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victoria justice nuty na kybord your the reason

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victoria justice nuty na kybord your the reason

  • LA Boyz (feat. Victoria Justice) - Ariana Grande
    "Drivin' down Sunset on a Saturday night It's gettin' kinda crazy under the lights But we don't care we're passing our time Watchin' those L.A. Boyz roll by In their droptops, Harleys, Escalades too] A"
  • Justice - Saxon
    "We lay our case before you Let your hammer fall Tip the scales of justice Liberty for all Do you stand for freedom Do you stand for justice Do you stand for anything at all We have the power We have the"
  • Victoria - The Verve Pipe
    "victoria (vander ark) stripping flowers at pedal place twirling blur of legs, legs and lace victoria, she loves her name running flushed our faces red daring her to kiss, to kiss my head victoria, she"
  • Victoria - Sonic Youth
    "Long ago life was clean Sex was bad and obscene And the rich were so mean Stately homes for the Lords Croquet lawns, village greens Victoria was my queen Victoria, Victoria, Victoria, 'toria. I was born,"
  • Victoria - Dubstar
    "Here you come A twenties mom With no one else to speak You made your choice We heard your voice And now we all can laugh This is where I stand On all the things you've planned This is your Victoria We're"
  • Victoria - Old 97's
    "This is the story of Victoria Lee, She started off on Percodan and ended up with me. She lived in Berkeley 'til the earthquake shook her loose. She lives in Texas now where nothin' ever moves. Victoria"
  • Victoria - Ryan Kulla
    "Talking on the phone So we won't be alone Is the best thing we can do Your voice has a tone That puts me in the zone And reminds me how my feelings grew Will you be suprised When you look in my eyes And"
  • Victoria - One Man Army
    "Last Time In Victoria It Was Three Am Ain't No One Near It Was Me And You In The City Lights On The Outside Sharing Lines And Empty Bottles Of Good Time For The Last Time In Victoria Tonight"
  • Victoria - Electrosy
    "When I die, I don't want anyone to know that I fell in love with you I was nine and you were ten, it was true love way back then from the moment I set eyes on you Oh Victoria, where are you now If"
  • Victoria - Kashmir
    "I know that you love me you hunt me down and bug me I don't think you're lovely at all you're sixty, I'm twenty you've none and I've got plenty oh, lord tell me where I can hide take your time make up"
  • Dreamed Victoria - Paul Gilbert
    "When the world has got me down And there's no one else around Closed my eyes and thought I saw you Will you hear me when I call your name Yesterday I would say That I dreamed Victoria Is she real, I don't"
  • Mrs Victoria - Warlord
    "As I laid my head to rest, my grandmother she said. I have for you a fairy tale of a friend I knew so well. The story that I tell you, is as close as you can feel. So close your eyes and go to sleep,"
  • Victoria Iceberg - Bear Vs. Shark
    "a quicksilver tiger through shopping carts. a moment of panic from when I came out this is a fraction a piece of the truth a justified action for reason of proof come out if you want to step into the"
  • Reason - The Cardigans
    "Nothing to say, nothing to doNowhere to go, and I can't get over it though I try???I don't know what to say, I don't know what to doI don't know what you want, is there anything that I can do 'Cause if"
  • Reason - The Cranberries
    "(on Dreams/Linger singles) Nothing to say, nothing to do Nowhere to go, and I can't get over it though I try??? I don't know what to say, I don't know what to do I don't know what you want, is there"
  • Justice - Josh Kelley
    "Justice will be served and deserved Life is a funny, tiny game of pictures and pretty words Broken up and trempled down to tiny bits of dust Like a letter of love or a scar to a sports car Justice will"
  • Justice - Danforth
    "From the depth of my dirty soul The anger grows inside me fast I can feel it on my neck with my shaking hands I fear I've lost control !!! bang bang bang Oh Justice, It sounds like a bullet into your"
  • Justice - Buju Banton
    "One man say, restore the peace by any means Shoot first, then question your enemies Look how the people been suffrin' Before now, this a for even more As they try to mediate between the rich and the"
  • Justice - Krokus
    "Where are we going? What's on your mind So full of anger... It's hard to swallow your pride! Where are we going? What's on your mind So full of anger today I know it's hard to just swallow your pride Can't"
  • Justice - Skrewdriver
    "My knees feel weak as I'm dragged from the dock My poor mother's screams numb me with shock One by one, they lock us all away Trumped up charges is the game they play Chorus: Call that justice, well"

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