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viktor romero etvans no many no lowe

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viktor romero etvans no many no lowe

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viktor romero etvans no many no lowe
  • PogromcyB-tonu Lowe pe el
    "Było ciepłe lato, choć John o tym nie wiedzał nie wychodził z chaty tylko siedział przed kompem, no dobra, raz może zobaczył to słońce, kiedy usiadł przy oknie, a to biło mu w monitor Ale krzyknął z zachwytem,"
  • Ska-P Romero El Madero
    "Con cara de perro y vestido de azul Con su camisita y su canes Se siente orgulloso de colaborar Con esta sociedad Desde pequeo empezó a alucinar Sonaba con ser como starky o hutch Los polis de peli le"
  • Pastora Soler Flor De Romero
    "Aqu se acaba la historia, aqu se ha acabao el cuento, aqu se para la noria, mi cuerpo no se mueve con tus vientos. Libre como la marea, fuerte sin tus ataduras, este pozo est vaco, mis labios cambiaron"
  • Candlemass Solitude (With Rob Lowe)
    "I'm sitting here alone in darkness Waiting to be free, Lonely and forlorn I'm crying I long for my time to come Death means just life Please let me die in solitude Hate is my only friend Pain is my father Torment"
  • Baby Cham Many Many
    "All di gal dem, All a di gal dem, Fi all a di gal dem... Well How many gal get slam true money? Many many, many many many How many gal get bounce a Brook Valley? Many many, many many many How many gal"
  • Candlemass At The Gallows End (With Rob Lowe)
    "Sunrise I greet you, the beauty of your light So warm and tender was never the night In tears I see you, the last time it will be So give me your blessing, I'll meet my destiny No rest for the Sinner Hypnos"
  • Warrior Soul No No No
    "They said you couldn't break away The liars they can't stop you They say that you are just a pain So what man you inspire And then the world comes crashin' down And you're the toughest thing around How"
  • Ghostface Killah No No No
    "We-we-we sound and tell the people About the musical disc coming your way! (Buck-bu-bu-buck! Brrr-bu-bu-buck! Ghostface Killah!) I'd love to make you happy, buy an island off Miami Feed your mother"
  • No Secrets No Experience Required
    "Baby this ain't a test Ain't about how you dress How many movies you've seen Or if you score points on style in the quizzes in a magazine Ain't about where ya been Ain't about fitting in Don't need a"
  • Genesis Many Too Many
    "(Tony Banks) Many too many have stood where I stand Many more will stand here too, I think what I find strange is the way you built me up Then knocked me down again. The part was fun but now it's over, Why"
  • No Fun At All So Many Times
    "So many times I've seen you crying So many times you tried to break away Always falling back Tried so hard, never really made it So many days you never woke up So many nights just staring at the screen Try"
  • NoMeansNo No Means No
    "Is it right what they said? I'd be better of dead, if it's true do you think its ok? or does it break all your precious rules I've got no reason to worry or to suffer many people treated worse, many people"
  • Junior Senior No No No's
    "Oh I won't fall in love No I won't fall in love I won't fall in love No I won't fall in love I won't fall in love No I won't fall in love You wanna go but your mother tells you no She was shunned so many"
  • 50 Cent Many men
    "(Lloyd Banks)Man we gotta go get something to eat manI'm hungry as a motherfucker(50 Cent)Ay yo man, damn what's taking homie so long son?(Lloyd Banks)50, calm down, here he come(9 Shots)(Banks and 50)Ahh,"
  • Luba 'how Many'
    "It has been raining for so long I have been praying for a break in the storm but in the thunder I hear your name and it takes me under underneath all this pain and I've got to get on with my life but I"
  • Silkk The Shocker How Many...
    "(Silkk and Master P talking) How many niggas wanna ride with me How many niggas down to die with me I said, How many niggas wanna ride with me How many niggas down to die with me I said, How many niggas"
  • Sloan Too Many
    "Let's get something straight No one decides another person's fate I tried to look inside the head of all the changes planned And now I can't believe my eyes I never cozied up to hate I try to pedal in"
  • Darkseed Many wills
    "I'm lying on my bed now No morning gives me promise of a glorious day Will happiness return' I overdrink the day I overdring the night I'm drinking forth myself abroad to an empty loss down to a sunless"
  • Sofa Many Stylez
    "Get'em up yo! Get'em up, now! Many styles, many styles! 1. Attention, attention! Stub's got the mic, it's in my apprehension so I guess it's only natural that there's a few things I'd like to mention"
  • Scribe Not Many
    "Yeah! Yeah! And no one like me. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Congratulations, we made it, welcome to tha crusader, it's been a long time commin' yo! But I'm here now, so whatchu wanna do, how many dudes you really"

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