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virginia model
  • Model MT Virginia
    "Nie mogę przestać Kochać iii zapomnieć Cię, Ty znikłaś, w samotności zostawiłaś mniee, Być może to odbicie marzenia, Nic więcej, gdzie mogę odnaleźć teraz twój ślad? Ref: Virginia, Virginia błękitne"
  • Fickle Virginia
    "A toutes ces foules qui marchent sans prendre le temps Qui, ttes baisses, se croisent en attendant Le jour vainqueur o les six chiffres seront les leurs Virginia, dfends-moi face au poids du monde Virginia,"
  • Gin Blossoms Virginia
    "It's like trying to light a cigarette When the matches you got are soaking wet Tallest buildings they got are bound to fall When it's coming down like a wrecking ball Slow down, Virginia Don't make me"
  • Vuokko Hovatta Virginia
    "Olen tullut thn jnyt jumiin nytsten vliin puiden oksissa on silmuja olen varma etteivt ne aukea olen tullut thn nin thtikirkkaina in Olet ollut kaikkea mit ikin voisin toivoa ksittmttmn hyv maa on lavea"
  • Amos Tori Virginia
    "Amos Tori Scarlet's Walk Virginia In the Lush Virginia hills they kept her as long as they could Cause they knew when the white brother found white shell Beads wrapped around her skin - a life giving river"
  • Tori Amos Virginia
    "in the lush virginia hills they kept her as long as they could cause they knew when the white brother found white shell beads wrapped around her skin -- a life giving river -- her body open as will"
  • King Konga Virginia
    "i know you so well i could make you from scratch my precious little puppet with no strings attached i like the way you dance around and sing back to me i'll take you back to virginia for all my people"
  • Backseat Goodbye Virginia
    "Well virginia came down the stairs said "i have something to say, i love you anyway" i opened my eyes and blew a kiss from the old couch we found on the side of the road this apartment has dirty steps and"
  • Os Mutantes Virginia
    "V embora e feche a porta Tenho frio V embora antes que eu chore Tenho frio Vou trancar-me para nunca mais abrir Pro sabor dos nossos sonhos no fugir V embora e feche a porta Tenho frio, ajaja V embora"
  • To My Boy Model
    "This weekend I constructed a model for the answer It wasn't very easy But these things never are I suppose. The idea came upon me - "A model for the weekend" I put my hands upon it And held it up for"
  • Na Tak Model
    "Mamy model ludzkich pragnień. Zbudujemy wzmacniacz twoich doznań. Jedna pastylka i mała chwilka. A nie poczujesz jak zmienia się melodyjka. Jedna pastylka i mała chwilka, a nie poczujesz jak... Super"
  • Mr. Vegas Model
    "(Vegas' lyrical intro) CHORUS: Jus model pon dem like yuh know how yuh nuh live like some ah dem weh sell gow nuh man can bounce yuh bout like yuh a poppyshow yuh nuh mix inah careless crowd from"
  • Squeeze Model
    "(Difford/Tilbrook) WARNING: These lyrics are unconfirmed and may be inaccurate. They represent the best attempt at deciphering the song we have yet to see. She's ahead of her time and she's never"
  • Avail Model
    "i'd to anything to look that way when i stop and think again i want to change my face and change my skin no more invisible to them, you can't compare me i'd to anything big is a scar you'd better get"
  • Simply Red Model
    "Looking at yourself in the mirror baby Telling yourself to be up this morning Holding in your hand another mirror baby One or two lines for confidence Pretty little girl is climbing to the top Her ageing"
  • Waylon Jennings Yes Virginia
    "I've been telling you there's someone else, Virginia. Your not listening and this time I think you should. But, you've never cared for me, have you Virginia? So you just can't see how anybody could. Chorus: Yes,"
  • The Rembrandts Sweet Virginia
    "Now is time-The time is now, for you to see In my life, is where I long, for you to be I need a love that has no ending Virginia on that I'm depending DON'T LET ME GO-SWEET VIRGINIA DARLIN' LET ME IN YA-IN"
  • Marty Robbins Oh Virginia
    "How many roses have faded and died Virginia How many tears since I've walked by your side Virginia Too many moonlights have come and gone Too many sunups and too many sundowns Too many teardrops and too"
  • Big Wreck West Virginia
    "So you watch me float around For two weeks straight And the things you love will drown With the things I hate Oh well It's only for a while Until I get things right Just let me dream all day And stay"
  • Foo Fighters Virginia Moon
    "Dearest constellation, heaven surroundin' you Stay there, soft and blue. Virginia Moon, I'll wait for you tonight Sweetest invitation, breaking the day in two Feelin' like I do, Virginia Moon, I'll wait"

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