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waiting all night rudimental

  • Waiting All Night (feat. Ella Eyre) - Rudimental
    "I’ve been waiting all night for you to tell me that you need me Tell me that you want me I’ve been waiting all night for you to, Oh, oh, tell me what you want yeah I’ve been waiting all night for you to"
  • Bloodstream (ft. Rudimental­) - Ed Sheeran
    "Knock, knock, knock, knock I?ve been spinning out for time Couple women by my side I got sin on my mind Sipping on red wine I?ve been sitting here for ages Ripping out the pages How to get so faded How"
  • Waiting - Sugarbomb
    "Waiting for the phone to ring Waiting for the phone to ring Waiting for the phone to ring And I hope it will be you Hope it will be you Waiting for a knock on the door Waiting for a knock on the door Waiting"
  • Waiting - Sugar Ray
    "Waiting for the night to start Waiting for the night to change your ways There are days missing in my week again And there's not a cloud in the sky But my view from the Hollywood Roosevelt Makes me feel"
  • Waiting - The American Culture EXperiments
    "Riots in the streets Riots for revolution People on their knees Praying for revolution Children overseas Fighting for revolution Soldiers cut and bleed Dying for revolution Waiting for revolution To"
  • Waiting - Dakona
    "So you've packed up all your makeup And you grabbed your magazines And you're leaving in the morning On a plane I guess I've taken you for granted I guess I messed this up again I think I've finally learned"
  • Waiting - King Diamond
    "Just after midnight, they are bringing me my pills Just after midnight, lights are out...at Black Hill But they don't know me...they don't know me at all Tonight pills will be chills will be kills Waiting"
  • Waiting - Mae
    "Once alone and too afraid of strangers knocking on my door and Well you came in I knew you'd win I was sitting on the front porch swinging And waiting I tried walking with you in mind But looking down"
  • Waiting - Novice
    "This is what you've been waiting for all your life And you're asking me for more And I know... I know the things that you've been through You've built these walls so high around you You need to know that"
  • Waiting - Me And My
    "My friends keep telling me the same But in the night I call your name And then I turn around just to find An empty space Where you used to be thinking of me Chorus: I've been waiting so long Just to show"
  • Waiting - Girls Aloud
    "The candy ladies said knock knock knock, Who wants to come to my candy shop, I give you something to take back home, To give you shivers that you didn't even know, But listen honey it's drop by drop, The"
  • Waiting - Allister
    "Well lately It seems i've wasted every single opportunity To get this right And maybe It's all because the inspiration That's inside of me Has been denied From all I want And all I need tonight So come"
  • Waiting - Oman Freestyle
    "apparently i can't hear you my mind is numb to your pain I feel that familiar feeling water flows from my eyes like rain on a heavy thursday morning taking control of the situation sitting in the drivers"
  • Waiting - Over It
    "Can we count on these days to fill in our blanks? Can we turn daydreams into our reality? Can we count on these days to fill in our blanks? In so deep, it's tough to stay, but you just have to have a"
  • Waiting - Lunik
    "Trembling movements of his body Smoking all day, all day long Civilisation he doesn't like it But the strength to fight has gone Then he's talking of the future Of a better nicer world And his eyes begin"
  • Waiting - Green Day
    "I've been waiting for a long time For this moment to come I'm destined For anything...at all Downtown lights will be shining On me like a new diamond Ring out under the midnight hour No one can touch me"
  • Waiting - Name Taken
    "It's hopeless now It seems that there's nothing left I don't care anymore, this failure that surrounds me I accept Because I can't be all the things I want to without you And it won't help to watch you"
  • Waiting - Neverstore
    "You're the only one I've waited for There's no one else I wanted more This thing can take forever I just hope I won't regret it Time won't wait So I guess that it's all too late It's hard to say"
  • Waiting - George Michael
    "Well there ain't no point in moving on Until you've got somewhere to go And the road that I have walked upon Well it filled my pockets And emptied out my soul All those insecurities That have held me"
  • Waiting For Saturday Night - Dr. Feelgood
    "Well my baby went and left me for another man because I could not save a cent She got up, got out, got all her possessions and down the road she went I don't mind if I lose my baby cos I'm alright alone She"

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