me, waste me on You for to die is to live... to starve is to feast and less of me is more of Jesus Lord, i want it all Lord, i want it all if i lose"
  • Shane Barnard If It Were Up To Me
    "it seems a million times i come at Your feet and bow like i am now to say i am sorry the things i hate to do the things i love just fade away here i am i'm broken just like i started just like i started a"
  • Shane Barnard In For It Now
    "i've been here for a while tomorrow seems like yesterday i wouldn't call it a state of denial i forgot how to pray i've been here for too long i feel i've been defiled would it be wrong to sing this song too"
  • Shane Barnard Job 19
    "may my life be written down written on a scroll written on a stone may my words be written down with an iron pen with a rock on lead for i know... that my Redeemer lives that my Redeemer lives my Redeemer"
  • Shane Barnard Julie
    "all i know of you, my fragile precious "jewel," bright and shining a heart that glows with love, a heart that's been stood up a broken heart that breaks my own there you are, out of breath, a need for"

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