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violetta piosenki on beat

  • Violette - Closterkeller
    "Omywana zimną wodą jak szkłoJa gładsza co dzień, czyściejsza co nocDo połowy w kamień, zmieniona w kamieńWśród strumienia klęczę całkiem samaPłacz od ścian odbity w luster saliEchem kryształowym wraca"
  • On Beat - Violetta
    "On Beat On Beat... Generacìon Rock an roll Ropa multicolor Superstar creandose para el manana Este lugar es especial mucho voy a luchar Todos veran, en la escena yo voy a brillar Si tu tambien te sientes"
  • La violette africaine - Joe Dassin
    "Elle m'a confi pour l't sa plante verte, une violette africaine, Elle m'a fait la bise et puis elle est parti comme une fleur, vers une plage lointaine Elle nous avait plant l, ma plante et moi ensemble,"
  • Beat, beat, beat - G.G. Allin
    "Beat, beat, beat, be my beat girlI don't care if it hurts, I'll start to screamBeat, beat, beat, beat on meCome on bitch and take a chanceBeat, beat, beat, beat on meGet yourself a treatBeat, beat, beat,"
  • Beat By Beat - Shades Apart
    "riding a wave of summer air the girl with the technicolor hair pure overkill zero to sixty standing still nothing can ever slow her down breaking the speed of sound she doesn care as long as the music"
  • Beat Goes On - Britney Spears
    "Drums keep pounding rhythm to the brain La-dee-da-dee-dee La-dee-da-dee-da Wait till you have reached the age Blah blah History has turned the page Blah blah We still want to hear a brand new thing Uh"
  • Beat goes on - Dj Ross
    "That's why we move in the club and it's alright,That's why we move to the sound and it's all night,I wanna see you dance to the groove till the moonlightJust free yourself free your soul through the movement"
  • Beat Goes On - Madonna
    "Ooh, mm!, why, heh heh, let's dance, again! Don't sit there like some silly girl If you wait too long you'll be too late I'm not telling you something new There ain't no time to lose (no time to lose) It's"
  • Piosenka - Diesel Boy
    "Its three years gone still I rattle on This crazy world is moving fast Here I am guitar in hand I wonder how long this will last I wish you could see what this means to me It means more than I could ever"
  • Piosenka - Natalia Kukulska
    "Dwa tysiące prawie lat Dwa tysiące razy w nas On nagle rodzi się Bezbronny tak mały Bóg Zasypane niebem dni Biorą go na ręce i Znów bardzo dziwią się Jak mały tak zbawić może W niewinności jest moc W bezbronności"
  • Hit That Perfect Beat - Bronski Beat
    "Searching for some company feel the rhythm dance with me. Them beat boy blues seem out of place Now they want the party pace party pace. Dance dance on the floor; dance dance feel some more Dance dance feel"
  • Piosenka o Adamku - A.P. Golden Boy
    ""Power" (Bang bang) Ladies and gentelmen Polish boxing worldchampion of many weight cathegories Thomas "Gural" Adamek Bang bang! His hands r fast heart beats in breast he'll leave big mess like used to"
  • Beat City - The Audition
    "Let's sail the beat! Get ready, get ready It's the place to be! Get ready, get ready Get ready, get ready It's the place to be! Get ready, get ready Watch the new jam! Get up, get up, get up! Beat,"
  • Crazy Beat - Blur
    "Crazy beat crazy beat yeah yeah Crazy beat crazy beat yeah yeah Crazy beat crazy beat yeah yeah Crazy beat crazy beat yeah yeah You got to get it together You're shooting at me You're just a teenage"
  • Beat bangs - Pulsedriver
    "DJ Pulsedriver ready to break your kneck with the fattest beats around. Straight for your mind with the bassdrum. Cut the record! Cut the record let the beat bang! Cut the record! Cut the record let the"
  • The Beat - Ima Robot
    "Julie's clocking out at the station hurry up and get your pay a two day vacation friday, saturday down in the basement shower up in the sink throw on some lipstick and look pretty in pink short skirts"
  • Beat City - The Raveonettes
    "Wanna Die In Beat City And Run, Run, Run Wanna Hang With Girls And Shoot My Gun Wanna Catch The Rays Off The Sun Wanna Drink And Drive And Have Some Fun Wanna Die In Beat City And Go, Go, Go You Can't"
  • Heartbreak Beat - The Psychedelic Furs
    "I'm a heartbreak beat Yeah, all night long And nobody don't dance on the edge of the dark We've got the radio on And it feels like love But it don't mean a lot And it feels like love And it's all that"
  • Beat It - Taio Cruz ft. Erick Sermon
    "(Beat It, Beat It) Girl, What The Hell Was You Thinking 'bout You Really Think I Wont Gon' Find Out And How U Gonna' Bring Him Into My House Feet Up On My Couch, Kissin On This Dude I Should Jus' (Uhh)"
  • Metal Beat - John Foxx
    "Chorus: Metal beat Metal beat Metal beat Metal beat Jim Suit Black hair Dim skin Gold teeth A trickle voice like a silver sheet The pulling of the light Reflecting in my eyes Pick up a flip-top box from"

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