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vit legion

  • Legion - Face Down
    "Look out over our city streets See the violence below Losers cling to their hallowed ground Only faith that they know Youth collides in opposing prides The body count escalates with no reprise We are"
  • Legion - Internal Suffering
    "...We Are Nothing, ... We Are Everything ...surrounded by the infinite null space of the Void, the place between the strictures of time & space... brilliant chaosphere... Visualized Extended arms..."
  • Legion - Theatre of Hate
    "Here we stand, the judge and jury Deaf and blind and full of fury Being the faithful our god is right Trust our book for it is true Let us help you make your choice Join our church, rejoice, rejoice Let"
  • Legion - Marduk
    "With my pale eyes, I watch with delight Beyond the horizon on the everlasting night A heart so black and cold as ice A soul in fire blessed and baptized Lucifer is the fallen light-bearer For his glory"
  • Legion - JXL
    "Connecting channel to channelCommunications are rebelThat we're looking for harmonyLike the bass and the trebleDivide it like pebbleHallucinating battlesBut we can't saddle separate the hassling tattleHope"
  • Legion - 1349
    "Like a ghost I wander Withdrawn from reality becoming a misanthrope summoning spirits to me fighting humanity no need to watch my back for they are fighting with me We match into war slaughtering mankind If"
  • Vit Flag - Ulf Lundell
    "Mnen r full som fan Men gr nd sker sin ban Mars r rd... kanske rodnar han Av Venus som stter allt i brand Dden har kt p semester Tillsammans med landets prster Oh, jag ger mej Besegrad och besatt Oh, jag"
  • Quantas Vit - Oswaldo Montenegro
    "Quantas vitórias cantem meus versos Quantas na mesa ouviram cantar Nossa bandeira empunha o soneto Que de um poeta sem lar. Carro de boi cantando a tarde fria Meu caminho percorreu Negra mo tangendo"
  • On Vit D'amour - Jean-Louis Aubert
    "On vit d'amour Dans le regard des autres On vit d'amour Dans le mien et le vtre On vit d'amour Quand il n'y a plus d'eau frache On vit d'amour Tout au fond de la dche Laisse-le briller, clairer Laisse-le"
  • Terror Legion - Houwitser
    "Terror legion straight out of hell - Under the flag of death metal we march - ruthless grinding the powers of hate - furious armies - war is at our hand - Houwitsers keep thundering a pounding deafening"
  • Legion 82 - Oxymoron
    "Listen, here's some further noise Yes, mohican tunes - sharp as razors We ain't gonna rest until we bite the dust The crew from '82, they mourn the good old days Once you've been one of them, or so at"
  • Avec c'qu'on vit - Scred Connexion
    "On n'est pas fort dans nos ttes, on n'est pas riche dans nos poches C'est pas tous les jours la fte, c'est pas tous les jours si moche Connatre souvent la dfaite donne l'impression d'tre cloche Mais"
  • Legion głosów - B.O.K
    "Tak bardzo chciałbym już przestać gadać Tak długo szukałem prawdy w tych tekstach Znalazłem, jest tylko jedna - blaga! Nie, nie jestem ziomkiem co "r" nie wymawia Choć chciałbym, bo żeby powiedzieć bragga Musiałbym"
  • Sanningen I Vit - Lisa Ekdahl
    "En dag sg hon sanningen i vitgat d vnde hon om och sprang hem en enda gng mtte hon sanningen och aldrig vill hon se honom igen fr inte sanningen vacker nej, snarare r han grotesk inte r sanningen ljuvlig"
  • British Legion - Kasabian
    "See, see how she dances, With that cigarette in her hand. And she, she romances, everybody, like she can. And she, brings to light, and catches me again. In life, I've seen some wonders, I've played my"
  • Legion immortal - Jag Panzer
    "When the world is at its end and the evil has its wayWho are the ones that will protect and keep whats goneastray?Steadfast and vigilant holding true to all things pastEver pressing onward are the ones"
  • Legion Of The Damned - Legion Of The Damned
    "During the great war, armies ever heading east Insurrection was avenged with merciless cruelty Mass executions in the promised land Black clad soldiers, reigned with an iron hand Legion of the damned Behind"
  • Elle Vit Sa Vie - Nuttea
    "Elle vit sa vie dans le ghetto Comme des millions de femmes Elle connat les vices de la rue Et en prserve son me Fragile et si forte on dit d'elle Que son regard d'enfant Raviverai la joie dans le"
  • Legion Of Demons - Cage
    "Up from his kingdom of fire his legions come swarming Unholy warriors cry, a dark day is dawning Crushing the snow and the ice, they stand by the millions Dealing with the devil's device, they'll bring"
  • Join The Legion - Cirith Ungol
    "Our comrades in arms lying dead in the streets From choking on metal that s spineless and weak. The Jackals are gloating, with victory in hand. But the last true believers rise up from the land, Howling"

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