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wake up, you're so

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wake up, you're so

  • Wake Up You're Leaving - Too Sorry For Apologies
    "Verse 1 The silence wakes up from under your make up A tear bleeds the armor off your face Blue is now leaving, you face behind bleeding As it dances its way past your lips And the words still remain as"
  • Wake Up You're Leaving - Jimmy Robbins
    "Verse 1 The silence wakes up, from under your make up A tear bleeds the armor off of your face And blue is now leaving, your face behind bleeding As it dances it's way past your lips And the words"
  • Wake Me Up - So They Say
    "I feel like I'm at the top of my game. Karma just snitched and I got the blame. I lost control of my arms and legs. You may have the candle but I have the flame. I never used to feel so sick and tired. I"
  • Wake Up - Two
    "Wake up man Wake you up Gotta show you Show you What's up Gotta shake you man Shake you up Gotta shake you till you wake up You always seem to lose your touch I think you think You think too much There's"
  • Wake Up - Dope
    "Dissolved the life in me You crawled inside of me You wanted everything You took it all from me You walked away from me You fuckin talk to me So now I'm drunk and I'm miserable and I like it Oh yeah I'm"
  • Wake Up - Hanson
    "Wake up, Tell me it's alright, Wake up, I just wanna hold you tight, Wake up, Tell me its alright Oh yeah, ooh It doesnt matter, You've got all that you need. It doesnt matter, You've got everything,"
  • Wake Up! - Malfa
    "You dan't have a reason to be sad. You're not satisfied with whot you get. You hate the flowers, each animal. You don't know heaven, but the hell. You don't have a child, don't have a wife. You are so"
  • Wake Up - Adelphi
    "It's not like me To indent me from you But apparently I do it way too often It's not like you To shut up and ignore every word said to you How can you possibly see You're digging yourself deeper all"
  • Wake Up - A
    "Dirty fingers, please believe us Everybody dies Guilty perfect, murder suspect That was not your crime You never do nothing (Hey) And that's all you do (Hey) You never get lonely 'cause nobody gets you Wake"
  • Wake Up - Heavy Trevy
    "I'm sick of all this pointless aggravation Change is something I don't know And with all this frustration and constant masturbation Come on Mom just leave me alone Alone now' Wake up and get dressed time"
  • Wake Up - Kicked In The Head
    "When I first saw you it blew my mind You got hit and you still survived Even though the laughs turn into cries Now that you're forever paralyzed The way you thought before it's been reversed Tragedy has"
  • Wake Up - Numic
    "So some might take this time to look between these lines there's no cause Wake up now, won't easily succumb to reason, no convey you're safe so I don't have to wake up Wait, you're certainly gonna find"
  • Wake up - Snoop Dogg
    "Intro : Yeah man, this shit here gonna be bigger than the O.J. case What? His dick *laughter* Another blast from the Long Beach section Break gangsta shit (Wake up) I thought these fools knew Verse"
  • Wake up - Kid Alex
    "Is many all that makes you move? You ain't doing what you're pupposed to So you gatz to groove Someone was your love before And you need to know If you ain't doing it for yourself I guess you better know"
  • Wake Up - Three Days Grace
    "I'm not sober all the time You bring me down at least you try Until we see this eye to eye I don't want you I must be running out of luck 'Cause you're just not drunk enough to fuck And now I've had it"
  • Wake Up - Mad Season
    "Wake up young man It's time to wake up Your love affair has got to go For ten long years For ten long years the leaves To rake up Slow suicide's no way to go Blue, clouded grey, You're not a crack up Dizzy"
  • Wake Up - Lunic
    "stop look around what are you doing with your life? where are you going? are you happy? is this what you want? stop raise your glass cheers! to another addiction self-medicating prophecy disonnected mind"
  • Wake Up - Failure
    "what did they say when they brought you down here did nobody tell you you can't get out i'm sure there are folks who say you can but you're sure to find out there's no way out you've been spending all"
  • Wake Up - Zornik
    "Wake up What have I done And I don't know how it all began It's still here The sound of fear But then I realise That you're still here And wake up So close to me And we're not falling we'll"
  • Wake Up - Malcolm Middleton
    "When I wake up I wake up alone I sit and I wait and listen for the phone Only when you're near me do I feel at home Now you're not with me and I want you to come home And I'll do the best I can but I'm"

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