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vertical horizon

  • Horizon Vertical - Akhenaton
    "Eh dis passe moi c'mic mec, rejeton d'Babylone Injecte sa theorie, dans l'correct je lche une mtorite J'transpire le rap, jusqu'au sphincter Catastrophique, notre champ d'action s'atrophie Infime peau"
  • Vertical Man - Ringo Starr
  • Vertical Cougar - Beep Beep
    "When you ere trained to walk upright, your first words were "I'm sorry." Trick her. Make her think you walk on water. Yeah, trick her! Splash water on your face to make tears. She's just a song in the"
  • Vertical Transmission - Grade
    "with broken arms, a nasty note and a dead rat, I carry with me her suspension of disbelief why can't I be the genius who solved the greatest problems of his time am I even beyond metaphorical assistance"
  • Vertical limit - Linkin Park
    "{Bridge}Forfeit the game, stop the talk show. Product the one, your intaught to know. Forfeit the game, 'cause tomorrow When its all done, you reap what you sow. {Verse 1:}You love the way, I look at you"
  • Horizon - Tim Finn
    "Sky and sea Met in the middle of eternity And made a riddle out of you and me Together in the same boat Named forever So keep on searching for the one you love And more than anything Never give up Keep"
  • Horizon - Arrogant Worms, The
    "Arrogant Worms, The C'est Cheese Horizon From the deepest, darkest depths of...whitby! Comes this sordid tale of speed... Murderous mayhem.. Cataclysmic combustion... Picturesque powered pistons... Accellerating"
  • Horizon - Mercenary
    "horizon do you remember the time of winter when we were so young horizon standing on the edge of time hanging on to friends of mine now release me and stand in line we are moving closer to deceit and"
  • Horizon - Jon & Vangelis
    "In amongst the rings of confusion Silencing the thought powers one by one It seems all so incredible Our own ability to confuse - to sacrifice To enlighten like a Shakespearian play We foolish and happily"
  • Horizon - The Arrogant Worms
    "From the deepest, darkest depths of...WHITBY! Comes this sordid tale of speed... Murderous mayhem.. Cataclysmic combustion... Picturesque powered pistons... Accellerating automotive alarms... Stunningly"
  • Horizon - Funker Vogt
    "I wandered around for twenty-five years and still haven't found what I am searching for I watched them all passing my way I saw the falling and getting up again people get married and divorced in time some"
  • Horizon - D'espairs Ray
    "Can you feel the new world? We must make it. We're going to the end. itami seoi ikiteiku no darou itsudatte onaji kimi ga mirai wo miushinai kanashimi ga semeru yoru mo kimi wo kaeru kate ni nari mata"
  • Horizon - Arashi
    "Kyou no fusemmei wo semero fukinshin wo tataerofutoumei na sora wo nuritsubuse!!toku ni chikagoro ii koto naiyakinou hyakuen hirotta kurai daabunagenai kara tsumannaipiisu aisu jidai daaisowarai wo waraitobashitaUu~"
  • Horizon - Steve Winwood
    "Horizon in the distant sky The steady line fixed my eye For a million miles Long quiet of the afternoon Dripping lights of evening Im no longer blue Theres a lamp If youve lost your way Stars to guide Soft"
  • Horizon - Culture Beat
    "Get funky mr dj Do that thing from a guy called jay jay Say you'll play that song There's a gril out there and she turns me on I feel for her Really feel for her And if she hears that one I hope it affects"
  • Horizon - Nodes Of Ranvier
    "Lay your burden aside. Put your hand in mine (and pray that tomorrow will bring sunshine.) For no one can overcome alone. Hands of hope touch no fear (and hearts with God need no fear.) You've got to stand"
  • Horizon - Assemblage 23
    "Hours Spiral and coil into black Some remembered, some forever gone Tragic We never get them all back The relentless march of time must still go on The tide is turning Horizons burning Your days are"
  • Horizon - Hyde
    "akogare ha haruka shinkirou no kanata hibiwareta mune ga kogarete itai yo yurikago no you ni dakishimerareta nara hitsuyou na mono nante hoka ni nai kizukeba hate shinai sabaku no ue chigireta omoi ga"
  • Horizon - Vangelis
    "In amongst the rings of confusionSilencing the thought powers one by oneIt seems all so incredibleOur own ability to confuse - to sacrificeTo enlighten like a Shakespearian playWe foolish and happily hold"
  • Horizon - Inside Out
    "Another day burns away into darkness Another blink of the eye of time I am straining through the blackness Ever searching for a sign The days grow long and the days grow dark And the days grow ever"

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