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waht to mine

  • Mine - Sahara feat. Mario Winans
    "Yo it's ya boy Mario Winans My girl Sahara, Produced by ma'man Costi Baby be mine Let's go. Baby are you mine, mine, mine, mine? And could we live a fairytale together I wanna make you mine, mine, mine,"
  • Mine, Mine, Mine - Pocahontas
    "The gold of Corts The jewels of Pizarro Will seem like mere trinkets By this time tomorrow The gold we find here Will dwarf them by far Oh, with all ya got in ya, boys Dig up Virginia, boys Mine, boys,"
  • Mine, Mine, Mine - Montell Jordan
    "Hey baby I like it when you're next to me With that body horizontally Your pretty legs comfortable in my bed In your lingerie with my pillow under your head And honey I like you cuz you trust in me Just"
  • Mine, Mine, Mine - Alan Menken
    "The gold of Cortas The jewels of Pizarro Will seem like mere trinkets By this time tomorrow The gold we find here Will dwarf them by far Oh, with all ya got in ya, boys Dig up Virginia, boys Mine, boys,"
  • Mine - Ace Hood
    "Hey Hey Hey All we do is get money Gotta hit the bank Man I'm running out of hundreds (Hey shawty hey hey hey hey shawty) I know she yours But she wanna be mine Mine mine mine mine Oh! She wanna be mine I"
  • Mine - Anything Box
    "Anything Box Elektrodelica Mine (claude s.) Don't you know that you're gonna be Mine? you're gonna be mine, all of the Time...don't you know that you're gonna Be mine? you're gonna be mine, all of The"
  • Mine - Tarkan
    "There is a point in the conversation When you've said what you wanted to say and Wanna lay it all on the table You've got nothing to lose Well I've basically been patient Can I make an observation"
  • Mine - Taproot
    "When I look into your eyes, you help me realign Ensure me of just how to be myself inside I'm in control of everything It's taking time but that's ok I can bring you to my side You're my blessing in disguise"
  • Mine - Christina Perri
    "Wait a minute, I don't want you to know. It's the only way that I might grow. Secret's safe behind a pretty smile and it's mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine. What's with all the late night liquor phone"
  • Mine! - Trout Fishing In America
    "(K. Grimwood/E. Idlet) It belongs to me, I've had it for a long time; There's nothing like it in this world, It's mine. I know you want it and I really can't blame you. You'd like to touch it, but if you"
  • Mine - Tinashe
    "I always get you back baby /2x [Left his house right off the bat Fuck around on me and I drop it like that No second chance, no relapse Mark my words, karma's coming right back Couple months pass, saw"
  • Mine - All About Eve
    "It doesn't hurt me when you pull my strings... My purse, my heart, guitar and everything. These demands are slowly turning me into something of a tragedy / charity. My house is your house, my life"
  • Mine - Princess Nokia
    "is that a wig? i;m confuse, is that a weave? is that your real hair? no, you can’t touch my fucking hair you ain’t got no manners oh my God! it’s mine, I bought it, it’s mine, I bought it, it’s mine,"
  • Mine - Savage Garden
    "I wait in the darkness. Frozen winds surround my face. In the cover of darkness I can make believe it's you. I feel you like the rain, I feel you like a storm cloud building in my heart. I wonder if you"
  • Mine - Krezip
    "Whats this, youre trying to talk about But I, Im busy shutting out Thats not what we should be So youve got me Can you still see I will hold you tight for the rest of time I could be like this forever For"
  • Mine - IGI
    "It Doesn't Hurt Me When You Pull MyStrings... My Purse, My Heart, GuitarAnd Everything. These Demands Are SlowlyTurning Me Into Something of a Tragedy /Charity.My House Is Your House, My Life IsMine. My"
  • Mine - Dolly Parton
    "(Dolly Parton) A little white house with black wooden shadows A porch with its columns all covered with vine My broken dream house where he lives with another But this was supposed to be mine Two little"
  • Mine - Everything But The Girl
    "Blown in winds of mischance He would stay but that's not his way What escape for her she swims in the dark In too deep but still waves - "I'm okay And I don't need his name, thank you Mine fits me nicely"
  • Mine - Bazzi
    "now I just had a lil’ bit too much of Honnessy just gotta tell you how I feel you so fucking precious when you smile hit for the back and drive you wild girl, I lose myself up in those eyes I just had"
  • mine - Kelly Clarkson
    "you know i question every motive, every thing you say thought with you maybe my heart wasn’t meant to break can’t believe i let you in, i can’t believe i stayed as long as i stayed, yeah i hope one"

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