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waiting for llove

  • Waiting - There For Tomorrow
    "We're staring down constantly With palms open and resting feet Glancing up once and a while To find some sense of reconcile Open our eyes to see what's left Looking for just one sign of breath As soon"
  • Waiting For - Remady & Manu-L
    "Think of all times we get through We’re kings and queens when I met you Made a promise never say goodbye You gave me wings so I can fly I’ve been waiting for I’ve been waiting for Don’t you know That"
  • Waiting - Ministry
    "I'm still waiting I'm still waiting I'm still waiting I'm still waiting Waiting for Christ in the USA Waiting for Christ in the USA Waiting for Christ in the USA Waiting til I die Waiting for the day Waiting"
  • Waiting - Oliver Heldens & Throttle
    "Yeah I've been waiting for your love love love /10x Baby I've been waiting for you Baby I've been waiting for you"
  • Waiting - Kevin Gilbert
    "I'm waiting for the apple, I'm waiting for the fall I'm waiting for a renaissance to electrify us all I'm waiting for the mailman to bring me news of friends I'm waiting through the middle just to see"
  • Waiting - Porcupine Tree
    "Waiting... to be born again Wanting... the saddest kind of pain Waiting for the day when I will crawl away Nothing is what I feel Waiting... for the drugs to make it real Waiting... for the day when"
  • Waiting - Ringo Starr
  • Waiting - Jay Sean
    "You got me waiting Waiting Waiting Baby baby you're so damn fly I woulda given you a billion chances And everything that you'd like You coulda had my undivided attention With the keys to my crib and to"
  • Waiting - Ne-Yo
    "six o'clock seconds feel like hours as i sit here and watch them tick away and just the thought of seeing you again i wanna dance i've longed for this day so i'll be waiting cuz i can't smile until i see"
  • Waiting - Sugarbomb
    "Waiting for the phone to ring Waiting for the phone to ring Waiting for the phone to ring And I hope it will be you Hope it will be you Waiting for a knock on the door Waiting for a knock on the door Waiting"
  • Waiting - Rentals
    "I'm waiting For something to come through I'm hoping I can write a real sweet tune No passion (ooo ooo ooo) No warmth in these words (ooo ooo ooo) I'm trying (ooo ooo ooo) But have nothing to offer I'm"
  • Waiting - Spinfire
    "Today you leave I hope you come back to me Please don't forget to say goodbye Chorus: I'll be there for you forever don't be gone to long Cuz you're going away but I'll still be here waiting for"
  • Waiting - Soulidium
    "Some people hope an pray While others throw away their dreams for ordinary Betraying all they once held holy Secret desires How do we find the path to climb the ladder rising To the clouds we stare and"
  • Waiting - Buddhuza
    "She said she was coming by the end of goddamn year, And I was waiting for this moment, I waited for this moment to arrive. Said she was staying for another bloody year, Still I was waiting for this moment, I"
  • Waiting - Self
    "She's waiting For me to live She's waiting For me to give her a sign And there's nothing that I'd rather do Than give the right signs back to you She's waiting For me to try She's waiting For me to come"
  • Waiting - James Young
    "Waiting For my life to begin Can't you see the shape I'm in? Is it ever gonna start So that I can play my part? Can't hold on another day Will I always be just waiting? Anyway I cannot lose It's up to"
  • Waiting - Aerial
    "waiting for the one. all your life been waiting, but will it ever come? time, it only speaks to your in questions, never answers. cry yourself to sleep. in the waking hours of hopelessness, you pray for"
  • Waiting - Kyle Riabko
    "Days are passing so slowly Hours turning into weeks And I am feeling so lonely I guess I'll have to wait and see With time on my shoulders I'm closer to the ground But though I'm growing older I'm glad"
  • Waiting - The American Culture EXperiments
    "Riots in the streets Riots for revolution People on their knees Praying for revolution Children overseas Fighting for revolution Soldiers cut and bleed Dying for revolution Waiting for revolution To"
  • Waiting - Sugar Ray
    "Waiting for the night to start Waiting for the night to change your ways There are days missing in my week again And there's not a cloud in the sky But my view from the Hollywood Roosevelt Makes me feel"

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