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vitas princessa t��umaczenie

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vitas princessa t��umaczenie

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vitas princessa t��umaczenie
  • Arakain Princess
    "Nkdy vzpomnky vlm a jsem rd e je mm roky co kolem pdj radi nepotm Jako dneska to ctm jak jsme dovedli pt tancovaky byly len a ns tak bavilo t Zalo se hrt holky se smt kad z nich v sob mla princess of the"
  • Magda Niewińska Princessa
    "Tak to ja, Twoja Princessa. Tak to ja niewinna i grzeszna. Tak to ja, kochaj i całuj. Tak to ja, miłości nie żałuj. 1. Jeśli chcesz abym była dziś Twoja. 2. Pokaż, że jestem wyjątkowa. 3. Kochaj na zabój,"
  • Gipsy Kings Princessa
    "De las cosas que estoy pasando De penita yo moriria. De las cosas que estoy pasando Ay, por ti me moriria. Coro: Ay,dimelo Ay,dimelo Ay,dimelo Ay,no me llores, madre mia Ay, porque me siento solo. Ay"
  • Van Langen Celtic princess
    "Coming from Dover, now sitting in Paris, got to find a way to get home. No cigarettes, just this bottle of gin and those Pakistanis gave us some food. Thats where we met on a railway-station and a train"
  • Queen Latifah Princess Of The Posse
    "Basslines affect me when my rhymes direct me Forgive the crowds, O Lord, they know not why they sweat me Biting's against the law in the place that I live So I lock up the door with the keys to my crib The"
  • The Kinks She's Bought A Hat Like Princess Marina
    "She's bought a hat like Princess Marina's To wear at all her social affairs She wears it when she's cleaning the windows She wears it when she's scrubbing the stairs But you will never see her at Ascot She"
  • Princessa I Was Wrong
    "Artist: Princessa Song: I Was Wrong Everytime when i see you again I look into your eyes when i softly speak your name it was cold as ice no i didn't know how to tell you how i feel these simple words"
  • Elton John Princess
    "Haven't you heard what's new There is a rumour Going around that suddenly I've found you Better believe it's true I got a feeling This is for real and nobody else will do You are my princess You make"
  • Seal Princess
    "The princess and the liar Her dress is catchin' fire Daddy's little lemon ain't All she's meant to be I almost made you jump The trust you so desire My love is tasting bitter 'cause it almost set you free The"
  • Paolo Santos Princess
    "the walls of my castle speak they tell me that you're not here the heart of my kingdom weeps knowing you're nowhere near give me one more chance to prove my love is forever true but you're miles away,"
  • David Byrne Princess
    "I saw a princess, she's riding the IRT She raised her eyes and I thought that she looked at me In a disco I thought that I'd seen her before She got married, and now she don't dance no more She knew the"
  • Matt Nathanson Princess
    "Oh princessyou make the partywith your handsin your pocketsand your innocent eyesand all those thingsrunning around in your headOh princess you make the partyyou've been everybody's darling noweverybody's"
  • Glasseater Princess
    "why do you pester me with your longing to leave i open the door rush out like a bolt what have i done to cause you to leave? i rush to the door and you're not there walk back to my seat i hear a sound"
  • Johnny Tillotson Princess Princess
    "Princess, Princess, Princess, my love Princess, Princess, you're a dream Cutest girl I've ever seen You were sent from up above To hold my hand and give me love Princess, Princess, when you kiss You're"
  • Sarah Brightman T
    "T, sin ms porqu, T que bsame, T me tienes de furriel, De un roto de tu piel. T, como la cal, Que hmeda es mortal, T, blanqueas mi razón, Calando hasta el colchón. T, t, t, t. T, t, t, t. T,"
  • Trio Nordestino T
    "ta Rio de Janeiro Pra chegar gente de fora Avio de hora em hora E t chegando mais T, t, t chegando mais T sim, t chegando mais Pois aqui na Guanabara Os nibus chegam lotados Tem gente de todos os estados E"
  • Os Travessos T
    "Basta uma brisa na praia Pra gente ficar com vontade de amar Um vento ousado na saia Revela o desejo guardado no olhar Basta uma noite de lua Pra gente ficar na mar da paixo E quando a pele est nua A gente"
  • Gino E Geno T
    "T ficando com ela T ficando liso no cheque que cai T ficando com ela dinehiro que vem dinheiro que vai T ficando com ela Eu fico flido quebrado das pernas Mas, t ficando com ela T ficando com ela T"
  • Martinho Da Vila T
    "Assim como adolescente O cupido me pegou Me apaixonei por seu beijo Sem voc eu nada sou Me apaixonei por seu beijo Sem voc eu nada sou Vem me salvar boca a boca T morrendo de amar Vem fazer amor bonito Vem"
  • Ana Carolina T
    "Um buraco um lugar onde algum afunda Um buraco um lugar onde eu no quero estar Deixa estar, deixa estar Minha boca linda Quero te ver, quero te ver passar Eu t saindo, eu t saindo, eu t saindo deste Eu"

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