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  • ow And Then (feat. Slim Thug) - Big K.R.I.T.
    "Yo! That hatin’ shit is contagious, pimpin’ Ain’t really no vaccine for that shit either Niggas out here talkin’ down Niggas need to be out here tryin’ to get they own money Congratulate a player every"
  • Kaziu nie bądź kiep - Biesiadne
    "Kaziu nie bądź kiep i stuknij że się w łeb Bo czemu psujesz fajrant miną swą Czyś pod rynnę wpadł, ot może byś coś zjadł Lub zabawił jakąś grą I miłych gości tłum i w głowie lekki szum Bo czym jest życie"
  • Nie pisz SMS-ów - O.S.T.R.
    "Zwrotka 1 Jak odebrali Ci prawko, z pracy puścili z torbami, Ktoś przerysował Ci auto, ZUS ścigał ponagleniami, Dealer gonił Cię za gramy, dzwoniąc na domowy numer, Urząd kosił odsetkami, grożąc atomowym"
  • Car Crash - Our Lady Peace
    "Tired and jaded This road is unsafe Have you been there, have you been there But time is on your side You're too stubborn to wait Are you listening, are you listening They want you to know They want you"
  • LAMBO LIFE - Die Antwoord
    "baby g Lamborghini ow Lamborghini hom fuck ow Lamborghini hom fuck drop! ratatraya ow Lamborghini hom fuck ow Lamborghini hom fuck"
  • Black Jack Blues - Fleetwood Mac
    "Ow ow ow ow ow This is the story of a man He had a problem with gambling He liked AA, he was a real big fan But that didn't help and he just kept rambling ow ow ow ow ow He visited this casino in Las Vegas He"
  • American girl - Emily Lily
    "yeah, sometimes I say what I think wow, you really understand it not everyone comprehends it but you are different c'mon ow ow ow ow you, you are real, with good friend because, to be sincere it is"
  • I've Got The Urge (To Herbal) - Britney Spears
    "I've got the urge (i can i can) i can wait another minute i've got the urge to herbal (ow baby baby) ow yeah yeah (ow yes) i can wait another minute I've got the urge to herbal It's all so natural Ow"
  • I've Got The Urge (Herbal Essence) - Britney Spears
    "I've got the urge (i can i can) i can wait another minute i've got the urge to herbal ( ow baby baby) ow yeah yeah ( ow yes) i can wait another minute I've got the urge to herbal It's all so natural Ow"
  • Open your eyes - All 4 One
    "I saw you yesterdayAnd you tried to not see meBut as our eyes said "hello"I wondered if we'd ever be close'Cause you keep playin' games with meTellin' me you're feelin' meI just want to believe you're"
  • Bus song - The Kooks
    "Do...do...do..You know today I stayed on the busI waited and waited til I was at your stopDriver he said to me, just don't make a fussI said in the end, you've taken all my money, my friendBut ow ow, yes"
  • Me And My Life - Lil' Chris
    "Me and my life, We're in despair, Soul survivor i dont care, Oh, oh oh oah, oh oh oah. I'm in control, I do what i want to, Jump on the bed, Do what you belong to, Oh oh oah, oh oh oah, oh oh oah. I'm"
  • Monkey Trick - The Jesus Lizard
    "He's gone in her lips, a glow from her lip ignites the shapes she sees, in the shade Only a little is used to come to a close, only a little is used to come to a close Tonight at the knife stick up place,"
  • Namikaze satelite - Naruto
    "Namida shita kaze ow atsumeteitai na Nami no sagitsukatte kanata e kaketeku Kaku kowaku natteru uchi wa tooku temo Egai ta mirai e tsuzukiteru refren: Toki ga bokura ow sekashite Koudou ga supiido agetteta Yume"
  • Liar - Sister Soleil
    "The sticky velvet lounge is proud to present... Bunny Fantastic and Johnny Supremo! With the Belzibob Orchestra! You said that she said and that's ok Oh i stopped believein your mouth anyway Your an"
  • Enemy - Disturbed
    "You are ENEMY You are my hated ENEMY I am ENEMY A number one rated ENEMY I'm labeled ENEMY I am your mortal ENEMY My actions ENEMY Make me your bitter ENEMY All the world around ENEMY OW OW you're tearing"
  • Bus Song - Kooks
    "Do do do... You know today I stayed on the bus Oh yeah I waited and waited until I was at your stop The driver said to me just don't make a fuss And I said in the end you've taken all my money, my friend But"
  • Secrets - Van Halen
    "She ain't waiting 'til she gets older Her feet are makin' tracks in the winter snows She got a rainbow that touches her shoulder She be headed where the thunder rolls Ow, ow, ow, she got that rhythm Got"
  • Ouch! - Rutles
    "Ouch! You're breaking my heart Ouch! I'm falling apart Ouch! Ow-ow-ouch! When we first met I must admit I fell for you right from the start Now when we meet all kinds of things it seems upset the apple"
  • Crazy - Hannes Wader
    "You just got outta the school last year, and all your friends ask,"Hey,what'cha doin' here?" Some how you just can't mix with kids your age. She knows whats she likes! I know you look much older now, But"

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