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walk on
  • Susan Ashton Walk on
    "Some find their solace in a bottle of gin Some find it still better when their horse comes in It's a way to deal when life ain't grand You just a-pack-it-up, hang your head and fold your hands. Hmmm, hmmm."
  • Roy Orbison Walk On
    "Walk On Roy Orbison Walk on If you should meet Walk on On down the street Walk on Don't even look Walk on Close up the book We don't want the world to see us Like we are We should never"
  • Reba McEntire Walk On
    "(Steve Dean/Lonnie Williams) Oh ain't life wonderful When everything is right But sometimes wonderful Can fall apart sometimes When your troubles knock you down Pick yourself up off the ground and Walk"
  • Donna Summer Walk On
    "Walk on Keep on walking and don't look back You gotta keep on down the track The future's yours to shape and mold The past is past beyond control So walk on Walk on Baby walk on Walk on Walk on You gotta"
  • Chilliwack Walk On
    "You don't weep you don't cry?Just hold your head up high?And you walk on, walk on?Don't scream don't wail?Keep moving down the trail - and you walk on, walk on Yeah that's right?Still ready for the fight?And"
  • Neil Young & Crazy Horse Walk On
    "I hear some people been talkin' me down, Bring up my name, pass it 'round. They don't mention happy times They do their thing, I'll do mine. Ooh baby, that's hard to change I can't tell them how to feel. Some"
  • Neil Young Walk On
    "I hear some people been talkin' me down, Bring up my name, pass it 'round. They don't mention happy times They do their thing, I'll do mine. Ooh baby, that's hard to change I can't tell them how to feel. Some"
  • Rez Band Walk On
    "When you see a blind man Don't walk on by When you see a lame man Don't walk on by When you see a drunkard Don't walk on When you see a victim Don't victimize We got to reach out Come on out of the night Be"
  • Deep Purple Walk On
    "If you don't like what you see If you can do better than me Walk on If the road before you winds Obscuring al the signs Walk on You mean more to me Than just a pretty face I wont hold you down You need"
  • 4HIM Walk On
    "The wind blows hard The climb is slow Shadows are dark I stumble on these stones But my Lord, You are near I will not fear CHORUS I chose to take this road called faith I will walk on I trust that You"
  • U2 Walk On
    "And love It's not the easy thing The only baggage That you can bring Not the easy thing The only baggage you can bring Is all that you can't leave behind And if the darkness is to keep us apart And if"
  • Boston Walk On
    "(Scholz-Sikes-Delp) Take a look around and tell me what you see I guess that all depend on exaclty what you want it to be Is your cup half-full? Is your cup half-empty?>br> How can you get what you need"
  • Jimmy Barnes Walk on
    "Broken hearts line the great white way And I'm joining their ranks tonight Old timers talk to invisible friends And you're nowhere in sight And then I'm lost in this feeling again Well I'll be strong someday"
  • American Minor Walk On
    "Walk on down the street With your nose turned up at the people that you meet With a smile on your face Just like you own the whole goddamn place You've got a thousand alibis, you've got a thousand reasons"
  • Boyzone Walk On
    "Walk on, she's gone Better leave the girl alone Walk on, she's gone Don't even call her on the telephone Walk on, move on now You've got to be strong, so they told me But when I see you and my heart drops I"
  • Kina Grannis Walk On
    "there's nothing more to say when its over could wait another day, but there's no more so please stop coming back to the matter let it be it will be better untie that little string on your finger and let"
  • John Hiatt Walk On
    "Someone called out to you And it sounded just like crying On a street where nobody Even knows your name Your mind was getting high on the sweet air As your spirit was flying Steam rising from"
  • Method Man Walk On
    "(feat. Redman) "Walk on" (yeah, yeah, yeah) It's Meth, back on that old shit Pick my ho's with the same finger I pick my nose with These flows get, hotter than most chicks, get the picture I'm focused,"
  • Linda Ronstadt Walk on
    "Oh no, here we go and there you go againWhen we disagree you leave when you don't win,Honey now,Sidewalk, baby talk, don't get it with me no moreNext time around the blockYou go by my door babyWalk on"
  • Hilltop Hoods Walk On
    "People they want to go somewhere and they don't have no railroad fare, plane fare, train fare, or boat fare... or don't have no fare period. There's one way of getting there I've been using the method"

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