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  • Blade - Clouds
    "Got a blade to my face Got an axe to my hips Got me some horny lips Gotta Get a clamp round my waist Gotta Gotta Gotta Gotta Gotta fix my form Get a plough for my thighs Get some glue for my eyes Get"
  • Blade - KODEIN
    "się czuję jak Blade wampiry wokół a ja mam na rękach krew nie znasz moich dróg i nie znasz moich wejść znoszę to, czego inni nie mogą znieść się czuję jak Blade wampiry wokół a ja mam na rękach krew nie"
  • Blade - Imperanon
    "From the flames of a burned down heart, Ripped off and torn apart,Life to ashes and life to death,I twist the blade and take your breathIn the twist of blade I feel, the passion to hate arising,Cruellest"
  • Blade - Frameshift
    "For heritage love and pride And for this land I'll give my life Guard against the raping flag Here's a blade now you're a man From horse to flaming arrow You may take a mortal blow They will underestimate"
  • Blade - Rearview Mirror
    "Right now you're missing the point, and I'm screaming in your ear but you don't acknowledge me standing here by myself. Nothing is holding me up, talking me through this game. I'm in no mood to fight but"
  • Blade - KRS-One
    "Only a few... will understand and appreciate what's about to happen Das EFX come in!!! Verse One: Das EFX Well it's the super duper rhymer rhymer I'm about to set it Niggaz best forget it let it be"
  • Razor Blade - Sonic Youth
    "Mess my hair, take me down Yeah you know, yeah you know Mess my hair, take me down Yeah you know, yeah you know Play that song, round and round Play that song, all the time Mess my hair, take me down Yeah"
  • Lucifer's Blade - WITCHUNTER
    "Shining blade of Darkness Rising to bring the fear Break the chains of silence Scream rises from Hell Cold steel and shadows falling Blood is running out Claws of deepest demons Hold back the light There"
  • Honey blade - Hide
    "Haka naku yue ni sakihokoru yume ni yume miru FEROMON tachi komeru kimi no SUTOIKKU na hodo sae mo chi o nagashi awai tsubomi sae mo nikui Look around, look around into HONEY BLADE Let me see, let me see"
  • Slayer's Blade - Attacker
    "I turn around, it's so unreal, Dreadful sight, bloodstained steel Reality begins to fade All i see is slayer's blade A warrior who feats on doom Gathers darkness provokes gloom Hang 'em high on gallow's"
  • Johnny Blade - Black Sabbath
    "Tortured and twisted, he walks the streets alone People avoid him, they know the street's his own Cold blade of silver, his eyes they burn so wild Mean as a tiger, society's own child Go the tiger, burn"
  • Razor Blade - Sinner
    "I'm ready - if you need me I'll crawl out the jungle I'm ready - oh it may seem mean A mystery, hungry eyes Uh! I'm ready - with passion and emotion At witch house I'm ready - a rush is over Devil smiles,"
  • Black blade - Blue
    "I have this feeling that my luck is none too goodThis sword here at my side dont act the way it shouldKeeps calling me its master, but I feel like its slaveHauling me faster and faster to an early, early"
  • Demons Blade - 3 Inches Of Blood
    "The trumpets sound The End The crack of seals break Impending devastation brings the fall The sun it turns to black The weak will burn The leader comes with the evil sword The sun it sinks Into the sea As"
  • The Blade - Azrael
    "Pain, your life is only a book of pain but your life it isn't very plain this possesion of hate need to be dread say for your defense "All for one" to be free. (Puente) And all your lies, all your f**king"
  • Razors's blade - Oxymoron
    "This time he's gambling at his very height As he's to move and pull the strings of fate He's aware of what his blunders cause He's turned it over in his mind for hours That's like ... A Dance on a razor"
  • Blade Circle - ArthemesiA
    "Portal of the Holder, Keeper of the Seven Blades! Portrait of the Order, Silver on the 5th. Horn! Six Dying Stars, Opens the Secrets to Thine Legacy! Nine Towers Climbing High, 28 Shady Steps to"
  • The Blade - Silent Force
    "Chaos is raining tonight They feel a fight out in the cold Abused, and not know the truth Is he the one that will destroy you? Take-you down-and cut-you with-his knife The blood flows Fight-him back-one"
  • November's Blade - Luckdown
    "something desired is longing for. but something so happy, is shot at long. the blade of november is piercing me. it cuts my arms, its ending me. it's become so hard to believe in miracles. i've fallen"
  • Goblin's blade - Heathen
    "Walking the path of no return Lurks the evil that lives within Shattered dreams of many men Who tried to cross the bridge of sin I'm the one who lives to tell the tale Of the mythical demon that once impaled"

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