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  • Violator - Exciter
    "Forbidden on the eve of the holocaust Imprisoned by the mentor of Death Held hostage by the slayer of innocence Beyond darkness there's nothing but destruction... Stories of treason, punish the dead"
  • Violator - Ra
    "A war against time, destined to lose, I'll just sit and watch TV A magical force, hypnotic drool, I'll take in all that I can see I'm seeing chains... now hold me down, the recline of modern man Neatly"
  • Violator - Machinae Supremacy
    "Close your eyes and just ignore all that is wrong with your beliefs What better way to be devout? Hammer down the innocent minds of those trusting boys and girls, And shut the door on your way out You"
  • Violator - Ra Ra
    "Walk in silence, built to lose I'll just sit and watch TV A magical force, hypnotic drone I've taken all that I can see I'm seeing change that holds me down The recline of modern man Negligence played"
  • Violator Girl - Black Stone Cherry
    "Violator girl she's the queen of the world She stops traffic with a spin and a twirl Works all day but she lives for the night She got a thing for the neon lights Violator girl She's the queen of the"
  • Demonoid Phenomenon - Rob Zombie
    "Hell on Earth For What It's Worth Dead on Dreaming You started screaming The wizard of how The king of the now Cry like a banshee And die like you want me Violator Desecrator Turn around and meet the"
  • Apes On Parade - Mad Sin
    "salute the apes on parade well there is something wrong with you, out of the blue you jump around like a mad girl in (hooves?) there's something wicked in your head, but it aint sad, i love you more and"
  • Demonoid Phenomenon (Remix) - Rob Zombie
    "(oh) hell on earth for what its worth dead on dreaming you started screaming the wizard of how the king of now cry like a banshee and die like you want me Violator(hey) Desacrator(hey) Turn around and"
  • Scar - Eldritch
    "Passion days I cross, growing pains... I fall Masked faces, lonely shades... I'm guilty Haunting call I hear, traces of my fear Someone tries to conspire for a game Buried old scars deny my rendered"
  • Innocent And Vain - Nico
    "The secrets that I do not know I cannot understand them A wanted series printed over Words are his defences The battle bracelets do not fit My favourite gladiator A fanatic hero piously Has to be a faker He"
  • Coffins Of The Unembalmed Dead - Death Breath
    "The dead will rise Injections to open up their eyes So cold Cannibalism cannot be controlled Craving flesh Specimen not decomposed but fresh From shallow graves Tomb legions charnel and depraved The reviving"
  • Vivrant Thing Remix - Q-Tip
    "Violator makin' you sweat Violator we doin' our thing Violator we bringin' the pain Violator we doin' our thing Violator we bringin' the pain Violator we makin the stand Violator we doin' our thing Uh,"
  • Keep Doin' It - Busta Rhymes
    "+ (Female voice) (*echo*) (Keep doin it baby) This is a world premiere Uh oh, yeah, Cali talk to 'em Bring the beat back!, c'mon + (Female voice) (Keep doin it baby) Yeah, Lighty we see you (Keep doin"
  • Keep Doin' It - Mystikal
    "(Intro - Male voice - talking) + (Female voice) (*echo*) (Keep doin it baby) This is a world premiere Uh oh, yeah, Cali talk to 'em Bring the beat back!, c'mon (Chorus - Male voice) + (Female voice) (Keep"
  • Jugulator - Judas Priest
    "Now let's see what you're made of He is coming, you can't run Violators that get caught Will wish that they'd never been born Exterminator You are dead Mutilate Sharpened razor Takes your head Jugulator"
  • Enjoy The Silence - Amos Tori
    "Amos Tori Strange Little Girls Enjoy The Silence (Gore) Depeche Mode - from Violator (1990) Words like violence Break the silence Come crashing in Into my little world Painful to me Pierce right"
  • Suicide King - Machines Of Loving Grace
    "Know your faults Know your friends Be prepared to take revenge Thought I could reach it Keep it alive Watch it dissolve into slaughterhouse five Thought I could beat it sift the debris Heir to"
  • Only A Downstat - Gary Numan
    "Only a downstat Personality problem He would say things like 'I love you' And cry real tears Met him in some place Like a home for old mothers Where the cure is always death But no-one ever leaves He"
  • Falling Apart - Zebrahead
    "Stutter step through another trap set by deception Mention rejection Always lies in your eyes Settles in your action Jeopardize everything that I want And I won't compromise anything anymore"
  • Intro...Chicken Coup - Foxy Brown
    "The following previews have been approved for all audiences by the Committee For Audiovisual Sound *sounds of traffic* On the mean streets of New York, everyone has a crew Now the music industry has one"

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